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Everyone is starting to ask me questions about things that are wrong with them now that they know I am in nursing school. I always tell them, "I am sorry you don't feel well..." or, "your foot... Read More

  1. by   Lawnurse
    I think the best reaction is one I learned from a law professor (for legal advice): "Wow, sounds like you need to hire a lawyer."

    or my mom's (she's an NP) "Honey, this is why we have doctors."

    on the reverse - how about when someone asks you why you didn't go to medical school? Best reaction was one my friend gave to her mom: "I don't know, Mom, why didn't YOU go to medical school?" Try it with a straight face and it works very well.

    Here's another approach - "you're worried about your foot? what about the fact that you're (x) pounds over weight/smoke/don't excercise, etc?? that's what REALLY ruining your health! Get your priorities straight!" :chuckle
  2. by   PatricksRNMommy
    People I work with are constantly coming in with different ailments expecting me to diagnose them...

    I'm only in my first semester of nursing school and I've already had the "look in my throat", "look at this rash", "what should i do for my {enter miscellaneous ailment here}", it's odd having people I have worked with fopr so long describing their urine, vomit, bowel movements, hemmorhoids, etc.

    My managers have even asked me to check people who ask to go home sick to see if they are faking it.... I'm thinking I should start charging a fee LOL
  3. by   Aneroo
    My family does the same. Except now, I ream my parents butt about their ailments. I was home this weekend, found two inhalers on my dad's nightstand (albuterol and advair, I think). So, I start quizzing him, telling him the correct way to take his meds. I go to my Grandma's, first thing I did...went for her meds, to check stuff... I'm such a dorkus!
  4. by   hangnon
    Oh boy....happens all the time! I once got a 10 minute message on my answering machine from my grandma telling me her poop was yellow and wanting to know what that could possibly mean! Jeesh!
  5. by   manna
    I guess my family is weird. I'm in nursing school, my brother is an ER doctor - but for some reason they always ask medical advice of his wife (who has a degree in business, but is now a stay-at-home mom)! Go figure! :chuckle