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  1. Hey all! I am interested in how your schools lay out the program. I have noticed that most of the schools teach the subjects at different times. I attend Bevill State Community College in Jasper, Alabama. This is an ADN program and is laid out as follows-
    Prerequisites to get in the program are BIO 103 Principles of Biology and PSY 100 (College Orientation) and 20 or above on the ACT.
    First semester of nursing school:
    BIO 201 A&P I
    MTH 100 Intermediate Algebra
    NUR 111 Fundamentals
    NUR 121 Clinical Skills
    NUR 131 Health Assessment
    NUR 241 Basic Pharmacology
    Second Semester:
    BIO 202 A&P II
    PSY 200 General Psychology
    NUR 251 Adult Health Nursing
    NUR 280 Psych Nursing
    Third Semester:
    CHM 104 Intro to Inorganic Chm
    ENG 101 English Comp I
    NUR 204 Computer Applications
    NUR 262 Adult-Child Nursing I
    Fourth Semester:
    BIO 220 Microbiology
    NUR 263 Adult-Child Nursing II
    NUR 242 Advanced Pharmacology
    NUR 271 Maternal-Newborn Nursing
    Fifth Semester:
    SPH 107 Fundamentals of Speech
    Humanities Elective
    NUR 264 Adult-Child Nursing III
    NUR 291 Transition into Nursing Practice

    This is for those who haven't gotten any of the academics yet. My advice to anyone wanting to start an RN program is get those academics out of the way first. It is much easier that way. I am taking academics for the BSN, but the easier ones. I could never do it if I had to take the A&P classes along with nursing classes.

    WHEW! I know that was a long post...sorry
    Hey one more if that wasn't enough already....Does your program require you to have a drug screen prior to starting clinicals? Bevill started doing it this semester at the request of the clinical facilities. Ok thats all now..I promise!
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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    this is a link to my school's website. didn't want to type everything out. :chuckle

    and our school doesn't require us to have a drug screen before starting clinicals.

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  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    leslie, this is for the generic program as we have an upward mobility program too.

    principles of biology/lab
    english i
    intermediate college algebra

    level i
    first semester
    fundamentals of nursing
    health assessment
    basic pharmacology
    anatomy and physiology i/lab
    college orientation

    second semester
    adult health i
    maternal newborn nursing
    anatomy and physiology ii/lab
    general psychology

    level ii
    third semester
    psychosocial nursing
    english ii

    fourth semester
    adult health ii
    advanced pharmacology
    concepts of pediatric nursing i
    fundamentals of public speaking

    fifth semester
    adult health iii
    transition into nursing practice
    concepts of pediatric nursing ii

    i have all of my pre-reqs and core classes for asn and most of the classes for bsn as well.

    we did not have to have a drug screen done.
  5. by   subec
    I'm in a BSN program, and before you start the nursing classes, you have to have all of your gen. ed. classes done (anatomy, microbiology, history, math, etc.) Then...

    First semester:
    Concepts of Professional Nursing
    Holistic Health Assessment (w/ clinical)
    Clinical Nursing Foundations (w/ clinical)

    Second Semester:
    Health Promotion and Illness Prevention (w/ clinical)
    Nursing of Adults (w/ clinical)
    Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing (w/ clinical)

    Third Semester:
    Nursing Research
    Nursing of Older Adults (w/ clinical)
    Nursing of Children/Adolescents (w/ clinical)
    Nursing of the Childbearing Family (w/ clinical)

    Fourth Semester:
    Professional Nursing Trends
    Nursing Leadership and Management (w/ clinical)
    Community Health Nursing (w/ clinical)
    Nursing of Adults w/ Complex Needs (w/ clinical)

    Two upper level electives are also required

    Yes, we did have to take a drug test before we could start clinicals.

    Good luck to you.
  6. by   maire
    I'm copying and pasting a link to my school as well. It's kind of interesting to see the differences in the same degree!
  7. by   StudentSandra
    First year ADN program

    4 hrs - A&P 1 **
    3 hrs - Gen Psych **
    2 hrs - Nursing 1 A (Fundamentals)
    8 hrs - Nursing 1 B
    17 hrs

    4 hrs - A&P 2 **
    3 hrs - Human Growth & Dev. **
    3 hrs - Comp 1 **
    10 hrs - Nursing 2
    20 hrs

    Summer (not included in total program hours)
    6 hrs - Clinical Nursing (LPN exit)
    1 hr - PN Review
    3 hrs - Clinical Constructs (LPN entrance) must have completed first year support classes **

    Second year

    4 hrs - Micro **
    3 hrs - Sociology **
    10 hrs - Nursing 3
    17 hrs

    3 hrs - Speech **
    3 hrs - Comp & Analysis **
    10 hrs - Nursing 4
    2 hrs - RN Review
    18 hrs

    72 hrs total ** Gen Ed courses (support) must be completed before or during the semester they are scheduled. Students who do not complete (and pass) support classes early or as scheduled will not be allowed to enroll in the next nursing course.

