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  1. The class average for my Nursing Fundamentals has me just a little worried. I know that other programs have class averages of low 80's as well but I'm worried about my peers and myself. We just had our 3rd exam in Fundamentals. I got an 86% and my class average was an 82%. Seeing as a 73% is the cut off for passing, I think the averages seem a little too close to not passing for my comfort. I always thought that if the class average was that low that the teacher wasn't conveying the information right. In Fundamentals, alot of the stuff on our exam is really more critical thinking based than fact based, which is how I hear the NCLEX-RN is formatted as well. I have no issues with this format but what I do have issues with is the fact that critical thinking was never taught to us. I have developed reasonable critical thinking skills on my own through my job and through taking psychology classes, but I feel like they're not really teaching us anything. I know critical thinking is something that's hard to teach, but I feel it would benefit my class greatly in the future.

    I feel like I'm just babbling here but does anyone else out there think that as future nurses we should be getting higher grades? I know I'm not satisfied if I get a C because then I know less than 79% of the material. I'll forget more over time and even if a C gets me through nursing school, what happens when I'm on a unit and a patient or doc depends on me knowing my stuff?
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  3. by   Conrad283
    Quote from dolcebellaluna
    I know I'm not satisfied if I get a C because then I know less than 79% of the material.
    If you know less than 79% of the material that means you know 21% of the material. Don't worry, I know what you meant

    Throughout nursing school, the teachers are "weeding" out the weaker students. This is to keep people safe. Who would want someone who knows some stuff taking care of them? Unfortunately that's the way it is.
  4. by   pinkiepie_RN
    If you know less than 79% of the material that means you know 21% of the material. Don't worry, I know what you meant
    . I'm not sure I follow. I think I see what you're getting at and perhaps I worded it weird.
  5. by   AnnaN5
    All of our exams are also NCLEX based. They teach us the topics and it is up to us to learn the information so we can actually apply it & not just regurgitate facts back. I wouldn't be too worried about a class average of 82%. Our class average is usually around 86% (76% is passing) and we have been told our class averages are higher than "normal".

    If people are truly not learning the material than unfortunately they will find this out when they fail the NCLEX. As time progresses you will see more of the big picture. In fundamentals I didn't feel like I could put all the information together but now we are almost done and it's much easier to put the pieces together & exams are much easier.
  6. by   Gauge
    You should feel lucky, a C in my nursing school is an 84 and they aren't happy unless the class average on a test is 80 or below. Lets just say they like to ween us out.
  7. by   nphan2
    the program I am in states that the lowest passing rate is 80%... I wish our cut-off was 73%
  8. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Thanks guys! I guess I just really worry about my grades now because it's been an adjustment. I'm not used to working so hard for Bs and Cs, you know?
  9. by   MB37
    Our class average is usually about 84%, which is the cutoff for the lowest B (75 is passing). However, pretty much everyone that I know passes (we've lost one guy, but he dropped out - health problems and I think his grades were borderline). Your % in class isn't really a reflection of how much material you have learned, but rather of how you can apply it to these tricky NCLEX-style questions. If you only get a day or two a week in clinical, it can be hard to learn to apply it all from a book/lecture. It doesn't really mean that you really only know 80% of your stuff, but you may have prioritized wrong, or not stopped and read the questions as thoroughly as you should have. I think there's a problem when th class average is consistently below failing.