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Here is my situation; I will be starting second semester in like two weeks. Clinical starts at 6:30 am and could possibly be in a location that is an hour away. My children's daycare does not... Read More

  1. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from wdwpixie
    :yeahthat: For all of us night owls, in addition to those with young ones that arrangements need to be made for...give me an evening or overnight shift ANYtime!!
    I'm with ya, I'd rather work night clinical. I'd probably be more focused and not exhausted.
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    Lots of great advice in this thread.
  3. by   moongirl
    My program does not allow lateness, you are sent home. sent home more than once, you are out of the program.
    I leave my house at 4am to get to clinicals. Sometimes my husband can stay to take the kids to school at 8, most times he cannot. I have a neighbor who is retired, I hired her to come over the mornings I need her and stay with the kids till the bus comes. Look around, utlize EVERY possible resource. Look to your fellow students, neighbors, church members, get the word out you need help, if you dont ask, no one will know that you are in need.
  4. by   jov
    Quote from mommapunkin
    Clinical starts at 6:30 am and could possibly be in a location that is an hour away. My children's daycare does not open till 6. There is no way I can get my kids to daycare and be to the hospital in time for clinical.
    Any help would be much appreciated!
    I agree with the previous posters that you need to pay someone to come to the house in the a.m. to get your kids to daycare. However, I would strongly advise you to have a back up contingency plan or maybe even two back up plans. The reason is, if your primary sitter can't come (sick, car doesn't run, etc.), you'll have another one to plug in. When you have only one sitter and that flushes, that is when I have seen people compromise on day care provider. And that's when your child can get hurt.
  5. by   supermom27
    I think you go to the director again and the first thing that she will hopefully understand is that, being the only parent left for your child at this time, that you would greatly appreciate not being sent to the clinical one hour away. That would relieve alot of stress knowing you are much closer if you are needed. Next, I would look into that military aspect. They have VA representatives at every school who may be able to give some insight. I have never heard of it but they would know more and it sure would be a Godsend to miliary wives far from family. I feel your worry. I did alot of my pre-reqs while my husband was deployed to Iraq and one semester carried a 16 credit hour load. I have four kids and at the time their ages ranged from 2-10 years. I wasn't in nursing school; however, and my profs were fantastic working with me. There were times I had to bring one of them to class if they were not deathly ill but too sick to go to daycare. One time, I had my French Class Final and 3 of the four were sick!! My prof was so nice and let them sit and color while I took my final. It was a pretty supportive community for spouses. Clinical is different but hopefully they can be sympathetic to this special circumstance and help you out. I pray they understand. Good Luck and if you need any support, I've been there and can lend you an ear.
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    Thanks for all the awesome advice! I was not aware of the military hardship thing. That is GREAT!! I'm gonna have to go through my resources also and get a battle plan together.
    Thank you everyone!!!
  7. by   Lovely RN
    Try to switch clinical sites with another student if possible. Good Luck.
  8. by   Futurenurse86
    Are you living near post??? If so there should be a daycare that opens earlier, I know around here alot of daycares open at 530 to accomodate single soldiers with children (got to get to PT on time ya know....there is also always nannies. You can find one to be at your house and take them to daycare