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Please, oh please offer some advice! My hubby is in an ADN program and the teachers there are trying to fail him. His instructors called him in today to tell him that they got a complaint on him... Read More

  1. by   redshiloh
    BABNRS, Make SURE he is saving ANY and ALL documentation that may be relevant and have copies made of them just in case an official 'loses' them. Seems to me they are violating his civil rights here...doesn't he have the right to know what he is accused of?
  2. by   nursebucky
    Tell him to go to the Dean and the Dept Chair if possible. I wouldn't take it lying down.
  3. by   BABNRS
    Ok, everyone. It is official. He has withdrawn, he has turned in his books, he paid his last $291 tuition installment. His classmates cried saying goodbye to him. What a waste. What a horrible waste of emotion, time, money, effort, spirit, and talents.

    He will be a nurse. Maybe not May 2004, but he will achieve his dream. What cold, hard and ruthless individuals there are in this world. One of this days, when one of them are in need of good nursing, they will find themselves in his care. He will give them the same compassionate care that he affords to everyone. The smile and caring nature will diminish the pain and show the evil ones that they cannot beat him. He will prevail!!

    By the way: He is keeping up the fight. We have an attorney and he will have his say. We HAVE to find out about the complaint. He needs to know! Looks like we will have to do that in court. He withdrew to protect his admission into another program. But, he is not giving up! Thank you all for your thoughts, advice and prayers.
  4. by   Rhoresmith
    I have been reading this all this and I hope you stick it to this school good.... They need to be brought down. I am sure that there is a board in the state that regulates colleges behavior I would definately contact them and also why not contact your state representive I am sure that the school get government funds and therefore some agency would regulate that and it you can prove discrimination and misbehavior they can threaten that funding Please let us know what is going on..... Rhonda
  5. by   essarge
    I'm glad that your hubby is continuing at another school and not giving up! I am also very glad that you retained an attorney. There are too many people who just roll over and say "oh well, what is done is done"! KUDOS to you both for staying in the fight!
  6. by   gwenith
    Bottom line - they have denied him natural justice and due process. They will wilt faster than a 20 cent flower in a court of law!
  7. by   nursedawn67
    Good for you!! Don't take this lying down!!!
  8. by   jude11142

    I wish that I could say that this doesn't happen often but I have seen students get thrown out of nursing programs with no valid reason. Even now, I hear similiar stories from the student nurses that come the facility where I now work. As a mother, there were occasions when my son or daughter would come home and be so stressed out regarding school, their teachers etc....A few times, they told me, "that teacher hates me", or "the teacher treats me differently" a mom, I would tell them, "ofcourse the teacher likes you and she/he wouldn't fail you or whatever the penalty was",,,,,,,,,"they are teachers and they are their to teach you" blah, blah, blah.....Well, it wasn't until I was a student again at the age of 40, that not only have I seen this happen, but at the end of my program I was actually involved in a situation. 6 weeks prior to graduation, I was all of the sudden at risk of failing.....why??? Because, after 15 months of seeing other students being attacked, treated like dirt, seeing certain students who kissed up to the instructors get away without doing their work, talking to other students who were in tears, I chose to befriend my classmates and try to work with them to see if I could offer some support to thing I know, I am being attacked on my school work(careplans for instance)....all of the sudden I was asked intense questions during our pre-conferance meetings, being asked to stay behind after e1 went to their assignments........several other classmates have told me to "stay away from these other students because they would bring me down with them"..........Well tell you what, at the age of 40, I am not going to let anyone tell me who to associate with. There is more involved here, but bottom line, I was doing well with both clinical and lecture/exams until I started talking with the students in question who were being attacked. 2 of the instructors who got buddy buddy with a few of the students were overheard talking about the students who the instructors didn't like. I went to the board of directors at our school, reported them. I covered my A** also because there was no way that 6 wks from graduating would I not graduate. Oh yeah, at graduation, the 2 instructors totally snubbed me. When e1 got their diplomas handed to them, they would shake e1's hand(some hugged the students, yuk,lol)...well, when I walked up, I was like, ok no big deal, shake hands, say thank you etc....well, the first instructor shook my hand, the next 2 actually turned their back to me, and the last one shook my hand. I thought, "how disgusting that these 2 are not only teachers, but nurses".......
    Bottom line, if the instructors don't like you for whatever reason, they can and will make nursing school hell for you. I hope that your husband sticks to his guns and doesn't allow them to throw him out. Have him document everything, report incidences to appropriate authorities. Write to the board of nursing.....It would be a shame for him to lose credit with only 8 days left in the semester.

    This subject really got me going and I know that my post is probably all over the place, it's just too much to try to explain.

    Hang in there,

  9. by   tonicareer
    Save what they mail you too. The school that I faught my way through still sends me requests for donations and asks me to register for more classes. They call me during pledge drives too. I told them to take me off their mailing lists but they still contact me. Why would I give discriminators any money?
  10. by   TinyNurse
    Interesting to say the least....
    At my school, whether or not you get along with the instructors will make or break you. There have been several people that I felt the instructors were "out to get" and what do ya know? these same people failed.
    I go to a community college out in farm country. pretty much if your opinion differs from anyone elses from the community you are out as well.
    Sad, i've watched too many people fail.
  11. by   mri4plsn
    wow babrns this sounds soooo familiar. not only does this stuff go on in nursing school it definately goes on once your are employeed. i tried to post a thread re: my problems with a direct supervisor. i have to go to a shrink to keep my job. lots of details at times i think not only do i need a shrink but a lawyer. can anyone tell me how to post a thread so i can get advice from you. thanks mri4plsn
  12. by   CountrifiedRN
    Originally posted by mri4plsn
    can anyone tell me how to post a thread so i can get advice from you. thanks mri4plsn
    You can click on the button at the top of the forum page or at the bottom of this one that says "New Thread", then type away! Don't forget to put a title in the subject line!
  13. by   CountrifiedRN
    Babs, I just got a chance to sit down and read this whole thread, and just wanted to say I'm sorry for what your hubby went through. I hope he is able to follow up with the attorney to at least bring to light the wrong doing on the part of the instructors and the school.

    I have been fortunate to be one who was not singled out during my program, but I have seen other students treated unfairly. I have tried to be there to support them and encouraged them to go higher up the chain but they are usually just too battle weary and stressed to continue the fight. A few have gone on to other programs, and one just decided it wasn't worth the heartache to become a nurse. That is obviously what the instructors want, and it upsets me because they would have made good nurses and because if no one fights, then these situations get covered up and buried. But I was not the one in their position, and I know it really affected their self esteem, and they felt that there was no recourse from the chain of command once they were labeled as a trouble maker or a bad student.

    I hope that what ever happens your hubby finds a way to become a nurse if that is still what he wants.