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I am at a community college right now getting all of my general ed. and prerequisits done and I was wondering a few things about clinicals. How many days a week are they and do you have clinicals... Read More

  1. by   BoonersmomRN
    I start in January. My schedule for the 1rst semester looks like this.

    Lecture- Classroom- Monday- 8:00-2:30
    Tues/Wed Clinical ( starting week 5) 9-1
    Thurs- Skills Lab 9:30- 12
    Friday- OFF

    Semester #2 clinicals lengthen to 7-3 and the same for semester 3
    Semester #4 clinicals are 7-7
  2. by   veggiegarden
    1st semester-clinical 1 day/wk (8 hr shifts)
    2nd sem-2 days/wk (8-9 hr shifts)
    3rd sem-3 days/wk (uncertain..?)
    4th sem-3-4 days/wk (at least a couple 12 hr shifts)
  3. by   skyyhiflygirl
    I know that the state boards of nursing determine the minimum number of hours that you are required to have in clinicals. The schools set their own schedules. Currently my program uses a 2 day a week clinical schedule, with the clinical days getting longer and longer each semester.
  4. by   hdorsey
    I have clininals 2x's/week. I had ob on tues & psych on thursday. I think other schools have 7 1/2 weeks for one rotation and 7 1/2 weeks for another rotation, mine are two @ a time. Yes, clinicals are the whole time @ my school- a BSN program.
  5. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    I just finished the first semester of an ADN program. We do 2 classes per semester, 8 weeks each. As far as the 2 Fundamentals classes I've taken so far, we spent more time in the lab than we did in the hospital. My first semester schedule was:

    Mon - 9a-12n Fundamentals lecture, 1-3p Pharmacology (then to the hospital to pick up patient assignments if we were in the hospital that week)
    Tu/We - 830a-2p if in the lab, 630a-2p if in the hospital
    Thu - Off
    Fri - 9a-12n Fundamentals lecture

    Next semester is a little different. The lecture schedule is M/F 9a-12n for the first half of the semester (GI/GU), and 1230-330p the second half. Clinicals for the first half are 630a-630p on Wed, 2nd half (Psych) is Tu/Wed 9a-4p. If not mistaken, all of my rotations after that will be a 1-day/12 hour clinical per week.

    So, as you can see, it varies greatly, not just by school, but according to the semester you are in.
  6. by   GPatty
    We have clinical 2 days per week.
  7. by   JR816
    My RN program first semester had only 4 clinical days. They were from 6:30-4:00. Next semester, we will have clinicals on Tue and Wed 6:30-4:00 and class on Thurs. I am lookin gforward to being in the hospital.