Do your jobs people!!!!!!!!!!! (vent)

  1. Wow, today was sooo trying! My physical exam that was due today for school was supposed to have documented my tb skin test results (and it didn't--in fact, it didn't even show that I got one done, which I'm sure my BILL will though!!!) and I found out that if I can't find my childhood shot record (which I highly doubt I will be able to & I don't think that the health center will have my stuff from 17 years ago or anything) I have to re do ALL Of them!!!!! (which will cost a pretty penny because they are soo expensive).

    I spent several HOURS at the clinic that I had my physical done at (it's a big one like a hospital) trying to figure things out with medical records department and the actual dr's office. It was so stressful. I almost broke down and cried. IN fact my face got so red that the lady working the med. records appologized over and over. I felt bad for her, I know it's not her fault but I was so stressed because it was all due today.

    If the nurse that did my exam and the doctor would have listened to what I was saying and read the papers I gave them they would have done thier job and mailed/faxed my results of everything over to the school...but no, I had to go back in a few days after I had my drug test done and sign a medical release form (which they should have made me sign when I told them the day I had it done)...then they never did mail in my exam results but instead faxed them to my old clinic I went to (what???????!!!) before (what part of "mail this form to ___school of nursing in care of ____ dont' you understand??). And to top it off they have nothing to document that I had my tb skin test done (Ok, I said it twice but come on!). *SCREAM*

    I talked to the program director and she is giving me until the end of august. (even though everything was due today) I feel like a fool. I wish the clinic would have done their job. GRRRRRR!

    Well, I paid my 500 dollars for my books this afternoon. I still owe 100 for the rest of my books and then another 4,000 something this semester. man oh man. I haven't even started school and I'm feeling the stress already.

    p.s. I'm not usually a complainer but I really had to vent! Luckly my 2 children were dolls today. *whew*
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  3. by   dosamigos76
    I am so sorry this happened to you. Thank goodness the school is willing to work with you. Good luck!
  4. by   colleen10
    Dear Kay,

    Welcome to your baptism by fire!!!!

    If you had written that you went to the docs today and everything went well and you had no problems I would have thought you were writing us from an alternate/bizarro universe. As much as I hate to say it, this is only the beginning. Rarely, when applying and getting things together for school does it ever go "as planned."

    Myself and probably more than half the students on this board have had similar situations. Use this as a learning experience and in the future try to remain calm under pressure and frustration and try to anticipate all the things that can go wrong and head them off at the pass next time.

    When I went through college the first time, there were situations where grant money/loan money/parent's money didn't come through on time and one semester I actually showed up for the first day of class and found out that I was taken off the roster for all of my classes (6 in total) because the money didn't get there in time and the school dropped me. Talk about aggrivation. I had to re-register for every single class but I couldn't do it at the registrars office, I actually had to go to every single department office and do it in person. Not an easy task at Penn State where everything is spread out. I got a work out that day.

    As frustrating as it was it was a great learning experience (I can look back and say now 7 years later!). From that experience I learned that for as unfair as it is, ya just gotta roll with lifes punches and try to keep your chin up. Keeping a good attitude will make things go a lot easier.

    Now that I'm back in school I know how to handle school applications, paperwork, tuition, etc. much better. I learned to anticipate all the things that could go wrong and try to make sure that system glitches, lost paper work, you name it, don't happen.

    I'm glad the school is working with you and giving you an extension. You are probably not the first person that they have had this happen too and in fact most schools expect that you won't turn in all of your paper work in time and work a "grace period" into their schedules so students have a few extra weeks to get everything together.

    As for you vaccination records, etc. Don't worry about it. If you don't have any records of them tell your doctor and have them write up a script for you get your blood tested and have Titres done. The lab results will say if you have been vaccinated or not. If not, then you'll have to worry about getting shots. Also, talk to your health insurance company. Ask them what is covered? I was surprised to learn that my health insurance company would cover all vaccinations. I don't even have to pay a co-pay on days that I go in for boosters. If you insurance company won't cover vaccinations call your local health department and find out what and how much their vaccinations are. You can usually get vaccinations through your health department at a fraction of the cost your doctor's office will. Most doctor's offices will tell you that too.

    PS I just spent a wad o' money on books, etc. I feel for you.

    Good Luck and keep your chin up!

  5. by   fnimat1
    I'm sorry you had such a trying day....sometimes it makes me wonder why people have the positions they have....I don't know..maybe to torture That's wonderful that you were given an extension....give those children of yours extra-special tight hugs for being so good.

  6. by   qpooh75

    Did you try your local city/county health department for your immunizations? In Oklahoma the county health departments give them for free.

  7. by   KAYfutureLPN
    Thanks for the notes. I feel better today. I did get my old records (from school) but they are too old and I some are missing so I'm goign to have to do all of them over. I pray that the health department will be able to help me out.
  8. by   TinyNurse
    Whew!! getting into school with all the requirements is hard work!!! I'm glad you got an extension ( they did the same thing at my school for students that didn't have their stuff in time)

    Also, when I needed a tetnus and a new MMR ( yes back in the day I got mine BEFORE i was 15 months old) before I started my program, My personal physician refused a tetanus because I guess there was a shortage in Ohio in 2001. Well, I called a doctor that I knew at a walk in clinic and he told me to come in and to say that "I cut my foot, I need a tetnus" I went in on a Friday night, and got both the tetanus, and MMR, the doc gave them, and man, I never had a shot hurt so much afterwards!!!! haha.

    ALSO, I know that you have already paid alot of money for these things to be done for you, but possibly you can have a physician's office draw titers on you, and you can submit titers to your school.
    Probably a last resort, since I know how expensive these things can get.

    Congrats on getting your books!!!, and best of luck in school.
  9. by   MishlB
    Originally posted by TinyNurse
    Well, I called a doctor that I knew at a walk in clinic and he told me to come in and to say that "I cut my foot, I need a tetnus" I went in on a Friday night, and got both the tetanus, and MMR, the doc gave them, and man, I never had a shot hurt so much afterwards!!!! haha.

    That's ethical. But I guess I should just keep my opinion to myself.
  10. by   Rapheal
    Can you get a blood test for your antibody titers (spelling?) Have a vague recollection of doing this because I too did not have shot records and I did not have to get new ones. Good luck in school. It is extremely frustrating at first because screw ups are common but it usually gets better.