Dean's List!!!

  1. I'd like to start a thread where people can add their name to the "Dean's list" if they have done this. I think it would be fun and very supportive!! I for one am very proud to have made the Dean's list at school!! Anyone else? Let's keep this going!! Tell us what classes you had too...might give some of us a glimmer of hope that we can do it in that class also!!
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  3. by   crnasomeday
    Hey neat thread ) I'm a senior now in a bachelor's program, and I'm very happy to have made the dean's list for the past two years. I've taken all the general ed courses and prereq courses (chem, anatomy & physiology, microbiology, psych, etc) along with the nursing courses for Med-Surg, OB, PEDS, yada-yada. In the fall I'll be taking community health nursing and psych nursing. I now have a 3.87 and I'm really hoping to graduate magna cum laude. That would just be a great acheivement for me. I know it sounds like I'm bragging...maybe a little I am, but I dropped out / flunked out of high school years back and was a big loser for years, so reaching these goals really means a lot to me. I'm a firm believer that you can do anything that you really set your mind upon doing. May the Lord God bless you all...
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  4. by   essarge
    That was what this thread was intended for...TOOT YOUR HORN!!!

    It is a great achievement for anyone to accomplish getting on the Dean's list! And you should be proud of yourself!!

    Great job everyone...anyone else care to join in? Come on in the water is great!!!
  5. by   Level2Trauma
    While obtaining my ADN degree, I made President's Scholar 2 semesters, Dean's List 2 semesters and graduated with a 3.65. I was also a member of Phi Theta Kappa and was inducted into the Nursing Hall of Fame. I took all of the prerequisites such as A & P I & II. Microbiology, General Chemistry, Into to Organic Chemistry, American History I & II, English Comp I & II, Speech, Psychology, Pharmacology etc. etc.

    I then went to work for two years and returned to get my BSN. While obtaining my BSN, I kept a 4.0 throughout the course. I received an Academic Acheivement Award for finishing at the top of the class; ranked #1 out of 337.

    I am now going to enter into a MSN FNP program this August. I hope I can maintain the high academic standards that I have set for myself.

    You said to "TOOT" my own horn, well I am blowing (LOL).

    This may seem trivial to most. However, since I am a recovering alcoholic (8 years without a drink or drug), this is quite an acheivement for me. It is only by the Grace of GOD that I have 2 brain cells left after drinking for 20 years. I give all the credit to GOD. All I did was suit up, show up, and do what GOD asked me to do.

    May GOD bless you all!!!
  6. by   delirium
    I've also made the dean's list. At my college, you aren't considered until you have at least 15 credits, so I didn't make it until this last term (now I have 24 credits).
    I have taken: Zoology (lecture and lab), A&P I and A&P II (lecture and lab), English 1010, Math 1100, Psych 1010, Philosophy 1420. I am taking Soc 1010 and Communications 1250 over the summer. I realize these course numbers probably mean nothing to the rest of you, but they are my pre-reqs/gen ed requirements.
    What is the lowest acceptable GPA to make the dean's list? Here I believe its a 3.5.
    I begin the RN program in fall.
    Take care,

  7. by   essarge

    Kudo's!! You have every right to be very proud of all of your accomplishments! Sounds like you had a bumpy road, but did some "construction" and straightened it out!! Great job!!

    Like you, I also had a bumpy road. Used to be married to an abuser/alcoholic. Am now married to a wonderfully supportive person who will do whatever it takes to help me reach my dream. I also attribute my life to a "higher power". I never have more on my plate than I can handle (even though I question it every once in awhile) and know that I will reach my goals!!

    Again, Kudo's and congratulations!!! The water is nice here isn't it!!!
  8. by   nurseshn
    Congrats to all of you it's really inspiring to hear that. Boy do you guys has testimonies, and allllll the glory belongs to god.

    God bless all of you!!!!
  9. by   amblessing
    :hatparty: TOOT TOOT!!
    Congrats to everyone on a job well done!!! I got an "A" in Anatomy & Physiology, Math, and English Composition (I hate English!) - but since I wasn't a full-time student with 12 units last semester - I didn't qualify for the dean's list. Part-time students at my college can qualify after earning a certain number of units, which I'm not sure what that number is yet!

    I'm attending college 21 years after high school graduation! In high school, I was always on the Dean's "LIST" - but not on the "Dean's List" if you know what I mean!. :imbar

    Good job ladies! (and gentlemen!)
  10. by   Bonnie Blue
    We don't have a "Dean's List" per say. I did get a 4.0 last semester. Surprised the heck outta me! Now I'm eligible for one of 2 full-tuition merit scholarships. I have to write an essay for the first round and if I get choosen, I have an interview with a committee. There are 24 other candidates so there is a lot of competition. I should at the very least get a small amount of scholarship money.
    My classes have all been nursing related: pathophys, professional development, clinical, health systems (bleah!) etc.
    Congrats to everyone for their accomplishments.
    Level 2, I just picked a 16 year chip, one day at a time.
  11. by   teresab_2000
    I made the dean's list too!! I'm so happy and hope that I can keep this up through next year!

  12. by   StudentSandra
    originally posted by essarge
    that was what this thread was intended for...toot your horn!!!
    it is a great achievement for anyone to accomplish getting on the dean's list! and you should be proud of yourself!!
    great job everyone...anyone else care to join in? come on in the water is great!!!
    tooting horn!!! :hatparty:

    my first time in college, 24 years after high school!

    general biology
    human anatomy & physiology i
    general psychology
    principles of sociology
    gpa 4.0 ceo's honors

    intro to med. terminology
    composition i
    human anatomy & physiology ii
    human growth and development
    fund. of effective speaking
    gpa 4.0 ceo's honors

    general microbiology
    intro to pharmacology
    gpa 4.0 (no honors given for summer term)

    nur 1201 nursing i
    nur 1207 nursing fund
    gpa 3.8 president's honors
    cum gpa 3.95

    human cadaver anatomy
    nur 1202 nursing ii
    gpa 4.0 ceo's honors
    cum gpa 3.96
    i also joined phi theta kappa and was elected into the national vo-tech honor society.

    is that enough tooting? :hatparty: but really, i am very proud of myself, i am the first person in my family to go to college.
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  13. by   babynursewannab
    Here goes:

    -2 full years (including summers) of being on the President's list every semester -- 4.0 gpa required

    -One of 20 students hand chosen by the University president for inaugural year of Presidential Fellows

    -Admitted into Golden Key International Honor Society

    -Admitted into Phi Kappa Phi

    -Invited into school honors program (only a handful of people in entire program) -- interviewing today!

    I tooted away! It's kind of nice to beam proudly about myself without worrying that readers are rolling their eyes!
  14. by   Wyldeflower
    I made the Dean's list last semester with a 3.87...took Algebra, Chemistry, English 1, Psychology, Freshman Exp, and 2 required fit/well classes. This semester I got a 4.0 and took Math 1, English 2, Pharmacology, and History.