Drug Cards

  1. Hi, ITs me again I had a ? about drug cards.. We you guys able to bring in your own drug cards already made (you can usually purchase these at a book store ) Or did you have to make up your own...

    THe school tells me that I have to make up my own so what do I do put them on index cards..? and how do I know which ones are most commonly used?

    Im just confused alittle
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  3. by   maire
    We had to make our own but our instructor gave a list of the ones we needed per semester (which ones were common during that particular rotation) and what she wanted us to put on the cards.

    Trade Name
    Generic Name
    Adverse Reactions/Side Effects
    Pertinent Contraindications
    Drug-Drug Interactions
    Route & Dosage
    Nursing Implementations
    Patient/Family Teaching
    Special Administration Considerations

    Your instructor might want something a little different, so it never hurts to ask.
  4. by   Born2BAnurse
    no they just told us to make some up.. They didnt give us a list of most common or anything.. Can you tel me whats most common Please...
  5. by   Born2BAnurse
    how do I find out about these drug can I get drug cards and transfer the info on to a index card... ????
  6. by   Born2BAnurse
    I hope Im not being a pain in the Butt.. But this discussion board is the only place where I can get valuable information. I cant get any support from the school and the tutors dont know enough to tutor me in dosages conversions.. These tutors JUST GRADUATE from the program... I just want to know my stuff... If i make through this program it will be because of the help I recieved from the people I met on this site..

    Thanks to everyone for there help...
  7. by   debralynn
    I basically had to have on mine what maire said. But I typed up the headings on the computer, put my large index card in printer, which saved me a little of writing.

    Its really funny you should mention drug cards. At the end of our school, our head of our campus asked all of us what we thought should be changed for the next class. One of our main things we complained about was having to do all those drug cards by hand instead of buying them.
    Everyone in the class agreed, we learned more from having to list our med info on our care plan(basically u list the same things u do on a drug card), than we did from having to rush around everynite doing drug cards.
    But will the instructors listen................time will tell!
  8. by   NurseDixie
    We had drug sheets to fill out with the generic name, trade name, classification, actions, use for this pt, side effects, nursing implications, relevant pt. data, dose, route, frequency (ordered), administration guidelines or IV dilution/rate, how would you know if it is effective and supporting data. Sometimes these took hours to fill out, especially when you had 60+ drugs to look up. The good thing was --once we filled out a sheet on a drug, we didn't have to look it up again, just the drug name, dosage, etc.
  9. by   epg_pei
    I was just copying down the data I need to include on my cards. I looked at the list, looked at the card, and asked myself, "How small can you read/write?" Seriously, how ******* big are the pockets on your scrubs if you're carrying cards with all this stuff on them? *Just had an image of Moses on the mountain with two sample drug cards on his shoulders LOL*I'm starting to think just carrying the drug guide itself would be easier. Do the PDA drug guides have the information we're supposed to write out?
  10. by   meownsmile
    When i was in LPN school we had to make drug cards. I used the 4X6 spiral bound index cards. They had to correspond with the patients we had individually that week. We would find out who we were caring for the day before and list the meds they were on, do them the night before clinicals, and have them ready when we poured meds for the morning. No drug cards made and we were in deep. We didnt have to duplicate so the farther in the semester we got the less we had to do usually.
  11. by   Rhon1991
    Since I am back in ICU, couldnt find my old drug cards so I had to make new ones. I would make drug cards depending on where you are planning to work/specialize but starting off with code drugs - name, mechanism of action, dose in IVP &/or drip. Then I made cards for vasoactive gtts, keeping it simple/short. You can always add more info later as your experience finds what is important to know. Just my 2 cents!
  12. by   renerian
    Were not allowed to.