dove apparel (uniform sizes, etc)

  1. hey everyone...

    my school is requiring us to buy from dove apparel. for those of you who use their uniforms, do they shrink?? i was also unable to try on the unisex pants and i don't know what size to get! (luckily i was able to try on the tops). according to their size charts, i'm supposed to get an XS..i don't know if this company's sizes run small, large, or true to size. i don't want to buy my pants in an XS and then have them be too snug. i also don't want to get a size S and have them be too big/baggy. if anyone has had experiences with this company, and in particular those me decide somehow thanks
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  3. by   nursein08
    My school uses Dove, and i haven't had a problem with them shrinking. I think their sizes tend to run a bit large. Most of us, including myself, look like we're wearing tents. They tend to be quite baggy. Especially the zippered tops, they get a big bulge in the front when you sit down. I wouldn't go a size larger if I were you. Hope this helps!
  4. by   randybayrn
    Yes and yuck!! We all hated them. They are also very expensive. One thing I can say is make sure you get the pants one size larger, get the S. HHHMMMMM...I think I got the women's pants though not the unisex, which are probably drawstring. Anyway, the elastic on the top of the women's pants does not stretch to the size of the hips, so you have to spend a full minute pulling them over your hips to get them to your waist where they are true to size. Once you get them over your hips, they fit fine. DO NOT get any of the women's shirts, get the unisex top. The gathered waist in the women's tops rides up every time you raise your arms. They are heavy and hot, but don't seem to shrink or stain. Hope that helps!

    PS-we were going to burn them in celebration of graduation, but heard that they won't burn.
  5. by   mommy_xo
    thanks all for your replies!

    i wish i could pick any uniforms off of their site, but my school requires specific tops. they require the TLC top (the one that buttons in the back) or the zip-top. i just bought both because i was unsure which would be the most comfortable during clinicals haha.
  6. by   LAAngelsFan
    Hi! I think I read your posts in the CA forum. You were accepted at CSULB, right? Congratulations! I'm in the trimester program there. So, about the Dove uniforms, everyone pretty much wears the zip-top. One girl in my clinical group had the TLC top and we always wondered how she was able to get dressed all by herself. Haha! I completely agree about getting the pants a size larger, meaning that if you're between an XS and S, get the small.
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    Yeah, I have Dove fact one was my mom's xmas present to me!! LOL! I HATE it, because as a male I can ONLY wear the zip top, and I'm between sizes....can't wear a t-shirt under it, and I sweat....I look like my man-boobs are trying to pop out a little....
    Although my friend I visited in the hospital today did say I looked like I lost weight......
  8. by   mommy_xo
    lol oh no lorenzo! i thought the fabric looked realllly stiff and unbreathable when i saw it haha...i wish we could just wear normal white scrubs or something.

    laangelsfan- i'm in the trimester program too! i just found out today during orientation. i'm excited

    ok all- i think i'm going to order XS. i'm not in between sizes, i was just scared that they ran small or that they would shrink. thanks to everyone who replied
  9. by   LAAngelsFan
    YEA!!! Congratulations! So, your orientation was today? Did they give you guys your schedule yet or anything?
  10. by   KungFuFtr
    You think your uniform is bad!
    I have to wear the white Dove uniform for school. No big deal. However, my school requires that we wear the blue vest with the uniform, buttoned up at all times. Very tacky! I call it birth control blue. I won't ever find a mate wearing that! I'm surprised we dont have a matching fanny pack to go along with it.
  11. by   carol72
    I am stylin' in my Dove uniform. The unisex pants are stiff and abrasive - I thought I would get scratched by putting my hand in the pockets - never mind taking it out. The top fits like a straight jacket - buttons in the back along with drawstrings on both sides. Their service was great, I must admit.
  12. by   Scrubz
    Dove stuff doesn't shrink. Other than the fact that they don't shrink when washed I can't think of another positive thing about them. They're horrible uniforms that feel awful and look even worse.

    I think once we graduate I'm going to burn mine..
  13. by   AliRae
    We had the zippered tops and sweetly tapered pants. The tops bulged out about 5 or 6 inches when we sat down, and the pants chafed every single one of us, regardless of our build. The tops were heavy canvas ... about 50 pockets, which just added that much more weight.

    But hey- they weren't seethrough, and they didn't barely stain or shrink. Thank goodness for small blessings?

    After our last clinical, myself and another girl I graduated with (co-captains of the women's ultimate team) had layout practice in the pouring rain and mud wearing them. I think that actually did them in!
  14. by   mommy_xo
    Quote from LAAngelsFan
    YEA!!! Congratulations! So, your orientation was today? Did they give you guys your schedule yet or anything?
    they haven't given our schedules yet, i think they said in about a week it'll be e-mailed to us. i can't wait!!

    thanks for all the replies everyone