Cool Site of Surgery Videos

  1. Warning: If blood or guts bother you, this site contains both. Also, videos work much better on a high-speed connection.

    Videos of Surgical Procedures

    These videos are great if you observed in the OR but didn't get to see much up on the OR table.
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  3. by   RN007
    Wow. Very cool. Thanks for telling us about this site. I wish I had time to watch all of them. That's my problem: I'll be studying and then I'll get side-tracked by a neat website or interesting thread on allnurses <sigh>.
  4. by   flygirls2
    Neat, thanks!
  5. by   donsterRN
    This is an excellent site; thanks!
  6. by   xptp29a
    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this link. What a great resource!
  7. by   Daytonite - or live. free webcasts of live surgeries. also extensive archive of previous surgeries.