Clinical uniform for school - page 5

I thought it would be nice to hear what everyones clinical uniform looks like:chuckle My school wears a bright green snap down top,with white pants and a yucky patch. we have to buy the top and... Read More

  1. by   AML09RN
    From what I gather, ours is white scrub pants, a red scrub top with the school's initials and nursing student embroidered in white on it. Nothing too fancy, but yet, I can only imagine how much they'll charge for it.
  2. by   RNisme
    We get a white pants suit - elastic waist pants, and a zip up tunic, with the school patch on the upper arm. Women can opt for the dress, but I don't think anyone does. White shoes and white socks or hose. I've never felt so bland in my life.
    I guess because we have to be recognized as students, and we do clinicals in different setting, which all have their own colors.
  3. by   Cammie895
    Our uniform is a white scrub top and royal blue scrub pants...lots of pockets on both which I'm sure will come in handy. We have to sew a patch on our left sleeve. It's not so bad looking as far as scrubs/uniforms go. Could have been much worse. I know I'll be proud to finally start wearing it this fall.
  4. by   Cammie895
    Quote from Linz8
    Just the normal, no thongs, no tattoos, no dangly jewelry, one ring, no fingernail polish and hair must be shorn or put up.
    They really said no thongs? Why is it any of their business what sort of underwear one prefers? I'm curious as to how they might go about enforcing such a rule, lol.