Failed dosage calc

  1. Failed dosage calc (probably something silly like rounding wrong), and family falling apart around me. Friends keep trying to placate me about dosage calc. "Oh, it's ok". Sure it's ok. I just have to take a class between semesters and retest. I don't care. The issue is, I am considering dropping anyway. Why would I freaking care about some math when my family seems to need me more than my grades? It seems to be the story of my education and will be the fifth time I've stopped school to deal with things at home. I've been working at this six years. It wouldn't be so bad, except I've wracked up 20-30k in debt already and those loans will never be repaid at my current pay scale. Black hole of doom...hello.
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  3. by   ADN2B
    You can do this. You need your family, too! You need support and encouragement right now. You will be surprised how much you do know med-dose calculations. If you are struggling, then you need to get help and work through every problem in your book until you get it. Then you need to continue practicing until you can conquer any problem. Turn off the phones, don't answer the door, lock yourself in a room, whatever it takes, just make time for what you started. Don't give up now, you got this!
  4. by   LCinTraining
    I've done the problems. I've done quite well with my practice. Missed only a few and figured out my mistakes without asking for help. My confidence is fine with it. I know my mind was simply not where it needed to be during the test. It's a get one wrong and you fail test. No calculators allowed. I know I probably missed one thing and I'm fine with that. My family, however, I am not fine with. I see no fix for the home situation in the near future. I'm not looking at stepping away because of my grades. They are fine. But next semester things get more intense. If my family can't survive now, they will completely crumble next semester. I can't give them more. I will be giving them less. I get less than four hours of sleep a night on clinical weeks. Next semester we have clinical every week. So, that leaves me wondering if I should even be doing this. Dosage calc is the lowest thing on my radar right now.
  5. by   CP2013
    Protecting your family is the priority. Without them, would nursing even be worth it? Just like a decline in your health wouldn't be worth sacrificing for school.
    I think developing a strong support system, getting a handle on things, so that your family will be more readily able to do without you for a few days at a time while you're in your program.

    I believe I remember you did an EMT program? How did your family cope then? Did you have more help you don't have now? I wish things were working out for you better. I know how much you have wanted this. *hugs* I hope you find a solution that can resolve your family life and still allow you to pursue your dreams of nursing!
  6. by   jamieekins
    I cannot even imagine! I am so SO sorry you are going through this. How much longer do you have left until graduation? If you are really close maybe keeping that in mind will help you and your family. I know that is easier said than done. I really have no advice other than having a talk with your husband/partner and seeing if you can work something out to fit in a little bit of additional time weekly with your family. Nursing school is temporary, in the scheme of things it is but a bump in the road. I really hope that you can get this figured out, family does come first- no questions about that. Good luck!
  7. by   LCinTraining
    I did do an EMT program located just blocks from my house. I was gone two hours twice a week. I rarely had to study. Now I am gone from 5:30 pr 7:00 (depending on the day) until 4 daily for school and leave Friday morning and don't return until Saturday because I go straight to work after school. Add the need to do homework, and I still don't have time to study. Jamieekins this is my first semester. I have three more after this. It took me this long to get here because every time I would work on my prerequisites something would happen forcing me to withdraw again. It's like the forces of the universe do not want me to finish school.
  8. by   BostonFNP
    You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of your family.

    This is a very common complaint in primary care, especially in women/mothers who are trying to hold their family together. It is hard to think about the future (be it your career or your health) when you are shouldering the weight of the entire family and have no time for yourself.

    Reach out for support; family and community. Talk to your primary care about support options. Talk to your family about pitching in and helping out so you can make a better future. Set a schedule for schoolwork.

    Most importantly, don't feel bad about taking care of yourself and your future.
  9. by   virgo,student nurse
    I get the feeling that you are the oldest /only child. I am the oldest child in my family, and it sucks, In my thoughts. Family can put so much pressure on the oldest that you feel no matter what you do, it is not going to be enough.I think you need to reach out for community resources. There are people on your campus that can help ease the load. Does your family need help with preparing food/ getting the house cleaned, need some one to go to the post office? Or is it that they don't work and expect you to carry the load? If they can't work, this is a different.Please take the time to do something for yourself, if you want to be a nurse, you can do it. Best of luck
  10. by   bubblejet50
    I dont know what your family problems are but you cannot be the glue that holds them all together either. You all need to work together and support each other od else no matter what choices you make in life it will not be good enough. When I started school I was working for minimum wage, not home from 0630-2000. Sure it was a strain but now, 5 semesters later and having my family push me through, I work 3 days, make a very decent wage, and can do so much more for my family.
  11. by   Llawver
    I feel your pain. I have two small children (3,5) and a husband who may as well be a child himself. I've got alot of things going on with my Dad and my brother too. All schools are different. Don't know what state you are in. I'm in PA and we are allowed to have calculaters for our tests and they are available for NCLEX as well. Not being able to use calculators makes it less likely to have a small math error. If it weren't for dosage calc I would be failing right now. It seems to be my strong point. Don't know how you are doing your calculations but D/H x V has been foulproof for me. Good luck
  12. by   LCinTraining
    I use dimensional analysis. I will find out my exact error when I take the class. I'm not too concerned yet. I have three kids one who may be in the spectrum, he goes for testing in January, and one that is tantruming horrifically so. He is close to getting kicked out of daycare. he bites, kicks scrams and scratches and the tantrum can last for hours. ive worked in behavioral health and this is in the level of some of my worst clients. My husband is doing the single dad thing plus working sixty hours a week, and no, we have no family here to help us. Between work and school, I'm never home. Husband is at his wits end with the children, and it seems like there is no solution at the moment.