Embarassing OR experience.

  1. Hey guys. I love the ER and OR. They are where I want to work. I am also very studious, and have a background in biology and chemistry. Needless to say, I know what I am watching when I get to observe.

    Today in the OR I got to watch a left lower lobectomy with exploratory laproscopy. I was following the doctor along with everything he was doing. My fellow student and I were even whispering in the back about rationals for certain things he was doing and just enjoying our time there. It was just such an amazing thing to watch. So of course when the assisting MD calls us over to explain into more depth, I was elated!

    He starts walking us through everything, all medical lingo which is what I was wanting to hear. Its such a good feeling to KNOW what he is talking about when hes using all the medical terms ya know? Like all that studying is paying off. After about 20min of him talking to me on and off about this or that, he asks if I am a med student. I replied no, I am a nursing student, to which my partner behind me further supplied, an LPN student.

    I am not ashamed to be an LPN student, in fact I am proud to be on my way to becoming a Nurse, then RN then BSN and eventually masters. I understand we take one step at a time and am very comfortable with my path.

    As soon as the docter heard my partner say we were LPN students he looked me in the eye in front of the other MD, and both circulating nurses and said, "Well in that case, since youre only LPN students, I will dumb it down for you." At first I didnt think he was trying to be offensive. But then his vocabulary went from medical terminology to literally saying, "You see the red stuff and this lumpy thing?" and 10 minutes before he was asking if we could "Visualize the lower left lobe with a cmxcm mass" he was prodding. The circulating nurse even gave a little "giggle" after he said the comment.

    I didnt want to over react so I kindly reminded him that I understood what he was describing and that he didnt need to "dumb things down" for myself or my partner. I took alot away from the experience so over all it was a positive one. But that one moment just made me feel about 3 inches tall!
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  3. by   maryloufu
    What a jerk.
  4. by   Daytonite
    The initials MD or RN (the circulating nurse) after someone's name doesn't mean that they are sensitive human beings. Forget about them. Just focus on all the neat stuff you got to see today! And, by the way, most of the scrub nurses that the surgeon works with are most likely LPNs. Wasn't there an LPN scrub in the room? I'm guessing there wasn't or he wouldn't have made such a rude comment like that in their presence.
  5. by   natthomas
    Sorry to hear that. Some people you just have to over look. Just because a person is a doctor doesn't mean that he/she has great character.
  6. by   Thedreamer
    Yes, I am focusing on the amazing experience I got to see today It really makes me wish I had my RN already just so I could work in the OR! :spin: The hospitals here in south Florida do NOT hire LPNs. They kicked them all out about 10 years ago. LPNs in south florida with all our hospital training are basically scuttle butted into LTC/Agency. :uhoh21:

    No worries ^^ I have no qualms with LTC for a year or two while I get my RN. Then its back to the hospital to hi-ho hi-ho my way through life
  7. by   GoldenLove
    He's a jerk...pfffttttt...I once had a doctor do that to a few of us trying to be a smartazz...saying to another doctor and patient..."they're JUST nurses"....well this "just a nurse" does a whole hell of a lot for you don't she? It infuriated me...maybe it was because I was 14 hours in..lol. Nahhh..he was an ass...lol. And we were all RNs...but I don't think it matters.... it is unnecessary in any case.
  8. by   kstec
    Unfortunately for me I would of either cried or cussed. What a flippin jerk. I don't think there would of been a way he would of not known he pis--ed me off. I would of somehow let him know. Like I said when I'm hurt I either cry or cuss. You sound like you handled yourself very professionally. It goes to show you have more class in you then they have put together.
  9. by   firstaiddave907
    what a jerk.
  10. by   allthingsbright
  11. by   nightshifter415
    UGH!!! That was totally unnecessary! Good job for being the bigger person and keeping your cool.
  12. by   biker nurse
    make sure you tell your instructor. If it is a good program, someone will mention it to the hospital rep. maybe you can save another student from the a$$$ Don't let it get you down..

    NA to LPN to ADN grad awaiting boards
  13. by   Power22
    What a jerk like he didnt start out from point A.
  14. by   ohmeowzer RN
    some doctors are soo stupid.. what a jerk.. i had a charge nurse that was the same type of jerk.. i just graduated from RN school now but i have been a LPN for 19 years .. the charge had to cosign a admit assesment i had to do she says this weekend " ooh look i am cosigning your charting because you are just a LPN " " you need me to do this for you" she said it so loud several times everyone ( inculding doctors ) just stared at me.. i walked by her and said " whooppee for you" and she hardly spoke to me the rest of the day.. she only spoke to me to give me snotty remarks because i am a LPN .. i was so pissed i just dissed her the whole shift.. some people have such gall .. i have worked with her several times and she always makes nasty remarks loudly about LPN's ... being a LPN is nothing to be ashamed of.. it is a honest job and a stressful one.. i had a dr say to me when i was in RN school he said " when do you become a RN? i told him .. tommrow is my last clinical day.. he said " good because dealing with LPN's is a headache " " Thank Heaven i will deal with you as a RN now.'. 'I think LPN's are not real nurses.".. i was so mad i had to walk away... don't ever be ashamed of who you are.. you will touch lives and make a difference as a LPN.. it's a shame LPN's don't get the credit they deserve