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tell us what semester you are in, are you ready, and how you feel! :) i am second semester, taking ob, mental health, and med surg. satrt lecture tomorrow, have clinical orientation thurs and fri,... Read More

  1. by   naturalcuriosity
    I am starting my first semester on Monday. Very nervous! Have already been working on the two Independent Study classes that we have in addition to the normal core classes. (Dosage Calculations & Medical Terminology) I have been studying since orientation on the 1st and still feel like I am behind. Yikes!! I am so excited about learning and practicing skills in lab, but there is soo much to learn.
  2. by   southerngirl718
    Monday was the first day of my 4th semester. Tomorrow is our clinical lab where we learn to start IV's for the first time. I am nervous and excited. This semester is med surg IV, which they say is the hardest. We shall see!
  3. by   schoolgirl2006
    OK...so I've pretty much got everything I need for school...and have had very little nervousness up until tonight!! I don't know whether I'm more nervous about the drive to and from school (commuting...an hour each direction...not bad til the Minnesota winter hits!), or the actual classes. I have waited sooo long to get into school...why am I so nervous??? I'm still excited about starting...and I think I'll get over it once I get a routine going. **BREATHE IN...BREATHE OUT** lol. Thanks for letting me vent!! Good luck to everyone starting school!! Lord Bless...

  4. by   csgfnmom
    I just had first orientation in semester 3 of 5. We'll have more orientation later. I have peds/OB and abnormal psych. I am nervous about starting peds, as those ahead of me say it's difficult. And, of course, I have the one teacher no one seems to like. I'll just take one day at a time. We start classes next week so I have some to "relax" before I go full force.