    This does not include any remedial (as indicated by the college placement test) and/or pre-reqs, for example, my CC requires 3 yrs of HS science as a pre-req to A&P, only 2 were required way back when I was in HS, so I also had to take Biology (although it can be taken concurrently with A&P 1).

    Many if not most nursing students also take extra classes, such as Medical Terminology, Intro to Pharmacology, Advanced Anatomy (Dissection), and others that will go towards their BSN.

    I had typed this up for another board where I was getting the, when it takes so many people 3 years for the ADN, why not just go 4 for the BSN. So I tried to explain that it just depends on if one is going full or part time and that students often take 5 or more years for the BSN.

    This is how I actually took my classes.
    Fall 2000: Gen Biology, A&P 1, Sociology & Psychology
    Spring 2001: A&P 2, Speech, Comp 1, Growth & Dev, and Med Terminology
    Summer 2001: Micro & Intro to Pharm
    Fall 2001: Nursing 1 (CLEP'ed Comp 2)
    Spring 2002: Nursing 2 & Cadaver Anatomy
    Summer 2002: NOTHING !!!!!!!
    Fall 2002: Nursing 3
    Spring 2003: Nursing 4
    Then GRADUATION !!!!!!
  8. by   2banurse
    For my community college you must have A&P I and college math done before you even start the nursing curriculum. Then because of the high demand, it is recommended that you take the rest of the prereqs/general classes:

    A&P II, Microbiology, General Psych, Human Development, English I and II and a humanities class.

    If I get into the nursing program in the fall, I'll take the 2nd A&P and Micro. If I have to wait until the spring, I'll take them in the fall and work over the summer.

    The break the nursing down into four semesters.
    1st Semester
    Nursing Process I - 4 hours class, 12 hours lab per week. "This course focuses on human responses to normal changes in growth and development over the life span and measures used to promote wellness." - 8 credits
    At this time it is required that A&P II and Psych are also done if not yet taken.

    2nd Semester
    Nursing Process II - 4 hours class, 15 hours lab per week. "The content of this course focuses on human responses of individuals across the life span experienceing acute alterations in health related to the surgical or childbearing experience." - 9 credits
    Applied Nursing Science I - 3 hours per week. "The course is designed to support the nursing process courses by increasing the student's knowledge of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and advanced assessment skills. - 3 credits.
    At this time, Microbiology and human development would need to be don. - 7 credits.

    As you can see, 19 credits would have to be taken...way too much...

    3rd semester
    Nursing Process III - 4 hours class, 12 hours lab. "This course continues the focus on human responses to alterations in health that may require changes in lifestyle of individuals to achieve and maintain their highest level of wellness. - 8 credits
    Applied Nursing II - Same as before, but more! - 3 credits.
    English 1 would be required to be taken if not yet already taken.

    4th Semester
    Nursing Process IV - 4 hours class, 15 hours lab. "This course emphasizes human responses to chronic or progressive and irreversible alterations in health in individuals across the lifespan. - 9 credits.
    Nursing Seminar - Two hours per week. "The content includes legal aspects of nursing practice, alternative approaches to nursing, etc. etc. - 2 credits.
    English 2 would need to be done during this semester.

    So as you can see, that's a lot for two years, that is why the majority of the nursing students take most, if not all, the prereqs first and then do the nursing. The only thing I would need to get into the RN to MSN at the university would be Chemistry and nutrition.


    (Sorry this is so long...I needed to get my fingers moving again, I thought that this would be good practice. ):imbar
  9. by   Jennerizer
    Here's my school.......for an associate's degree......
  10. by   Bonnie Rabbit
    thomas jefferson university - college of health professions philadelphia, pa here's a nbc10 interview about nursing @ jefferson view with windows media player.

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  12. by   MidwifeWannaB
    This is interesting. At my school you have to have completed both A&P's before beginning nursing courses and can take Micro no later than the second semester. I'm in my first semester right now, and I'm taking:

    RNSG 1301--Pharmacology
    RNSG 1215--Health Assessment
    RNSG 1263--1st Semester Clinical
    RNSG 1309--Intro to Nursing
    RNSG 1205--Nursing Skills I
    RNSG 1341--Concepts of Adult Health

    Some of my classmates are also taking a math or sociology course, but I'm glad I just have my nursing courses to focus on--I'd be homicidal if I had any more work!

    Oh, and we did have to have a drug screen before the start of the semester.