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This website is highly recommended by all my friends if you have problems writing care plans. It is actually a care plan generator, all you do is pick what applies to your patient and out pops a... Read More

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    God bless you all for these sites...I am just starting care plans and can use all the help I can get...ohhhh...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
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    thank you so much for sharing those web sites. they seem pretty helpful!!!
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    Hello all! This is my first time posting. I have just completed my first semester of clinical and found care plans very hard to do .It seemed to take hours of my time and I only had 1 to complete. Next semester I'm told, will contain 2-3 care plans. Any suggsestions on how to better organize my time and speed up the progress? Also are there any sites that have free practice tests r/t clinical?
  5. by   Daytonite
    hi, blackberry4eva. . .i hear the panic in your post. let me put this care planning activity into some perspective for you. it is a nursing skill like any other nursing skill you are learning in your nursing program. the difference is that instead of being a more physical skill, care planning is a thinking, cognitive skill. in writing a care plan you are being asked to put an activity--your thinking--onto paper. our brains process information extremely quickly. our pens, pencils and computer keyboards are a lot slower. also, as a new learner, this is a very new idea to you. you didn't learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels after the first session, did you? and, it's not going to be the same with writing care plans either. care planning is a complex activity that involves many processes that you are putting together. you have to have knowledge of the patient's medical diseases, the likely treatments that the doctor is going to be ordering for them, determining what other problems the patient has, knowledge of nursing fundamentals, knowledge of medications, knowledge of the nursing process and the steps involved, knowledge of the nanda diagnoses and how to prioritize. i may have left a couple of things out, but i think i've included the most important aspects you'll need to know. yes, the first care plans take a lot of time to write. remember, too, that you are learning many lessons from writing these care plans.

    you will find more help with care plan writing on this thread, too:
    you will find help with assessment on this thread:
    i answer a lot of care plan questions. if you want to see them, do a search using the words "nanda" (use lower case letters), "diagnosis", "interventions", or "careplan". those are the fastest ways to pull up lists of care plan threads. i've found that most student questions that are posted are usually concerning determining nursing diagnoses because that is where students get stuck in the process.

    to prepare yourself, i would get a good care plan or nursing diagnosis book and start reading about the nursing process. what i find is that most beginners panic and forget that choosing a nursing diagnosis is based on their abnormal assessment items. part of the problem is that as new nurses it's still hard for students to recognize what is "not normal" in patients. you see it, but it registers so quickly in your brain that you often fail to write it down as a piece of assessment data. this, however, is something that improves with experience and knowledge of diseases.

    unless i am ill or busy with something else in my life, i check the nursing student forums once or twice a day for questions about care planning and usually do a search of all the forums for care plan questions as well. i will always answer a pm (private message). i just realized that the forum no longer prints out other information about us under our screen names. i have been an rn for 30 years and did a lot of care plan writing during that time, in case you were wondering what my qualifications were!

    welcome to allnurses!
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    Could there be a website for independent nursing interventions. Pls. help.
    struggling here.
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    My clinical instructor gave me this web site. Try it!
    RN Central - Where nurses gather on the Web
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    Thank you, Manaig.
    I wonder if there is a careplan for a hospice patient or would it be for the family? Like a case of acute renal failure, probably DNR.
  9. by   Daytonite
    if you go back to post #1 on this thread you will find a link to the gulanick care plan constructor. when you get to that webpage, click on "select a diagnosis" to pull up a list of some of the nursing diagnoses in the constructor. the gulanick sites gives you choices for noc outcomes, nic interventions, the nanda definition of the nursing diagnosis, some information about that particular problem and how it is generally treated, a list of the defining characteristics, a list of related factors, the expected outcomes, what your ongoing assessment should include, therapeutic interventions, patient education and continuity of care. rationales are included for most of the interventions.

    the other free online care plan is the one for the ackley and ladwig nursing diagnosis handbook. here is the link to their website.
    this link currently takes you to a list of the 75 nursing diagnoses in the constructor. it gives you the nanda definition of the nursing diagnosis, a listing of the defining characteristics, a listing of the related factors, suggestions for noc outcomes, listings of nic interventions with rationales for most and research included if there is any, home care interventions, client/family teaching and often a link to a listing of references for the research that is quoted in the rationales. as in their book, nursing interventions with a round bullet in front of them indicate these are independent nursing interventions; those with a triangle indicate these are collaborative nursing interventions. the site, however, is new and still under construction so the way you access these may change as they continue to improve the site.

    romerog. . .when you are doing any care plan you always start with the assessment data you have gathered on your patient in order to determine the problems that need to be addressed by the nurse. someone who is dnr and in hospice has a lot of issues surrounding basic comfort care as well as, perhaps, some emotional issues related to dying. you should also check this thread for more information on care planning: - desperately need help with careplans (in nursing student assistance forum). if you do a search of allnurses using the words "nanda" (use lower case letters) or "diagnosis", you will find many threads on care plan questions that students have asked.
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    thank you!!!! it's hard to find good articles on the net and the articles in our library are almost out of date
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    Thanks!! I Will Be Starting My Nursing Classes In January And This Seems Very Helpful.
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    yeah it is a big help but let us consider that we still have to know the basic and we need to use our NANDA still...
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    I am a newbie who was just excepted into the nursing program and I have bookmarked the sites for the future. Thanks