Can you guys give me an example of a day in the life of a nursing student?

  1. Like a first year nursing student? Just to give me an idea of how my schedule may be when I start soon. Thank you!

    -- Also can you tell me what it was like your first couple of days, what to expect, what to carry with me at all times? What you do to destress? To stay healthy, and fit? Do you stay on campus, or off? How did you work that out?

    Thank you again! xoxo
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  3. by   all517
    Staying healthy and fit has stayed a struggle for me! I tend to lose weight during the year, and sometimes can't seem to get away from energy drinks/running on no sleep. You need to do what works best for you... After my first semester I swore off staying up past 1am studying... It's much better to have a semi-refreshed brain and think through critical concepts than a dead one that stayed up all night! Plus, it will make you feel miserable at clinical the next day.

    A typical week would be:
    Monday class from 8am-4pm. Wake up around 6am (I have to commute), grab dinner on the way back, hit the library until 8. If I have an exam Tuesday... Study group until midnight.
    Tuesday class from 8am-4pm (repeat). Bed by 10 or 11 for clinical Wed,Thurs,Fri. I wake up at 0430 in clinical mornings. Prepare your bag the night before.
    The week changes, sometimes you have a day as a "study day". And each semester changes for us, so level 1 we had class M&Tues, level 2 we had class M&Fri... It all depends.
    Depending if you have an exam Monday or Tuesday... I'd be in the library around 11-5 Saturday and Sunday. It's difficult if you have Thursday and Friday classes, because you're exhausted from clinicals but still have to hit the library after the hospital.

    You go into survival mode. Focus on what you have due the next 2 days, not the whole month. And take some time for yourself!!! You need it to keep you sane After your first semester, you'll develop your own routine and this craziness will become a comforting chaos for you! :-)
  4. by   bubblejet50
    First day u get slammed with your syllabus if you didnt get one at orientation. They outline the amount of projects, reading, and tests. Then we had ice breaker game tgen had lecture over 100 pages of reading. Then it was time for the next

    First year I was at school from 7am-330pm mon-fri. I lived off campus because I was a nontraditional student. I did cry that first week. But it does get better.
  5. by   HopefulNurse2011
    Mon- clinicals 7a-7p, tues- off (shocking), wed- lectures 9-6, thurs-lecture 7-6 (break in there too), fri- lecture 7-11. Each class we have alot of readings anywhere from 7+ chapters in one class plus w/e other class readings you have. Its common for about 17 chapters for one week amonst the classes, well that was once actually.

    I will be stalking this thread bc i want to know what type of assignments you all do for your classes, also what courses are you taking together?

    How are your quizzes/test given? online or in class?

    Has your clinical days ever been cancelled for any reason?
  6. by   QuarterLife88
    This is a very general version of what my first year looked like:

    Mon: theory for 3 1/2 hours
    Tues: lab day 3hrs
    Wed: off
    Thurs/Fri: clinical (16 hrs total)
    Sat/Sun: catch-up on studying/projects/papers/careplans

    For second year it will look like this:

    Mon: theory for 3 1/2 hours
    Tues: off
    Wed: off
    Thurs/Fri: clinicals (16 hrs total)
    Sat/Sun: same as above

