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It seems that alot of people are doing nursing for a second career. Just curious. How old is everyone? Who has kids? Is it a mixed group in the professional part of the nursing program (I am... Read More

  1. by   charlotte towers
    :hatparty: I am a grandmother of 24 and great grandmother of 2 and I'm still working in the ICU. Captain
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  2. by   nursemike
    I was just thinking we need a thread for us old farts. Glad I checked.

    I'll be 48 in August, starting second year of an ADN program. I'm looking forward to getting back to school, but not the sleep deprivation. I'm a guy. Never married, no kids, 5 cats. Straight. (No, really, I am, honest.*) I used to be a carpenter. Life is weird, isn't it?

    Funny thing happened in clinicals, last spring. I was doing some pre-planning, wearing my white lab coat, when a nurse asked to see the chart I was using. Of course I gave it to her, but I was fairly chagrined, inwardly, since it might be an hour before I got it back.

    Miraculously, she gave it right back to me in about five minutes! Hooray and hallelujah! Then she said, "Thank you, doctor." Sometimes it's not so bad, being an old geezer.
    *Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  3. by   foreverrn
    Hi, geuss i get this one ! im 45 with two kids 14 & 10, male in second sems. also live 65 miles from school boy is that fun!!!:hatparty: just thought i'd say hel;lo

    I am 28, married with 2 kids, 10 & 3...I live in Orlando FL and am currently attending Valencia Community College. I have been working on my prereqs for the last 2 semesters. I am currently applying to Deaconess College of Nursing's Online ADN with PN component. I am planning to start this Fall 2004.

    My goal is to pursue my BSN as soon as I finish my ADN. I am also considering joining the Navy as an officer. I have not decided what nursing specialty I am most interested in, but I am leaning towards ICU or Critical Care.[/QUOTE]
  4. by   suzy253
    Quote from nursemike?
    I was just thinking we need a thread for us old farts. Glad I checked.
    Oy! Speak for yourself! :chuckle 2nd year student here also w/5 cats. Was never a carpenter though.
  5. by   GraceRN1
    Yo! Well i'm not a student but a clinical instructor for 3rd and 4th yrs.,and at the same time a staff nurse in a tertiary government hospital here in the Philippines. You might get shock but i'm only 26 yo.Most of my students are older than me, but i think it's ok.Some even have grandchildrens.still they want to pursue college, BSN in particular.Others took it for professional growth aside from it is really in demand here and abroad.
  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    I'm 52. Definitely qualify as an old fart.
  7. by   Kare117

    I am 34, live in Mass,married with two of the best kids in the world. ages 13 and 7. I am doing pre-reqs agian because my sciences are too old for the nursing programs in the area, so... need to repeat them.

    I can wait to get started in Nursing, and I am a little scared to, but this is something I have wanted all my life. Now I will not let life get in the way anymore.... I am gonna be a nurse!

    Thanks for a place to voice that.

  8. by   bubalu
    Hi Kare! Fellow student from MA here

    I'm 37, single and have one pre-req to do ... Anatomy. That is so unfortunate that your sciences didn't transfer. Mine were from when I majored in Biology and graduated 1990 and they still took them! Whew!
    I also attended dental school and they took those too (although I got a c- in my anatomy class )

    I am totally with you ... I am not letting life get in the way anymore!!
    Nice to meet you, and everyone else. Boy do I feel old posting on this thread hahahahaha

  9. by   Kiren
    [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif] I suppose being 35 makes me an "older" student ( I prefer the term non-traditional ). I am married and have a 3yr old. I'm currently enrolled in an ADN program in upstate NY. I'm in the "Extended Track" program and will finish in 5/08. I took this route so I could take my A&P and Micro. apart from my nursing courses. Nursing is a second career for me. I earned my BS in sociology in 1996. I was laid off from my job last year and decided to go into nursing having worked as a CNA while in undergrad. Hopefully, I will be able to go on to be a NP someday.
  10. by   HHW2006
    I am 34, have 2 children, 12 and 7, and have been married for 13 years. I will graduate in May with my ADN. My class is a mix of ages. We range from 20 to early 50's. It is never to late!!!!
  11. by   lizzybeth
    I just turned 40. I started working towards this 4 years ago. I am now in my second semester of my freshman year, and I am definitely not the oldest in my class of around 100 or so!
  12. by   jsanders
    I'm 37, three kids and a husband. I decided I wanted to go into nursing when I was 30, just after my third child was born. It was a long road, but so glad I did it.:spin:
  13. by   regglynn
    I am 35 with a husband and 2 kids. I got laid off of my job 2 years ago. I had been there for 15 years. With no educations past high school, I decided to go inot nursing.
    I'm in the ADN program in NC. This is my first year, second semster. The first semster, I was one of the top students. But now, I feel like I am struggling.
    I have seen the studying tips on another thread, but does any of the "mature" students have anything to add that helps them. I do record all lectures and load them into my PDA and listen to them doing things around the house or driving. I aslo write notes according to the disease process with S/S and interventions.
    But I fell like I am missing something. Am I or is this a normal feeling for this part of the program???