Cave and Quit or Do and Die? Help!

  1. Ever found your goal in life that you wanted more than anything? I received it and believed I was the most blessed person on the planet. It seems this dream has slipped through my fingers so fast, when in reality its been a little over 8 months. I have clinched my fist hoping to catch the last bit of rope to find only a nub of chance.

    I am failing nursing school.

    When I received my acceptance letter, I fell to my knees crying and overjoyed; I knew it was meant to be. Overdramatized? Maybe, but I had worked so long and hard for this opportunity.

    Trying to explain this to anyone not in nursing school (i.e. parents & "outsider" friends) is practically impossible. Despite that my parents are worried, but want what is best for me and believe I know what that is. Which I am in completely limbo about.

    At my school's program, they raised the grading scale for the new incoming juniors (my class) to a 75 is passing and 74 is failing. But that is not an overall score, all exam grades have to at least total a 74... No matter if your consider to be passing the corse.
    Oh, and no rounding or curves. P.P.S. 2nd semester is our absolute hardest.

    Currently my scores follow:
    Aging: Overall 83% Exam grade 78%
    Current standing = Passing, but a 10% final remains

    Pharm: 63.95% Exam grade 60%
    Not passing, but over 25% of the course remains...still unlikely though. Nor do I feel safe giving meds, assuming I did pass. This teacher and course has been a train wreck.

    Chronic (Med Surg): Overall 82.98% Exam grade 66.6% (Superstitious much?)
    Not passing, a 15% exam IV remains along with a 15% non-ati final. Basically, I'd have to make a 100 on the 4th exam to pass.

    Chronic Clinical: 87.69% Not really sure if this is combined grade or not, either way not helpful. Nonetheless, passing.

    Mental Health: Overall 71% Exam 71%
    This teacher is always behind, 4 months in and that score is based of off only 2 exams total. >45% of the course remains but still, not passing.

    All together I am not passing 3 of my courses, in my program failing 2 course in a semester equates in failing the program without a 2nd chance next spring. There are tons of mindless projects due in the next 3 weeks and none of them will help improve my exam scores, only distract.

    "These are the facts, they are undisputed." -- Just lightening the mood.

    So for those of you still reading... What would you do? I have hyperventilated twice and cried so many times I've lost count. This semester has made me bitter and depressed. Yet, as my father reminded me: I have made numerous friends and found the love of my life, whom is now my fianc. Why regret taking a chance? My once known dream has become my unknown. Dropping out would not be an absolute end to my becoming a nurse or even holding a bachelors degree, I will simply regroup and find a new route.

    Many of my teachers informed me they dropped out and became LVNs, then worked their way up. The biggest thing I will miss is my patients, I loved all of them. I have lost track of the hugs, thank you's, and general encouragement from these complete strangers; they are honestly what has gotten me thus far.

    Stay or go? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Encouragement? ... Rotten tomatoes?
    I simply need some experienced nurses input, people who understand my embarrassment, broken heart, and indecision. Thank you all in advance!
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  3. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    OK, so the bottom line is that you need to pick which course you are going to let go. Pick the two courses (out of the three that you are currently failing) that you stand the best chance of passing and focus on those. To repeat myself, let the other one go! I know this is counter-intuitive, but it will keep you in the game. I know it's a hard call, but NS is a marathon, not a sprint. You can only finish the marathon if you keep putting one foot in front of the other. Focus on passing what you can and keep moving forward.

    Don't let one failure define your academic career. Keep pushing forward. Good luck!
  4. by   Sparrow91
    I would say try your best and complete what classes you are able to with the best grades you can muster. If you end up failing out it will look better on a transcript to see that you tried and failed a class than to pull out of it when you are nearly done with the class. This is what I have been told by an instructor (not in nursing but none the less). It shows commitment which is what schools look for in potential students. Good Luck to you!
  5. by   HouTx
    Your father is a very wise man.

    I know that many on this forum will encourage you to push ahead - try and try again. But, I am sure that your father would also encourage you to avoid 'throwing good money after bad'.. don't keep investing (time, energy & money) into what may never be "right" for you, especially when a nursing career is not associated with the secure, rosy future that it once represented.

    Regret is pretty much a useless waste of emotion. You need to decide how you want to go forward. Nursing school is not for everyone. If your ideal future includes some sort of helping profession, there are many ways to do this. Many of them may be much better choices for you. FYI, there are very few "hugs" in nursing. We don't get positive feel-good interactions and thanks from patients - external rewards are very few and far between.
  6. by   babsy28
    This is not meant to be mean or nasty just some hard core reality from someone that's been in the same position as you.

    I had a rough (and thats putting it mild) first semester. I went from a 4.0 to failing 2 classes and on the line with my other 3. I decided that it wasnt the right time for me to go back to school and withdrew (rather than failing out). It's so much easier to quit than to work. BIG mistake. I knew I wanted to be a nurse but I wasnt putting 100% in and thats why I was failing. To make a long story short it took me 3 years of classes and more butts kissed than I even knew where in the Department to get re-accepted into the program. Not to mention 6 semesters of classes that did nothing more than give me 2 minors (which I didn't want). At $12grand a semester I dont even want to tell anyone my loan amounts out of utter shame.

    Moral of the story: 1) If you want it you have to work for it. Nursing isn't like any other program. I dont know of one single nursing program that curves, rounds or gives brownie points. They are all about getting what you earn. Period.
    Grades are directly proportionate to the amount of work/studying you put in. If you want it more than anything else in your life than do the work and you can pull yourself up.
    2) Fact-The pain and frustration will be replaced with pride and accomplishment when you work past the hard parts and succeed.

    No one can tell you what to do, you need to make the choice. BUT you need to know it's all or nothing. Everything gets put on the back burner (BF, parties, sleep, chats on the phone w/ your BFF ect...). If you want it bad enough you will succeeded, if you are doing it half hearted you will only make yourself miserable. If you dont want to be a nurse thats fine, you wont be the first or the last person to realize nursing isn't for you. Change majors and open a spot for someone that really wants to be there.
  7. by   LittleMissRedRaider
    Thanks for the advise everyone. I know it has been several months, but this is what it has taken me to muster the strength to even face my old words...

    I stuck it out in the program and I did fail two classes. It was hard. I cried. My favorite teacher hugged me for a whole 5 minutes while I tried to keep quite as others tested, then I walked out of the building for the last time. I hyperventilated in my car and cried for a week straight. Even now I still cry as all my classmates prepare for graduation next spring.

    My world was over but I am trying to rebuild it. My bf proposed and we are getting married next June. This whole last year I thought I was getting exactly what I wanted, which I was, just it was getting marriage license not not my nursing license. At this point I am not sure if I will return to nursing. My heart for it is on the mend. Once my dust settles I will re-evalute and look again.

    Thank you everyone for your advise. I am hurt but I am proud I tried.
  8. by   twigszoo
    I'm so sorry to hear that I hope and trust that you will find your path soon enough and take a lot of joy from it. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
  9. by   kp1987
    You can do anything you set your mind to. I had a hard time with one of my biology classes I failed it 4 times. I even have to ask for special permission to take it the fourth time but I was determined to get the 67% and I worked hard and now all my grades are amazing! If its your dream then keep working at it until you get it. You might fail but do it again and again until you pass. Nursing is not easy but you can do it