    During 1st yr, some weeks were worse than others. You could always count on a theory exam, a lab skill and a careplan all being due in the same week. Hell week.
  7. by   Adri :)
    We have clinicals from 0630 to 1500 on Monday and Tuesday
    Off on Wednesday for "study"
    we have lecture from 0830 to 1600 on Thursdays
    Off on fri/sat
    Sunday's we go to our clinical site and gather our patient info and prepare our care plans for clinical on mon/tues
  8. by   Nolli
    I'm at the tail end of my 1st year and the schedule was nicer at the beginning than it is now even though I had more days of class and clinical. These days every monday and friday its get up at 0720 and do my usual morning thing leave by 0745 to walk to class and class starts at 0800. I have Pharm I and Adult I back to back and class ends at 1120. I go and get lunch, hang out with friends and head back to class at 1200. Afternoons I have Nutrition I and Pathophysiology until 1520. On wednesdays I do review sessions as well until 1630 then go back to apartment/dorm and study eat and relax before bed which on most nights is 2330 and on mondays 2300 since I have to be up early on tues. Tuesdays are clinical days (currently, but you can have thurs and sat as well based on your assignment) and start at 0400. I lay everything out the night before and make sure I have last week's careplan ready to turn in, ipod (we're issued them and they come with software like epocrates etc), watch and steth. I get dressed in scrubs, eat breakfast, brush my teeth and put my hair up in a bun. I leave by 0445 at the latest because I have to make the train and I have to walk a bit to get there. Clinical is from 0600 to 1300 and then I come back get a shower and start working on my careplan. I may have 4 day weekends, but those two days I have off before sat and sun are really study days and homework days .
  9. by   Katie71275
    For us,
    It was class M-F 8-3 most days of the week until clinicals started, then classes were 2days a week 8-3, a half day on Friday, and clinicals started at about 2 days per week and again half days. As we moved further in the program, our classes stayed similar, but clinicals instead of 7-11, it would move to 645-1pm then 645-3pm.
    There were weeks we would be off from clinical and that was either a real off day or was used for ATI testing or for skills check offs.

    As for the other questions, Im a mom to 4 kids, so my husband and I live off campus of course. I would suggest working out daily if you can and bringing your lunch to clinical/class if it's an all day affair.
  10. by   Stephalump
    M: Lecture from 10-12, then I have study time at the school blocked out from 12-2.

    Tu: Lecture from 10-1, Lab from 1:40-3:30

    W: Clinicals from 6:30-6:30, although we get there much earlier to get ready.

    Th&Fri - Off, although we do have to keep our schedule open for things that pop up, and I have study time and study groups blocked out on those days.

    I love my schedule the more I look at other people's!
  11. by   nlynrob
    I start in September but we had orientation in June and that's when we got our schedules. Mine looks like:
    Mon: Pathopharmacology 8am-9:15am, Foundations 9:30-10:45
    Tues: Health Assessment 8am-9:50
    Wed: Patho 8am-9:50, Foundations 9:30am-10:45, Philosophy of Human Behavior 12:30pm-1:45
    Thurs: Foundations lab 11am-2pm
    Friday: Health Assessment lab 8am-11am, Philosophy 12:30pm-1:45

    I'm not sure about clinicals. I'm guessing we'll hear about it at the second orientation Sep. 3rd but I'd like to know! Did anyone have clinicals along with any of these classes? This is my first year doing actual nursing classes and not just re reqs so I've never experienced clinicals and I'm a little anxious.
  12. by   momtojosh
    i chose my own schedule as there were many classes to choose from:
    tues-9-11 lecture....then i work as an LPN 2-6(my short shift)
    wed-3-9 clinical at a nursing home
    fri-9-11 lec 11-1 lab.....then work 2-10
    sat-2-10 work
    I do have a 1 credit online class as 7 credit hours total.....ALL my co-reqs are done...A's in all of them...only took one at a time though,so this should be an eye opener!!!

    i hope i am not regretting that i scheduled my classes the same day i work......i did this so i could have some days off thru out the week to study,clean,be a wife,be a mom and gramma....
  13. by   alovelymother
    I start the 29th. My schedule is pretty nice.
    Monday 1p-5p skills lab
    Wednesday 9a-1p lecture
    2p-4p pharm
    Thursday 6a-2p clinicals
  14. by   ames86
    I start on on Monday here is what my schedule will look like:

    Mondays 6am-12:30pm for clinical
    Tues & Wed 9am-11:30am lecture
    Thurs 9am-11:40am skills lab
    Fri 8:30-11:20am math lab
    Sat 7a-7p work
    Sun 7a-7p work
    Also one day a week I will be working a short shift 7p-11p.