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  1. So I am curious, I am just about done with first semester clinical in the LTC setting. I thought it was a great time. Where do you all get to go for your second semester clinicals?
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  3. by   pappa22v
    I think that depends on your program.
  4. by   emmjayy
    It definitely depends on the program! I have never done LTC, first semester I was on an ortho floor and a cardiac floor. Second semester was med-surg, then OB (L&D/NICU) followed by some time on a pediatric unit.
  5. by   Shawn91111
    First semester was a LTC facility, the second semester and throughout are hospitals for my program
  6. by   mindofmidwifery
    My school's second semester is med-surg so a general hospital floor as well as OB (L&D and postpartum) for three weeks
  7. by   Quota
    My first semester was med/surg on a cardiac telemetry. Second semester we'll do 5 week rotations between peds, OB, and psych. Over the summer we do preceptorships, units to be determined.
  8. by   Lipoma
    Definitely program specific. Some of my classmates went to LTC while I never did during my first semester.
    I'm doing Psych, Cardiac/Heart Failure, and Med-Surg during my second semester.
  9. by   OsceanSN2019
    My spring semester will be OB and Medsurg. My first semester was on a Oncology/Surgical floor.
  10. by   new gal
    I know its all program dependent. I like to hear where other people are going though. Cardiac would be so neat!
  11. by   AnLe
    Oncology, med-surg, behavioral hospital, oncology&ace unit (elderly individuals), pedi floor, OB/L&D/nursery/NICU, ICU/ER/PCU, and finally the final semester depends on your previous exams. OB, pedi, ICU, ER are places where you can go if you meet the criteria. Everyone else usually goes to a medsurg or ortho floor.

    I would've liked to have done clinical in a LTC facility.