1. What order are your clinicals? ANy specific order?
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  3. by   Brown Suga
    In the ADN program that I am attending is broken up into 4 blocks. In block one you have 8weeks med/surg with one day in the or to observe and one day starting IVs with a swat nurse. In block two you have more 4 weeks med/surg and intro to 3weeks labor & delivery with nursery,3 weeks peds experience in rural health. In block 3 you have 8 weeks advanced med/surg and 7 weeks psy experience. In block 4 you have time 5 weeks at county hospital with burn unit, high risk peds and OB, then there is time5 weeks in tele/icu, then 6 weeks preceptorship in any department you have a desire or interest in as long as the department is accepting students.
  4. by   NurseDixie
    I'm in my 2nd year ADN program. I will graduate in December. I have Med-Surg this semester (15 weeks). We have rotations on a Med-Surg floor for 5 wks, telemetry unit 5 wks, and 5 wks on an ICU step down unit.Will have Specialties (OB, Peds,Mental Health) approx. 5 weeks each,next semester.
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    We don't have blocks like most programs do, we have a different clinical each day of the week. This quarter I have Psych, OB, and med/surg. Next quarter I have Med/Surg II, Peds, and Community Health.
  6. by   New CCU RN
    We spent each semester (around 15 weeks) in an area. The first year of the program was prereq and then applying into the nursing major. We started with Fundamentals (yes our first sem of nursing we had clinicals) where we were in a nursing home once a week, second semester we did Med Surg 1 .... m/s unit twice a week and we did a month also in homecare. 3rd sem was Psych twice a week, 4th sem was OB/Peds.... once a week for each for the sem, 5th sem was Med/Surg 2 and research spent twice a week either in M/S, ER, CICU, MICU (the critical care units were observational primarily) for the semester. Last semester we had clinical four days a week. It was management/community health.....did various things. Half of the semester two of the days were on a M/S unit again and then the other was with a RNM. The other two days were the comm health days which one of them was doing home health the other was in some sort of clinic...I was in a peds clinic. That sem was very tiring.... anyhow all in all we spent well over 1500 hrs in clinicals.
  7. by   essarge
    med surg I (geriatrics), med/surg II in hospital on med/surg floor, med surg III critical care. Along with each one of these goes with it...ob/gyn first, peds second, and psych third. I'm in a four year program which is great because our clinicals are for a whole semester. We do have observations along the way which include L&D, OR, and ER. I already work in the ER so it's hard to go from tech to student nurse, but at least I know everyone!!
  8. by   delirium
    Hold on, let me think back.

    Semester I: Geriatrics and intro to med/surg
    Semester II: Med/surg, community health (dr's office, school nursing, home health/hospice), OB/nursery
    Semester III: Psych, ICU/ER, OR/PACU, med/surg/tele
    Semester IV: med/surg/tele, more ICU/ER, community (hospice, school nursing, home health care), senior practicum

    We don't have a specific pedi rotation, but we get pedi experience in med/surg and community nursing.
  9. by   memphispanda
    First semester is mostly lab, with about 3 weeks of clinical on a med/surg floor to practice doing beds, baths, and assessments. After that it's
    *Med/surg 15 weeks
    *med/surg 6 weeks psych 6 weeks (or psych then med/surg depending on which group you are in)
    *Peds 6 weeks OB 6 weeks (or vice versa)
    *Critical care and management 15 weeks

    Each semester has additional clinical experiences outside those mentioned such as a week of cancer care, home health, hospice, etc, and there also are weeks that are lab only in addition to the above mentioned weeks.
  10. by   KatieBelle
    1st semester- Med Surg 1 and 2
    2nd Semester- OB/GYN- PEDI
    3rd Semester- Critical Care/ER
    4th Semester- Leadership and Community

    I am in a BSN program
  11. by   StudentRN
    We had the first semester in the good old nursing home (16 weeks) now this semester it's med/sug for 16 weeks, but it kinda depend on who you got for an instuctor and what hospital your at. I ended up with a 2 year instuctor that is filling in and I am on a clean gynie and ortho floor so I think I am missing out compared to the people who got the county hospital. The next 2 semester are broken into 5 week sessions including Cardiac, OB, Psyc, ped's, ortho, and neuro...we also have little one day OR visits, endo lab visit, home health visits, rehab visit...I think there is a few more that I can't remember.