Define Irony 2!!!

  1. OK...well for those of you who remember my post from last week involving the tale of my flat tire and the the teacher's pet... I have a continuation... beging with, I have a class full of certifiable morons. Example: Ms. Smith (the Instuctor), explains to us that restaints are in no way to be used on patients in LTC facilites in our state. She goes on to tell us the story of how one day kind old Mr. so and So who has a touch of dementia, up and popped her in the eyeball one day...moral of the story, be alert and aware but never restrain. Well Ms. Suzie Student raises her hand and asks Ms. Smith...what did you do when he hit you? this may seem innocent enough, but I swear to God this turned into a 20 minute explanation about how you have to be a professional and my instructor had to explain to Ms. Suzie Student why she couldn't just hit Mr. Demento back!

    Needless to say, there are a select few people who I would consider talking to in my class...

    Well now it comes time for lab...we have to be in two groups because we have a large class and each instuctor is only allowed 12 students. Each group will be going to a different LTC facility so we won't be working together at all. Let me tell you about my group...

    Remember the teacher's pet from last week who decided to chip in on the punctuality lecture my instructor was giving me?...well guess what? She's in my Lab group! Wait! It get's better folks!...She now has a partner in crime! So our group today has suddenly been transformed from 1 instructor per 8 students to 3 instructors and 6 students. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum actually start to co-lecture in the middle of lab!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH....Unbelieveable!!!!

    None of the people who I liked are in my group!!! And what makes matters worse is that it took 3 hours for the group of 8 to wash our hands, put on isolation gear, and show that we could each make an unoccupied bed! The bed making is what hung most of the group up. Hello!!!!!....Don't you people make your beds at home?...The only difference is the draw sheets!

    Anyway, the other group finished way before we did (no one could leave our group till everyone was done) and left 1/2 an hour early. Then to make those who couldn't make the bed properly feel better, Ms. Suzie Student comments on how the other group has left early and we are the retarded group who couldn't make beds (keep in mind, she was one of us who could make the bed). Fabulous! I'm sure the four people who were struggling with bed-making now feel much better about themselves and our whole group will thrive because of her poignant observation! I'm telling you all...I can't stand this woman! She's such an idiot! I mean, I was shocked that some were struggling with the beds too...but I would NEVER say anything to make them or anyone feel stupid!

    I'm so miffed that I'm stuck with these two she-b!tches!!!! Anyway...this semester will be interesting to say the least! On the upside, the clinical site is only 5 minutes from my house! Woo Woo!!!!

    Take care everyone!

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    bean, here is a (((((bean)))) and a :kiss; you are having one heck of a start, aren't you! how long is this particular rotation? being with those you don't particular like, prepares you for the work place and others settings and so forth. hang in there and vent on us anytime.
  4. by   Swiftee
    Oh wow Bean! You're a tough cookie! How freakin annoying. I bet by the time you were done listening to Ms Smith, you could see why Mr. Demento popped her one in the eye in the first place! :roll
  5. by   Gator,SN
    Oh wow Bean! You're a tough cookie! How freakin annoying. I bet by the time you were done listening to Ms Smith, you could see why Mr. Demento popped her one in the eye in the first place!
    That was hilarious! ha ha ha!

    Bean, hang in there! I promise you that it will get better! What you are experiencing is pretty common. The first few weeks anyone with a CNA background will think that they know everything and they will be eager to share their wealth of knowledge with the instructor and the class. Relax.....pretty soon you will all know the same things and it will work out. I have seen the "teachers pet' too and pretty soon these "know it all smart azzes" will get what they deserve!

    Best of luck to you!
  6. by   nursing 101
    That was very funny Bean,
    Please keep the anecdotes coming! ...
    And don't worry if they knew everything they would not be in classes! Trying to get their nursing degree.
  7. by   GPatty
    I started out with a few of those morons too....eventually, they were weeded out...
    Hang in there......
    We love you....