1. I hope clinicals are going well for all of you...

    ~Which clinical area have you liked the best, why?

    ~Which clinical area have you like the least, why?

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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    Clinicals this semester have been great... Paperwork sucks, but the clinical themselves are good...

    Area I like the best.... Hmm I would have to say Ortho, but probably only b/c I work on that floor

    Area I like the worst.... Hmm I would have to say Oncology... Nurses were rude, floor of doom and gloom
  4. by   maeyken
    I've only had 2 clinical placements so far, but I liked my 2nd one best.

    1st term I was on a gyne surg floor- it was ok, but there seemed like nothing to do and the nurses were ok, but basically saw us as being useless students (at least that was the feeling we got) Not that they were mean, they just seemed to ignore us.

    2nd term I was on a medical floor. More interesting b/c most pts had many medical problems... also the nurses were great- always explaining things, etc. "anyone wanna watch us do a suction dressing on a pressure ulcer?" it was great! I also found the pts more interesting.
  5. by   pokey sn
    Hi Daisy! I am currently in my second semester of my program. I think the best clinical so far has been the OB rotation. I got a chance to see a cesearean in the OR. ABSOLUTELY loved it! The nurses were excellent, the staff in the OR were also great. They reinforced alot of the classroom theories. One nurse practioner in particular, when suctioning the newborn, emphasized respiratory distress s/s. Right now I'm in Psych. Don't care for it much. Too much having to watch your back and talk alot. Also no hands on and no touching I like the clinicals when you can touch your patient. I'm looking forward to next semester med surg! How about you? Bye
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    Next semester... MY LAST ONE!!!!!!!!!!! I have my Psych, ICU and Pediatrics..... WOOHOO..

    19 more weeks of Nursing school then I am DONE
  7. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I have no doubts that you had little to do on the gyne surg floor... all those women, probably mothers... not used to being waited on! I was on 'that' floor once myself... never wanted to pester the poor nurses... I was okay. Why didn't I let myself get pampered?!
  8. by   daisy16
    thanks for responding
  9. by   inodou
    I am getting ready to go into my first semester of nursing, I can't wait for clinicals.