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Hey yall! Just wondering if there are any of us out there still working on pre-reqs - hopeful nursing graduates of 2006? Roll call! :) I'm the 26yo mama of two boys (5yrs and 18mos). I... Read More

  1. by   AmyLiz
    Yeah, you have fall, winter, spring & summer quarters. I think 3 quarters = 2 semesters. Not too bad. You can take as many credits per quarter as you want, really. When I was getting my bachelors I averaged 16 credits per quarter. Sometimes as much as 17 or 18, but usually more like 15-16. Now I'm going part-time & am only taking 7-10 credits per quarter.
  2. by   cangel14
    It looks like I'll be graduating in 2006 or so. I'm in my 3rd year of school for my bachelor's in nursing and I'm taking my last prerequisite for the nursing program. Then the nursing program itself is about 2 years, so I'll be starting that in the fall of 2004 and hopefully graduating in the spring of 2006.
  3. by   fnimat1
    Well, it looks like I'm going to tough it out and stay in my A & P 2 course. The professor is terrible, and the majority of the class are whiners....but hey, I'm going to have to deal with the same type of people in my nursing program. I hope I make it!!!!!

  4. by   AmyLiz
    fatima, you sure you're not in my A&P II class? hahaha! I swear, I'm in the same boat. The instructor stinks & 95% of the class are all whiners. I'm getting a B in there, which irritates me, but it's better than most of the folks are doing in that class. There are a few people in there that I am PRAYING are not in my nursing classes (whenever I get in). I think I'd rather stick a fork in my eye than have to deal with them for 2 years.
  5. by   manna

    I think I'm dropping out of the pre-nursing race, guys. I don't know what I'm changing my major to, but I'm just terrified to keep on.

    My husband got the job he so desperately wanted. He'll be moving cross-state in January, and I and the kids will probably follow him this summer if all goes well.

    My husband's new job is a GREAT opportunity, but for the rest of his career with this company he'll be required to work mostly evenings and nights (they do pest elimination for hospitals, restaurants, etc - all after "business hours") ... I can't see he and I both being able to work at night, by the time I graduate my youngest will only be around 5 years old, and when living there I won't have family near enough to watch them for me if we both have to work evenings.

    Oh well, now off to figure what to do with my life... good luck everybody.
  6. by   AmyLiz
    hmmm. Well, maybe when the kids are in school you'll be able to return to school if you still want to.

    Good luck with the move & your husbands job though! Keep in touch :kiss
  7. by   manna
    Originally posted by AmyLiz
    hmmm. Well, maybe when the kids are in school you'll be able to return to school if you still want to.

    Good luck with the move & your husbands job though! Keep in touch :kiss
    Thanks Amy... it's really not a matter of how to handle the kids now, during the day... I work full-time, so they've both been in daycare since they were about 2 months old... it's just what would happen if I had to work nights, and my husband had to work nights -daycares aren't open, and I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable leaving even two junior-high age boys home alone.
  8. by   marilynmom
    Oh Manna I hate to hear that

    I am glad though that your husband has a great job--that really is cool.

    I hope if you really want to be a nurse though that you wont give up but if not you will find something else to be passionate about and you will do GREAT no matter what!

  9. by   marilynmom
    Do you not think you could get a nursing job during the day though? There are so many jobs out there and they can't possible be ALL for nights!

  10. by   AmyLiz
    You might want to check around once you move. Some places do offer 24 hour "daycare" for children. I just saw a news report on Discovery Health channel about it.
  11. by   Dublin37
    Gosh manna, I'm gonna miss you! There are a lot of nursing jobs out there for day shifts too. Esp. surgery centers, OP care, home care etc. Maybe I am missing the problem. The nursing program is all day time isn't it? Good luck whatever you do. Follow your passion. Heather :kiss
  12. by   agent
    i was wondering where manna went to.

    How's everyone else doing?
  13. by   manna
    I'm still here.... still pondering. I actually sent in my application for the BSN program today. I've decided not to move cross-state with my husband. Tough decision, but for now I can't afford to give up my job, plus I have too great a family support system in place here in case I do go to school... for nursing or something else.

    Now I just have five more pre-reqs to get out of the way, and hopefully if I get into this BSN program (same one I had originally planned on applying to), I'll be able to afford to go... if I don't get in, I suppose I'll take that as a sign. LOL

    Have yall signed up for spring classes yet?

    So far my schedule is looking like this... Gen Chem I w/lab, American Lit I and Intro to Philosophy all online, then Fitness Walking and Horseback Riding (my two activity courses LOL) on M/W afternoons. I've still got my full-time job too, and will be something of a single mom with my husband gone... think I'm aiming a bit too high? LOL