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I smoke cigarettes. I am just soooooo nervous. Does anyone have any secrets that worked for them on cutting back? My husband also smokes. When I went in to regester, my adviser told me that I... Read More

  1. by   kwagner_51
    Originally posted by KevinN
    I am sure I am going get slammed on this, however I don't understand how as nurses and future nurses you can preach and promote health and at the same time smoke cigarettes( some of you actually sound like you are promoting cigarette smoking!). I have no idea how hard it is to quit smoking. Luckily I have never been addicted to cigarettes,


    Thank you for being honest! What do we tell people who drink? Do so in 'moderation". Yet alcohol is more DEADLY than cigarettes. I have heard over and over that cigarettes will kill you and I don't argue with them about it. However, in the NEXT breath they say that if you drink please don't drive. Know your limits! I can say for a fact that cigarettes DID NOT CAUSE the 'Powder Puff' fight that took place between those Junior and senior girls. It was ALCOHOL!

    I will hopefully set an example for my children so that they stay away from this addicting drug.

    Unfortunately, food is just as addicting. So is pop. Yet we don't scream about food now do we?

    I sincerely wish you luck on your endeavor with your children!

    However, please realize that smokers are also human beings. We live in the USA and are covered by the same freedoms you have. One of these days fast food is going to be outlawed as too dangerous! After that happens, we will all be in serious trouble!!

    And yes it is obvious who is a smoker, the smell binds to the persons skin, hair and clothing.I think it is very offensive.

    Thank you for this bit of information. I did not know that smoke caused an odor.

    I am sorry if I sound like I am preaching and being self righteous , but I hate cigarettes with a passion! I applaud anyone who is working on a plan to quit.

    One more word of advice, DO NOT hound your wife to quit. It will make her more rebellious. If you are kind and try to show her by the small things you do, like buying floweres when she goes for 1 hr. without smoking. It will go a long way towards helping her quit!!


    In His Grace,

  2. by   KevinN
    Karen, I agree alcohol consumption and food addiction, can be just as deadly if not more harmful than smoking cigarettes. I don't drink or do I recommend anyone else drink even though some studies suggest that moderate alcohol cosumption may have some health benefits. I fear that if I recommended drinking in moderation it could lead some people to become addicted to this liquid drug. Also, would it really be so bad if fast food was outlawed? It might be hard for a lot of people at first but over time I think everyone could benefit. I believe we have all been conditioned to eat this junk food we see daily through television. I am sure we would all be a much leaner, healthier society if it was banned. We are constantly being bombarded with advertisements and images of junk food(and alcohol for that matter) that there is little wonder why we have so many overweight people in the United States. When I was younger I lived on junk food, however for many years now I have been constantly looking for ways to improve my health through diet ( preparing my own meals) and exercising (at least 4 days a week). In addition I read almost daily about exercise and nutrition. I hope I am not sounding like a Mr. Goody, Goody. I am far from perfect and have plenty of flaws ( health is just not one of them), however I do try to recognize my problems, then find ways to implement a change. I just think we should all take our health seriously. As far as I know we only get one life so why take a chance of ending it early living an unhealthy lifestyle. In addition I believe nurses lose their credibility when they advise patients to live healthy lifestyles while at the same time they continue to abuse their bodies with harmful addictions. I understand no one is perfect, however I believe they should at least be working on ways to break their addictive habits and lead by example. Or do you think patients should follow the " do as I say not as I do " rule? Oh, yeah, Karen I did find out years ago hounding my wife to quit smoking doesn't work. She continues to say she will quit one day. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  3. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    I smoke. I used the patches during clinicals, because I didn't want the cravings to interfer with my productivity.

    I must say that I'm trying to quit. I hate it (smoking), because I can't stand anything that can control me. LOL... I quit for 6 years then started back. Quit year before last for 4 months. Started back. So, I know the difference between being able to breath and not. Reality is that it is killing me. Before nursing school, I played Tennis and spearfished. Well, unfortunately it's hard to do any of that when you study hour upon hour and smoke hour upon hour. My breathing is off. If I was to play Tennis right now, I'd pass out ... And, I can forget diving. I think I'm just about mad enough to stop.

    Anyway!! Do the patch thing during clinicals. Determine which patch you should use depending on how much you are smoking now. It will keep those cravings and the general blough feelings from interfering. Hope this helps....
  4. by   FsPilotMed1
    I don't really know how to weigh in on this. I do smoke, but I only average about a pack a month. I only smoke if I'm at a bar w/ some friends, it's strictly social. Though every now and again I will go and buy a decent cigar (once a month or so). I guess I'm the smoking equivalent of a 'social drinker'. Best of luck to all of you in school!

    Dan W.

    Purdue Nursing '06!!!!
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I smoke, and non-smokers are always surprised when they see me smoking. They say things like "You smoke?! But you never smell like it!"

    I always chew a strong gum like Eclipse after smoking, wash my hands thoroghly and spray Febreze on my clothes. I carry a purse size bottle of it with me.
  6. by   RN2007
    Well, I used to smoke and quit cold turkey over 14 years ago primarily because I knew how much my husband was against it because he watched his mom die of smoke related lung cancer, but also because I worked in a hospital that became non-smoking and even then, they treated me like a 2nd class citizen by making me go outside to smoke on the balcony, etc. Also, I hated how my car, clothes, breath, and house smelled. However, over the years, although I still enjoy the smell of a menthol cigarette now and then, I have not smoked any because I know how quickly I will get addicted again.

    Also, because of the many, many studies done on how harmful 2nd hand smoke can be to anyone you smoke around, it is not wise to smoke around others. So, although this is a free country, I think non-smokers have a right not to be exposed to this cancer causing smoke and am very glad that smoking has been banned in many eating establishments, etc. Comparing drinking and obesity to smoking is not the same because smoking is the one activity that automatically causes damages to a non-smokers body if you smoke near them. If you stand next to an obese person or to one who is drinking, you are not likely to become less healthy due to it as long as you do not participate in the same drinking or unhealthy foods that they ate. Bars used to be some of the stinkiest and unhealthiest places you could ever go to, because the smoke in their is pretty thick and disgusting. Sure, there are plenty of other communicable diseases you can pick up in bars, but that is another story. And while I am on the subject, because we know today just how bad smoking is for our health, for unborn children, etc. etc., it does seem to be a bad thing for a nurse to do because medical professionals should be role models for their patients, etc. And no, you do not have to be a Goody 2 shoes to improve your life by quitting smoking, losing weight, and doing other healthy behaviors. My gosh, at least today, smokers have so many aides to help them quit smoking that we did not have years ago. I know if I had those when I quit years ago, I would have used them. And sure, I do not think that people should stay on others to quit because it only adds stress to the person who has an addiction, therefore we should try to provide good info from time to time, and mainly show them that you want to help them quit any time they are ready. If most people who smokes told the truth they would say they wish they could quit, and hopefully most of them will in the near future.
  7. by   FutureNurse2005
    I dont smoke...but my husband does. My rule is that he must do it outside and not when we are in the car with him. He can smoke if he wants, but I refuse to allow him (or anyone else for that matter) to make us suffer because of his poor choice. (yes, I feel very strongly about this!! Please dont flame me!)

    Anyway, to the original poster...I wish you all the best in school!
  8. by   Care Assistant
    I don't smoke. But the rest of the girls on my shift do. It is just me that is the non smoker.