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I've read a lot of posts on here where people have mentioned other students in their classes forming cliques, spreading gossip, passing notes in class, etc. Is this just the younger students who just... Read More

  1. by   Eirene
    don't worry-- you'll be fine!

    you'll be too busy to even notice the cliques. i treat everyone the way i want to be treated and haven't had any issues.

    good luck!
  2. by   southernbelle08
    Oh yeah, there is definitely drama but the best thing is to just ignore it. Small groups form - you tend to be drawn to people you are placed in groups with and people you spend the majority of your time with such as your clinical group, that is just natural. Drama comes from all ages and all different people, and it is your decision to get involved or not. If you ignore it, you'll do just fine.
  3. by   NurseJeanB
    There are cliques, but we try our best to be positive and treat everyone in a friendly and open manner. There were group projects last quarter that were 25% of the grade in class and boy was there major drama. Luckily our group worked well and avoided it, but the other groups, it got so bad that the teachers had to intervene and cool everyone off. There were so many people with hurt feelings and not talking to each other. There was even a big blow up in the quad. Of course, the flip side is one group tried so hard to not offend any of the members that they settled for less than an average grade. We had one of the smaller groups so I think that helped us avoid some of the drama. At first we were thinking that we would each have more to do and that would be to our disadvantage, but some of the groups that had twice as many people had the most trouble.
  4. by   MLMRN1120
    Wow I must've gotten lucky with my class...Our section has about 30 students and there have not been any problems throughout this past semester. Right before Halloween (and our 2nd exam), one classmate invited everyone to a "get to know each other/study" type thing, which was great. After that, everyone kind of stuck together, I think our section is the greatest, because I have heard stories about other classes in the program. Hopefully, everyone will realize that we're all in the same boat and look out for one another. For those who feel the need to cause trouble? I would follow the advice of others on here and ignore them, just focus on your own education!:spin:

    :Ball: Can't wait til Christmas!!!
  5. by   StudentNurseAbby
    I haven't noticed that recently, there are only 14 of us left though. I think when were were a bigger class [42] that it happened more often, more so with those just coming out of high school. I'm not trying to discriminate against people of a certain age, I just think that behavior continues until they get used to a more adult environment.
  6. by   akspudus
    In my nursing class in Miami, I am one of five people that were born in the United a class of 90ish students. 90ish because I am not sure how many we lost this semester. Everyone else is from somewhere else. Now, toss in that I am a white male...and you can guess that I am my own
    Honestly though, there are various "groups" in my class....but they are not inclusive nor exclusive. The class is made up of a good age cross section from 19 to 40 something. There are the crazy Jamaicans...the funky Russians...Cubans...Venezuelans...Dominicans...Hai tians...Pakistani...Israeli (who is best friends with the Iranian)...Chinese (our Nursing Math Whiz)...Korean...gosh you name the region...we have someone that represents. Its kinda kewl. But the even more amazing thing is that we all are "Nursing Students". All in the same boat...working towards similar goals....and that is the overriding attitude of most people in school. We help each other out...and have had some fun with our differences. We even had a luncheon were we all had to bring some type of food from our ethnic background.

    Now, during was a different story. Very clicky..and very divided...down racial or ethnic lines...almost scary. But, for the most part...the instigators of those attitudes were weeded out just by the merit based application system for for my nursing school.

  7. by   nurz2be
    There is a saying, "Where 2 or more women are gathered...there shall be gossip." LOL. Listen, the quickest way to MAKE yourself miserable is to sit at the lunch table and listen to what Sally said Sarah saw Julie do in the back of Monica's car. Go to class, do what you gotta do, find a solid study group, go home do the family thing and move forward. It is kinda like high school. Remember how important those people seemed to be and those are the same people you haven't spoken to in 15 + years, YEP same concept. I am polite and courteous and help when I can, but I CHOOSE to sit alone at lunch, I CHOOSE not to listen about Sally and her inability to make her grades, and most importantly I CHOOSE not to play "high school" games. I am an adult going into a profession that needs adults. Hang out with yourself, you are your own best company.
  8. by   kukukajoo
    Holy Moly! That is a HUGE rate of those not passing/withdrawing! Is that averaage for your school? We began year one with 16 and ALL passed year one. 2 of those withdrew early in semester 3 and the remaining 14 are doing well. We had 8 come into our program at beg. of year 2 and still there (LPN to RN attendees).

