Cause for a major ice cream sundae!!!

  1. O.K., well my news isn't as good as being accepted into nursing school, or nearly as good as some of you who are finishing up (AND A BIG CONGRATS TO ALL IN THESE TWO CATEGORIES FROM ME TO YOU !!!!) but it's a really good piece of news for me...
    I just got an email from my online medical terminology instructor, saying that only 2 of us have over 100% in the class (because of extra credit) so we are EXCUSED from taking the final exam next week!!!

    YIPPEEEEEE!! Now I only have 1 to take on Monday and I'm out for a whole glorious week before intercession starts (pharmacology in 3 weeks, ouch!!)

    I'd say that's cause for a huge baskin robbins sundae!!

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  3. by   peaceful2100
    Yes that is cause for a ice cream sundae (oh that sounds so good right now). That is wonderful news. Congratulations.
  4. by   essarge
    WTG!!! Congrats!!
  5. by   Metron
    Have some ice cream for me too! BR's Maui Browni Madness is the best!!!! Hey, anytime you can get out of a final, that's like a small graduation!!!! Good job!
  6. by   Danielle4
    Congratulations! It sounds like you earned it.
  7. by   MRed94
  8. by   GPatty
    Yep.. I would say you are right.... go get a huge ice cream and eat some for me too, would ya? I still have my final to go on Tuesday!
    Be proud of deserve to be!
  9. by   moni rn
    way to go! :d

    can i still get one of those ice cream sundaes? *lol*