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You enter the nursing program? It seems that it goes both ways - some schools require you to have the course or certification as a prereq, and some of them complete it in the first semester of the... Read More

  1. by   fnimat1
    My CC does not require you to be a CNA....we complete what would be the equivalent of CNA training during the first semester. I am looking forward to it though, I plan on getting a part-time CNA position in the Spring.

  2. by   CNMtobe2012
    Quote from pnaybaybe
    My school doesnt require us to complete a CNA course nor does it require CNA certification. I've never heard of any other nursing program that has this requirement. Thats a good idea though, because it gives you experience before starting the clinicals.

    I have a question- I've heard that student nurses (going for their RN license) can work as a CNA after completing 1 or 2 semesters of clinicals in their nursing school's program. Anyone know if this is true?
    I attended a job fair at my school last semester and alot of hospitals were their. I was told that once I completed my first clinical rotation (medical/surgical) that I would qualify for any position that CNA would qualify for.
  3. by   truern
    My program doesn't require it, and furthermore, you ARE a CNA1 at the end of 2nd semester (fundamentals).

    I guess it comes in handy if you want to work while in school. Me, I stay busy enough doing hubby's bookkeeping and payroll
  4. by   klone
    Quote from truesn
    My program doesn't require it, and furthermore, you ARE a CNA1 at the end of 2nd semester (fundamentals).
    Technically not. You still have to sit for the certification exam.

    Actually, at the end of second semester at our school, you can become an LPN. And every brand new incoming first semester nursing student already is or is capable of becoming a CNA, due to the prereq of completing the CNA class before starting the nursing program.

    I guess it just surprises me that at some schools, students aren't acquiring this knowledge until after their first or second semester that at other schools, this is knowledge they're required to have before even entering the program.
  5. by   LeesieBug
    Our school does not require it. Considering the fact that the entire three years we are in the program we provide total care for our clients, including all the things CNA's do, I think it would be redundant to have been requred to complete CNA training first. The students who were nursing assistants before starting had an advantage first semester, and had a better idea of what to expect, but I do not think that it is something that is necessary.
  6. by   Nurse Jeni
    My CC doesn't require it either, however, after the first year you can work in the local hospitals as one. I do have CNA cert that I haven't really used for employment purposes (it pays too little to live on 'round here). I did care for my grandmother after taking the class and it was very helpful. I will need to work at least one day as a CNA within the next two years to keep my certification current, so I may lose it if I don't get into the nursing program before then.

    My school actually suggest taking Medical Assistant courses while you're sitting on the waiting list and other classes such as phlebotomy.
  7. by   manna
    The school I'm enrolled in does not require it - they base admissions only on GPA/ACT. Another BSN program I considered applying to in my home state requires you to be CNA certified before you even begin the application process - not sure if it requires any specific length of time having worked in that capacity, though.
  8. by   Toby's mum
    The school I'm attending does require a pre-nursing 'Unlicensed Assistive Personnel' class. It's mandatory. Three weeks--monday through friday 9am to 3pm with 3 days of clinicals at the very end. It cost $150 for the course and $174 for the three texts (one of which I think we also use the first nursing class this fall). I think this may be similar to a CNA course.
  9. by   HisTreasure
    In my LPN program a LOT of the people are already CNAs, but it wasn't a requirement. I do believe it is a bonus in your application, though. My interviewer asked me if I had any medical experience or ever worked in health care. I use to work in a LTC facility in Food Services, but never as an aid or MA. We are able to test out for CNA this fall if we aren't CNAs and want to be. One of the local hospitals likes to hire student nurses (both LPN and RN) for the med/surg floor as PCTs after our first two clinical days are completed,and they train us, but I am considering getting certified in case the pay is higher for state certified individuals . I love CNAs, and I respect them. Although I am not one yet, I don't think it would hurt for any nursing student to have that experience. Just my opinion.
  10. by   mariedoreen
    My understanding is that every community college in my state (Oregon) requires CNA certification before you can even apply to a nursing program. I can understand the reasoning for having us take and pass the class, but state certification? At $100 per exam it seems like quite a revenue maker for the state BON... especially considering that so many are doing it because they're required to in order to apply to a program, not because they actually intend to begin work as a CNA.
  11. by   Godswill
    The ADn program , i am thinking of going to after i get my LPN does not require it, but they do look at it as a plus , it is used as a bases of getting in; it one of those things that get your accepted faster than not having it or better yet seperate u from the rest