do you buy your uniforms through the school?

  1. We had some uniform salespeople come to our school.We were supposed to buy our clinical supplies from them,if we wanted to.I thought the stuff would be reasonably priced,but it was really expensive I thought.Especially when they are trying to sell to students.I only bought two things(which I later found online for 1/2 as much and name brand too) I think they must make a lot of money selling to students.
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  3. by   Bala Shark
    Yea, it is a rip off if you buy from school..I remember I bought a jacket, pants, and a scrub with a patch for $175.00 through school..And I can go to Wal-Mart and buy pants and a scrub for $20.00..What are they thinking? I think the school get profits also like how they sell their textbooks with an inflated price..
  4. by   The Bell Jar
    At first I heard that all of ours had to be identical.As in no cargo pockets,etc.So I bought one set to be safe.Then some people said they already had a pair of that color,and they were going to use those.I guess its good that we at least have a choice about this.You are right about the book thing,I think my books cost more than my car did.:chuckle and that's sad.
  5. by   ladyinred667
    We have to wear a polo shirt with our school logo on it, so we really don't have the option of buying it from anywhere besides the local Copy's. Same with lab coats! What a racket.
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    Likewise, we have to buy through Dove, and the material is plain white, but ALL aspects of material must be identical to classmates. If not, you will be sent home from clinical w/o chance to makeup. It was about 170 for white pants, white zipper v-neck cardigan, White elastic sleeved button lab coat, and white button vest. Lab coat MUST be worn when doing clinical research, and everything underneath must be professional dress(no jeans/tshirts/etc.) Every part of uniform must be worn during clinicals, EXCEPT lab coat(only used if you are cold)...
    I thought it was expensive and only bought 1. I guess we'll see how often I'm running out to the laundromat....I hope I can get away with wearing outfit every 2 weeks between launders, but will depend on sweat/care/fluids/contacts.....I dunno.
  7. by   StudentNurseSteph
    We have to buy our uniforms through a small medical store down the road from the school. They weren't badly priced I dont think. Lab coats were 25.. scrub top and pants with a patch was 35.
  8. by   todell80
    We can get any type of white pants, as long as they aren't too big, too small, too long, or too short. We had to order our blue tee shirts and white vests through the business, Dr. Scrubs, that they had come out, but the owner's daughter is in the LPN class (I'm in the ADN), so she understands we are poor students!! She gave us an awesome discount, and for 2 tees and 2 vests it was only $62, plus she said I could pay her when my loan check comes in, so that was totally cool of her.

    As a side note, one of my instructors isn't very nice sometimes, and when she found out that our vests were backordered by Peaches, she flipped out on the lady from Dr. Scrubs who had been so nice to us. She insisted we have them on this Monday instead of Wed., so the business payed over $250 to have the huge box overnighted to us, and it turned out we didn't use them until Thursday anyway!! They paid all that money for nothing, so I'm sure they won't be outfitting the students next year. Which means they will go back to paying full price, which was almost $100!! At least I already have mine!!