    Quote from StudentNurseAbby
    I haven't noticed that recently, there are only 14 of us left though. I think when were were a bigger class [42] that it happened more often, more so with those just coming out of high school. I'm not trying to discriminate against people of a certain age, I just think that behavior continues until they get used to a more adult environment.
  9. by   locolorenzo22
    It's part of "group" dynamics....part of being a professional means learning how to deal with people you may not get along with....I personally have a few students that I do NOT like....I will be friendly to them and explain concepts if I'm asked a question...but I don't go there trying to seek them out....
    "cliques" are just finding those people you seek out with and keep you up, instead of trying to drag you down.....we all do it, some are just better at ignoring it than others....
    Keep your head up and study hard....but not so hard you forget how to have fun and make friends...some of us are already talking about CABO for vacation next year...LOL wouldn't that be fun? I personally plan to try to make a effort to do a 1 or 2 month lunch for the first year so we can blow off steam and keep our heads up about being NURSES!!!!
    The ones who kept to themselves never seemed to get the ideas when they needed help, and then they didn't know who to ask.....just my .02
  10. by   justme1972
    I am glad we don't have any of this at our school. We have one or two students that are a little snippy and rude, but I just stay away from them. One girl, was behind points going into the final, so I don't know if she made it or not. Another one is a top student, and I think that is where she gets her 'attitude' from.

    Everyone else, is big on helping each other. My unofficial NS partner and I teamed up with this mother/daughter group for a paper, and I we have decided that we will NEVER do anything with them again...they almost cost us a very important grade on a paper because they just thought any old thing on APA would work.
  11. by   allieshannon
    we see this at our school also. as mentioned earlier everyone has clique's but some are better than others. some just happen to be together b/c they study well and have similiar schedules. they are also usually the ones who open thier group to anyone who wants to come study. we have a few groups who are very imature. not so much gossiping as always being loud in class. always playing around and taking their time at everything. they act pretty childish and are often the one's struggling at the end of the semester to pass. secondly, they are usually very negative. it is not their fault they struggle, the instructer didn't like them or was extra hard on them, they had all the wrong patients ect. i have found that our instructers pick up on these people and it is best to stay away. stay with a positive group! miserary loves company.. don't be a part of it!
  12. by   aparsonsmomof3
    I think that this type of behavior is everywhere when more than two women are together. I worked for a national housecleaning company for many years and all of the workers were women. They formed little groups and boy was there some gossip and backstabbing going on!! I got through it my being friendly with every single employee and not participating in the gossip talk. When they tried to include me in the gossip...I just quietly walked away and never said anything. I worked with these women 40 hours a week and I did not want my time there to be miserable. I would not participate in there gabfests, yet I didn't keep to myself either. I made it a point to personally greet each worker every day and helped them when they needed it. This type of behavior earned me Employee of The Year or runner up every single year I was voted for the award...not the management or owners.

    I figure that if I could charm the pants off of 30 rough women. And believe other people's houses really toughen you up...I could do the same with thirty nursing students. So good. I haven't started yet...January start date, Yahoo! But, during Orientation, I made it a point to greet every person there, introduce myself, ask them who they were, repeat their name, and say that I was glad to meet them. These actions rewarded me with goodbye's from every single student as we left Orientation. Not everyone said goodbye, but all the students said goodbye to me.

    These ladies and gentlemen are going to spend an awful lot of time with me over the next 2 years. I'm going to need these people to help me through the program. First impressions are really important. I hope that the first impression my fellow students got of me was that I'm friendly and approacheable and not standoffish. If I keep to myself and not ever say anything...this may give them the impression that I may think I'm above them...not good...this would just set me up for being the next victim of the gossipmongers!

    I'm sorry that my post is so long guys. I make it shorter next time, promise.:spin:
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  13. by   GeauxNursing
    Quote from Asklepios
    I've read a lot of posts on here where people have mentioned other students in their classes forming cliques, spreading gossip, passing notes in class, etc. Is this just the younger students who just got out of high school doing all this nonsense? It sounds so juvenile. I'm in my 30s and will be starting NS this fall and I cannot afford to get caught up in those kinds of distractions.

    What is everyones' experience with this type of behavior? Also, do those who act like this usually become the ones who struggle and fail the course?
    actually no. the ones who were talking s%^t and trying to make me feel bad for getting A's are actually in their 30's and 40;s. 'tis a shame. but as time went on this semester, lots of the drama stopped. except with the whiners, who will forever be blaming someone else for the wrongs committed against them! lol