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  1. Hi everyone:

    Today, I would like to talk about the ethical issue: patient information. Because world wide web allows patients to access information on their care. patients can obtain information from ono authorised sites. The problem is: in which the quality of the information is suspect. As the nurse, should alwary help the information to patient and promote their health well-being.

    Thank you very much!

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  3. by   Mkue
    Good topic Ally. Patients are able to access all kinds of information on the web. I think that patients should contact their physicians office if they have any questions or health concerns.
  4. by   nursenoelle
    I agree guys, some of the inadequate info that they recieve will only cause confusion and sometimes undue worry. Pts need direct , understandable explainations of the process of thier diagnosis, and the treatments involved. This also goes for rx meds, those inserts that explain action, side effects , etc are not good enough. Med advice for the lay person should, IMO, be only coming from the medical staff caring for them .
  5. by   det01
    I would give patients the advice I was given in Nutrition class. That info is to only trust sites that end in .org or .gov

    .org is usually non-profit organizations (a good number of them may have national accredidation

    .gov are governement sites

    She said that these are usually trustworthy but to defiently stay away from .com because any idiot on the street could get one of those and fill it full of bad info...She was not saying all are bad, just that this is a good rule of thumb
  6. by   RNIAM
    I believe education is a wonderful thing. Knowledge is amazing. Get it where you can. I see it with people all the time(me included). Just take what the Doc says for law. You know if I had done that when I was young and was told by my family practioner that I would never have children. I would never have had children.(by the way I have two) I would recommend using internet sources as well as your Doc's info and always a second opinion.
  7. by   dstudent
    Hi Alley,

    Try this URL

    Hope this helps you
  8. by   essarge
    Sometimes Doc's are of the opinion that the patient doesn't need to know the whole story with all of the why's wherefores and how comes.

    Before I had my hysterectomy, I had a Doc that thought everything that happened to women was in their head. After I had done extensive research on the web (and this included a wonderful site of women who had been there, done dot org or dot gov was attached), I asked some very pertinent questions of the Doc. He, number one, got offended, and number two questioned my capabilities as a researcher. I ended up firing this doc (first time I ever did that and it felt great!) and going to a doc that read my chart and immediately scheduled me for the hysterectomy.....after calling the other doc and telling him that it was all in his in ego!!

    I always advise patients to do as much research as possible, compare the research for similarities and use those similarities to get the answers that they are seeking.

    By the way, the original Doc is no longer on staff at the hospital due to his "head" problem!! LOL!
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i believe it depends on what information is being sought. a little knowledge can be a "dangerous" thing when it comes to our health, etc. i do agree with rhona somewhat too.