1. I got one of those nurses clipboards for Christmas. The ones with the calculator and all the info on the front and back of it. My question is would it be better to use that or get one of those clipboards that opens up to put stuff in. I'm not sure if we're allowed to have them for clinicals but if we are, which one would you suggest?
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  3. by   manna
    I have that nurses clipboard and I've really never used it. I carry it around, but if I need to look up a value or something I use my textbooks.

    I have a cheapo opens-up clipboard I got at Walmart that works just fine. I don't carry it to clinical either - since everything I need fits into my uniform and/or lab coat pockets. We have a place we can bring backpacks and leave them in the report room, so carrying miscellaneous items isn't a difficulty for me.
  4. by   rn/writer
    Right before I started a six-week RN Update clinical, I almost rushed out and bought a clipboard with a compartment for storing things and a calculator on top. Something told me to wait until orientation to see what the other nurses were using. I'm glad I did. Those who had that kind of clipboard didn't find them especially useful. Others stuffed worksheets into their pockets. No one had anything I thought was particularly wonderful.

    I ended up going to Wal-Mart and buying a looseleaf binder. I don't remember the brand name but it's made of hard plastic (not vinyl) and has a heavy black rubber band thingie that can keep the binder closed, keep it open to a particular section, or secure loose papers at the back. The binder had flaps inside the front and back covers to hold papers. I also added half a dozen pocket files.

    I made myself a worksheet for the ortho/neuro unit I was on, put it into a landscape format (long from side to side), and three-hole-punch a bunch of them. Our floor was mostly post-op patients with lots of details to remember so each patient got a full sheet.

    The end result was a "chart" that opened at the top, had ample storage space for computer printouts and reference lists, and could be kept closed and protected from wandering eyes when set down.

    At the end of a shift, I obliterated the pts.' name but kept the sheets for the duration of the clinical. Often, I could just update the sheet if I had the patient again. At periodic intervals, we had to write self-evaluations, listing the skills we had acquired, unusual situations we had run across, and any questions still perplexing us. I was able to retrace my steps and gather all of this information easily with the worksheets.

    Once I begin working, I will keep these sheets (with names removed) in a locked cabinet. I hope to learn from them and also to have them as a refresher if, God forbid, I'd ever be involved in any legal actions.

    One of the things I liked most about the binder itself was the rubber cord. I have seen patients, family members, and bold visitors, try to lift cover sheets to peek at the nurse's notes. They can't do that with this option.

    Hope this helps,
    Miranda F.
  5. by   jenrninmi
    I bought a clipboard that opens and closes so that you can put papers and worksheets inside. I really liked it.
  6. by   purplemania
    I found the clipboards to be cumbersome. After I left it in a room to quickly co to the CS cart and back, then found family reading my clipboard, I never carried it again. All the pt. info was in my own code, but I really could have been in deep trouble if someone connected the dots. That was before HIPPA. Anyway, a "cheat sheet" is all I need now. I fold it up and keep it in my pocket.
  7. by   Jen2
    I just bought a nurse clip board today at the bookstore. I don't plan on using it for clinicals, but to put my loose leaf paper on during lecture for note taking. Plus I figured if I have all that info to stare at all the time during lecture it might sink in. For clinicals I use a report cover that I got from Walmart to put all of my patient information in.
  8. by   shyne
    I also use the walmart clipboard that opens up and stores papers. I only use it for clinicals though.
  9. by   NewEnglandRN
    I have to say I never use my binder at clinical, but I am only a 2nd semester student. It did come in handy for all the Christmas cards I sent out!
  10. by   MistyLou
    My calculator hasn't worked since my first day of first quarter clinical. Not all that thrilled with it!