Can I Get In To Nursing W/3.0?

  1. Ok--so i know that getting into a nursing program is difficult and competative, but does anyone know of states, or schools that are less competative? I have a b average on all my prereqs. I heard Arizona is easy to get into for many of their schools. Does anyone know?
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  3. by   Bala Shark
    The private schools are more expensive...They might not have more space than the community colleges and public colleges because of the cost issue.
  4. by   JoshuaC
    Of course you can get in with a 3.0 if you hit the right circumstances. It's certainly not going to be the best GPA out of everyone who applys, but it certainly won't be the worst. Good luck.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    There are schools in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area of Texas where applicants have been accepted with a grade point average of 3.0 to 3.2.
  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    I don't know of any schools personally, but good luck to you. I know people who have gained admission to nursing school by sending a letter explaining circumstances to the person in charge. Might be worth trying...
  7. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    I'm in AZ and I got in with a 3.3, but I had every other class (including co-reqs) completed and scored very high on the NET. However, a 2 year wait is common in the Phoenix area.
  8. by   wannabesedated
    Yes I got in with a 3.1. IF you don't get in though, don't give up, I had to apply twice before I got in.
  9. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I went into a diploma program.

    They looked at my high school transcripts and I believe what college course I had taken.

    Now my college course grades were very high. I had an 2 couses with an A and 1 with a B (I was robbed of my A in that one...stinks...everyone could drop their first test since most people failed but I got an A but later on when I got a C on a test I wasn't allowed to drop). So my college based GPA was nice.

    My high school transcript was a nightmare. You can see by looking at them that something went wrong. I went from very high in my class the first 2 years to sinking lower in the last 2....certainly not the lowerst. All my classes were advance placement and I passed but that's not was previous grades were like.

    I thought I would never get in. I got in. My guess is they saw what I could do in college, they saw I did well in high school except that last 2 year which to me says "something happened to this student" and I had what I was told were GLOWING letters of recommendation. I had recommendation from an RN who had been one for YEARS and a CNM who also had been in the field for years. I never read the letters but these 2 ladies were friends with my mother. I heard the letter from the RN was AMAZING. The letter from the CNM...well she doesn't do that kind of stuff because she doesn't have time but she did one for me which my mom told me says a lot. She said if she had bad things to say she wouldn't have bothered to take the time but she took the time so I was told it was probably a great letter as well.

    So there are other things that play into getting in. I think my school made a good decision. I am not the person I was those last 2 years of high school. Those 2 years were horrible for me for a variety of reasons. I think the school saw I was able to do this and with the letters from those in the field it probably gave them confidence in me.

    So you never know. It never hurts to apply. I'm now entering my 2nd year of a 3 year diploma program. I have plans to get my masters so that I can become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner....may go peds but probably neonatal.
  10. by   ejonesstudent
    I got in with a 3.3 GPA, after the second time applying to a Community College. I had all pre-reqs, and co-reqs done, and got a 112 on the NLN.
  11. by   AZmom
    Arizona is less competitive and seems to have a higher than average NCLEX pass rate. Several of the community colleges work off a wait list rather than a GPA (which is a negative if you've got a good GPA going and can't afford a BSN program which would work off of GPA and get ya in sooner).

    'Course that wait list is looking like 2-3 semesters right about now for the MCCCD system. Some of the smaller, more rural comm colleges, however, actually had undercapacity in their nursing programs as of two years ago. I believe one of the four year colleges did also. BUT -- iirc it was UofA-Tucson who also scored a 50% pass rate, so I wouldn't recommend them.

    I've found a lot about nursing schools (program requirments, wait lists, etc) by reading through my state's board of nursing website and just by simply googling. Try that first for your state. You might be surprised at how much info you can come up with.
  12. by   AZmom
    Oooh. I forgot to mention. I noticed in another thread you were asking about Spanish speaking programs? Or something like that. I'm almost positive I read about one or more programs specifically geared towards Spanish speakers. It'd be through the Maricopa Community College system.
  13. by   caligirl03
    Hey! At Boise State they don't use your gpa at all for admission to the nursing program. There are no pre-reqs. You have to take a compass test and they use those scores for admission. And now they're going to start giving extra points for certain classes if you got a b or better. Good luck on whatever you choose to do
  14. by   jesa
    SJSU has a GPA requirement of 2.5 I don't know how many people with a 2.5 would actually make the cut, but that's their requirement.