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I am trying to decided what to do. We get the option to do 320 hrs of externship this summer. Half of our class says no to it, they are going to enjoy their last free summer, but the other half is... Read More

  1. by   SJSU_Mami
    Experience is always valuable. I would go for it.. My last summer I got chosen for a nursing study abroad trip to Peru. We provided health care and teaching (dental, handwashing, lice!) to children at a school and orphanage in Cuzco. It was a great experience and I'm glad my summer was spent doing it..
  2. by   NurseFirst
    Quote from jessinms
    well, i did apply to the externship. we get paid for it and also get 3 credit hours through our college. i will be traveling about 70 miles to get there, but i don't have kids and my husband is on the road alot. i am very excited i talked with the director of our nursing program and she told me all about it. we will be given a checklist of things we can perform and not perform on the job. (basically stuff we did in checkoff's and nothing past our range, which is fine with me). i think it was the right thing for me, i have no doubt in my mind that this is edzactly what i want to do, so the externship just prepares me a little more.

    i have been told more than once it is not something i would regret, it builds confidence, and you are stronger going into the last year.
    i am jealous!!!!

  3. by   BETSRN
    Quote from jessinMS
    I am trying to decided what to do. We get the option to do 320 hrs of externship this summer. Half of our class says no to it, they are going to enjoy their last free summer, but the other half is going to do it.
    I personaly have already signed up everywhere I can. I think it's a great opportunity.
    I was just wondering what all of you think of the idea?

    I am definitely FOR it. You will have a jump on your peers who decide NOT to do it. It's not as if you are going to work 24 hours a day! Good for you for choosing to do this. YOu will be a far better clinician than soem of your friends not to mention you'll have more comfort when you start your new grad orientation!
  4. by   caligirl
    I am not doing one. My daughter is going to kinder next year and this will be the only summer I will ever have to spend with her. She has been in full time daycare since she was 6 weeks old and I am finally in a position where I can financially afford to stay home. I talked to some of my instructors about it and they said that most of the time the students that do the internships do it to get their face known at the hospitals and they are more likely to be hired in those places.. For example ICU wont normally hire new grads but they just hired one of the girls that did the internship over the summer.. I won't be here since my hubby is in the military and gets transferred after grad.. They also said that I will get PLENTY of experience after graduation and that I should just enjoy my time off..

    With that said, even if I didn't have kids, I would only do one if I got the area I wanted. I don't know how long you have been in the workforce but I would want to take my last summer off because you will never get one again.
  5. by   bonjovigirl
    I did an externship over the summer, mostly for the money. BUT, I can honestly say I got absolutely invaluable experience. It was amazing, working 7-3 with a nurse, side by side. I did wound care, foleys, a million accu checks, assessments (no charting though, of course), I am now a whiz at hanging iv bags, ekgs, I got practice with the monitors, and talking to doctors.
    Just be sure to get a real externship. Alot of my friends got "externships" which were pretty much CNA positions, which is great for practice, but doing 500 bedbaths isn't the same as doing a single EKG. I learned how to manage 6 patients. I also learned not to let people push me around, as in one CNA who felt I should be doing her work at the expense of following the RN. I also learned how to give a quick bed bath, bed change, while doing a full assessment, and out the door in 20 minutes tops. (not common practice, just there were really busy 9 patient days). It was an amazing 8 weeks. AND I got paid. wow.

    If you find a hospital like mine where they float you every two weeks to a new floor, go for that one. One week I was knee deep in med/surg, the next I was in labor and delivery. So cool!

    Oh, I also learned that med/surg nurses seem to be adrenaline junkies. They are buzzing around all day long. If I start in med/surg as a new grad ( which many of my classmates absolutely refuse to do) I know that will be an amazing learning opportunity. Thoses nurses have some serious skill. wow again.

    I can't wait to graduate 14 weeks to go!!!!!
  6. by   chilloutrelax
    I would do it, unless you are so burned out you can't take it anymore (which is probably how many of your classmates feel). Having a break over the summer messed me up a little last fall. I came into the hospital for clinical and felt so lost! Also, it would be a great experience for you.
  7. by   manna
    I vote for externship! I applied as well, just hoping I'll get accepted for one!
  8. by   stressgal
    I also applied to a great hospital about 40 minutes from my house for the summer. Not only do we get paid, but also attend 21 hours of classes that the hospital provides. Keep your fingers crossed I get accepted! I'll let you know how it goes.