Disaster of 1st day of RN program

  1. Hey everyone! (Hugs all around.) Well I'm writing from the swamp of homeworkland, ughhhh, I never REALLY thought it would be this hard. You guys warned me, but this has been a rough week!

    Day one 8/19:
    Dog ran away in AM, (thank god was found and was able to retrieve her before school, but didn't get to school as early as I'd planned.)
    I wear slacks w/ "sensible" shoes (not my normal slouchy, comfy shorts, scrubs, jeans, etc.) to try and make a good first impression. Go to the bathroom just before school starts, Zipper breaks on slacks. No one around has safety pin (that is, none of the all-of-about-4 people-I-know-in-the-nursing-program-so-far)
    CRITICAL THINKING at its best (are you guys SICK TO DEATH of hearing that buzzword at school yet?) I borrow a stapler and staple my pants shut. Pull shirt over pants (thank god for long shirts) go to class. Now I'm late (BIG, BIG deal at my school - they lock you out normally but it was first day so they just gave me that withering look - you know the one ).
    First break, I come back, put soda on desk. Little blond in front of me (has she REALLY graduated from high school and been in college long enough to finish the pre-reqs???) turns around and knocks soda over as she passes me a paper. Soda all over desk, notes, binder, handouts, and of course, all over me. Sitting in puddle of soda, now look like I peed my pants, oh excuse me,"VOIDED". I say to blond "can you get me some paper towels," after all, she knocked it over, right? She says, "you want ME to get some paper towels?" I say, yes, I have soda all down my front (scrambling to save precious notes/handouts). Get this, she says, "where do I get them????" I say, "in the bathroom" and try not to look at her like "you idiot". She turns back to her paper, finishes filling out her survey (I'm still sitting in soda puddle), then, as I'm getting up to get them myself, she finally goes to get some. I clean up mess (get no help from blondie who seems put out that she had to get the towels), and wonder without saying it out loud what the heck else can go wrong.
    Made it through the rest of the day w/o incident, thank god. I have 1 nice instructor (who writes very hard test questions I hear) and two demons posing as nursing instructors. (I keep waiting for their heads to spin around in the middle of lecture.) I want to scream "Who are you and what have you done to my teacher???" But I sink a little lower in my chair and try to write faster.
    My new motto for nursing school is KMS, for Keep Mouth Shut. (Obviously hard for yours truly).
    So any other first day stories? I could use the humor!!!
    I'll keep you posted though!
    Cheryl R.
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    cheryl, i think you can use a (((((hug)))))! i must say you started the school year off with a bang! i don't have any stories yet, as monday will be my first day.

    let us know how it goes tomorrow. by the way, i am practicing kms too (and it is not only for school either ), well, at least about the "small stuff".
  4. by   GPatty
    I'm sorry...I can't help it!:chuckle
    I know that feeling!
    Our instructors weren't quite that dramatic as to lock the doors....but they could get testy!
    As far as the blonde...wonder if she was in Ivy Tech's nursing program last year? Sounds like one we had...(she failed).

    God Bless you Honey~ it has to get better!:chuckle

  5. by   JAYNE :DANCE:
  6. by   researchrabbit
    I'd switch seats!
  7. by   studentdeb
    cheryl, I'm sorry you had a rough start. I'm sure it will get better. Keep your chin up. I completely understand about that critical thinking thing. That's what are first day was about. I've been steady reading this week. Do not want to fall behind.

    Good luck next week!! You'll be fine, I'm sure.
  8. by   babynursewannab

    Things can only go up from there, right?

    You obviouslly have a sense of humor or you might have spun one of those instructor's heads yourself by the end of that day! :chuckle

    Deep breath....that day is over.

  9. by   NurseDennie
    First day in Kindergarten:

    Teacher: "Good morning, class."

    Class: Good morning, Miss Janie

    First day in high school:

    Teacher: "Good morning, class"

    Class: Yeah, right, whatever, zzzzzzzzz

    First day in nursing school

    Instructor: "Good morning, class"

    Class: OMG, WAIT, talk slower!! How do you spell that?!? I don't have a highlighter!! Will that be on a test?!?!


  10. by   Rena RN 2003
    :lol @ dennie. so true.

    sorry about your bad start. but look at it this way, get the bad stuff out of the way first and things will get better from here.
  11. by   RNIAM
    I am sorry you had such a rough day. The idiot who spilled your drink should have ran to get you paper towels. Ugg, some people children sometimes. Okay, but other than that you had a really great day right? I do hope it gets better.
  12. by   studentdeb
    Dennie - I am sitting here laughing at your post. That's how I have been feeling this week. Too funny!!!
  13. by   Sarahstudent

    Look at it this way, How far do you think Blondie is gonna make it in nursing if she's put out for having to get papers towels? Alot more is going to be expected of her out of the pts.

  14. by   Mkue
    cheryl please excuse me for lol.. cause i feel bad all that happend to you :chuckle

    i think you had the day from he--

    dennie, that is sooo true !! my highlighter is running dry already..lol..