Do you think your capable?

  1. Good Evening Everyone!

    I was just wondering if anyone here has doubts about whether or not they can do this. I'm sure I can...but I guess that doesn't stop my subconscious from continually telling me that I can't. I keep on getting these horrible anxiety dreams that I'm in clinical (mind you I'm still just working on my pre-req's) and the pt, the pt's family, and my instructor are all yelling at me and I'm doing everyting wrong! I feel like I'm in gym class again and being the last one picked for kick ball for Criminey's Sake! Ugh! I don't suppose the one comment one of my friends said when I told her I wanted to be a nurse helped...She looked at me and asked..."don't you have to be coordinated to be a nurse?" OK folks...I'm a bit of a klutz but sheesh...I'm not exactly Mr. Bean either! Please refrain from commenting on my screen name...that's not how I got my nickname! Anyway...I never really took her comment to heart...I just chalked it up to her being an idiot...She's always jamming both feet in and chewing! We don't really talk much anymore anyway...a totally different subject.

    I guess it all just goes back to my long history of being a lazy student who never succeeded in school. Mind you, it's not because I was stupid...just lazy. Nursing is so outside my "comfort zone" that it's really not even funny! I mean, I like people and I can talk to people but self-confidence has never really been a strongpoint of mine! Sigh....anyone else out there with these feelings? I'm not looking for cheerleaders or anything...I will become a Nurse and logically speaking, I know I can...I'm just curious if there are any other people out there that have these irrational, rediculous fears. Thanks for letting me vent!

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  3. by   Angelica
    I have felt that way many times (I graduate in May). But I know with time and experience that feeling will, hopefully, subside.
  4. by   frannybee
    My biggest fear was attending a cardiac arrest - never had to attend one in 8 yrs. I always had this nasty feeling in he pit of my stomach that if we had an arrest I wouldn't know what to do and I'd be a gibbering wreck.
    Well, today was the big test and someone arrested on my shift. There were 2 sisters and another more senior nurse on so I was gopher. I ran my butt off for 40 mins, fetching and bleeping and doing obs etc. When it was over, I had a huge (and very inappropriate!) grin on my face. The sister asked why - I had survived, and so had the patient.

    Everyone has fears, hun - most of us get over them.
  5. by   zacarias

    I can relate to a lot of what you are saying. I've never been that self-confident of a person either. It is something I struggly with daily. I hope that as I gain more experience in this field, I will start to realize that I do have some special skills and knowledge.
    I sometimes think, "I can not believe they are gonna let me graduate this summer!" thinking they must be crazy. The truth is, we've learned SO much and will have the basis to START as nurses out in the real world. There's much, much more to learn, but that comes when you have a job that pays.
    Just know that you're not alone in thinking that way Bean.

  6. by   Ortho_RN

    You will be fine... I have those same feelings often.... I never had much self-confindence either, but nursing school tends to help with that alot... I used to be the kind of person who would get sick at the thought of having to get in front of people and speak or I would just sit and class, listen, take notes, then go home.. Well in Nursing school I have been forced to participate in class, we have had to do many stand-up type presentations, some with a group and some alone.... I still get the butterflies, but it isn't as bed..

    Now as far as clinicals and stuff go... I still get really nervous before I do something that I have never done before... We just got checked off on IVs and I really want to do one, but I am nervous about it.... I think that is all just normal... You will be fine...

    Good Luck
  7. by   essarge
    I can remember my first trauma when I was in the ER. The charge asked me if I wanted to do CPR and I just blurted out "no way!" and left the room.

    After that I decided the only way to get over it was to get in there and do it. I've done more trauma assists and CPRs than I can count's become like second nature.

    You'll be fine. Just get in there and do whatever you have to do. That's why we have instructors with us at all times.
  8. by   Hooligan
    Thanks to all for your responses! It's encouraging to see that others feel/have felt the same way! Thanks a bunch!

  9. by   career seeker

    I too have issues with my self confidence (I am only going through the enrollment process and already I wa trying to talk myself out of it but my husband wouldn't hear of it.) I have always been pretty lazy when it came to school and I am hoping I can do better this time.

    I became an EMT to volunteer for my community and to see if this was really a field that I wanted to go into. My first call, three days out of class, was an elderly woman who crashed 5 minutes into transport. I happened to be with two ACLS senior medics who took control of the scene but set me about on task such as securing the airway and ventilation. The woman was a DNR so we drove down the raod and tried to make the transition easy for her and I feel that we did that. During the remainder for hte drive (we are 2 hours from the hospital) I sat and thought about what had happend and if I could really do this and I realized that although it was way outside of my comfort zone I was meant to do it.

    As for being a klutz, you're talking to the queen! I think that as your confidence builds and you use your skills more it will feel more natural. I took an EMT2 class 4 months ago and was trained in IV's and some IV med administration...let me tell you I was so nervous the first time I had to actually do it on a patient but now, after many sucessful (and just as many failed) attempts, I still get nervous each time but I go at ti with confidence that I think pays off.

    Do not every let anyone tell you that you can't do something that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

    Good luck!
  10. by   litepath
    I keep on getting these horrible anxiety dreams that I'm in clinical (mind you I'm still just working on my pre-req's) and the pt, the pt's family, and my instructor are all yelling at me and I'm doing everyting wrong!

    These dreams of angst serve to let you know that you are processing. I'll lay a bet that this negativity will never manifest itself. I see your dreams (mine too) as a way to safely walk us thru our worst imaginings. You can build some confidence from those dreams by knowing you'd never do 'that' to whomever.
    Personally even tho my anxiety dreams sometimes bug me, I prefer to work it all out there, in the safety of my dreams.

    Thank you for those EMT efforts!!

    ......Giving of yourself is the ultimate gift!