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Third semester nursing student interested in critical care.

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  1. I'll preface this by saying I'm a very lucky woman! Alright, I have an interview scheduled at 2:30 with HR at a nearby hospital (Hospital A). Initially, I thought I really wanted to work at this hospital because of their new grad pay rates, insuranc...
  2. Any New Grads finding it hard to find a job here in KY?

    Nope! Actually I was surprised at how fast I was offered a job. I applied for a position on Wednesday night, was called by HR Thursday afternoon, interviewed Tuesday, and got an offer today. It's unreal.
  3. starting nurse salaries

    In Owensboro the approx. start rate for new grad rn's is currently $19.21/hr with a 10% shift diff from 3-11, a 12% shift diff from 11p-7a, and an extra dollar for weekends. A hospital in Bowling Green pays approx. $20.14/hr for new grads with a 13% ...
  4. Hi all! Currently I'm a 4th semester ADN student in KY. I should be Andrea, RN in June. After reading some of the posts, I'm kinda discouraged about even attempting to get a job as an RN in the Atlanta area. Granted, I'm not planning on moving until...
  5. How many tests have you taken so far??

    We started classes on August 18th. So far we've had 3 exams, 3 observation papers due, and a careplan, h & p, patho paper due. Mine was over 10 pages and some of my classmates' were longer than that. In addition, the first three weeks of class we...
  6. What wakes you up in the morning?

    The days I have clinical, I have to be at the hospital around 0640 since we begin at 0645. I have a 40 minute commute then a 5 minute walk from the student parking lot to the hospital. All that has me waking up around 0500 to eat a bowl of cereal, ge...
  7. How do you know you've done enough

    I answer questions....lots and lots of questions. It has been especially helpful in med surg. Even though the questions may be harder or easier than the material presented in class, they allow me to think. That, in turn, prompts me to look over my no...
  8. Nursing School Graduation Percentages

    Check out your state's board of nursing website. In Kentucky, on KBN's website they have a link to the previous year NCLEX pass rates broke down by each college/university. Here's a link to the file:
  9. Getting called off

    It seems during the summer there are a lot more "low census" days in the hospital setting. The weather's nice, people are busy, etc. People either aren't getting sick or and aren't scheduling procedures during this time. This also happens during the ...
  10. This year I'm really going to work toward keeping my stress level to a minimum. I'll do this by: 1) Utilizing my Wii Fit. I love the step aerobics and hula hooping. 2) Not letting assignments sit around 'til the last minute. 3) Enjoying the time I sp...
  11. The little things no one tells you!

    Oh how true that is! You may get a calendar outlining what subjects you're covering and when you're doing it, but believe me, it'll change. You have to be flexible as far as your schedule is concerned and not whine about it.
  12. Nurse Pactitioner Salary?

    try If you click on the salaries tab, then type in the job title, and area it will give you an estimated salary.
  13. The little things no one tells you!

    Be prepared to stand around sometimes at clinical. You can't MAKE someone need an IV, catheter, shot, or whatever. While you're at the clinical location, make the best of the situation but don't expect to have a full day of "work."
  14. How far into NS do you begin Clinicals?

    In my first semester we started clinicals after our fall break which was around October 13th (we began class August 20th-ish). Second semester, we started class January 14th, and began clinicals the first week of February. Now in our third semester w...
  15. What specialties are you considering??

    Most days I'm not sure where I'd like to go. I keep hoping I'll get a better idea of what I'll like as my time in NS goes on. But some areas I'm considering are: ER, telemetry, or cardiac stepdown. I KNOW that I don't want anywhere near: Mother/Baby,...