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  1. ejonesstudent

    fundamentals...again! help please!!

    One of my good friends failed Fundamentals of Nursing. She retook it, and went on through the rest of the program. By her second year, she was making B's, and during the last semester she was the only student in her class that received an A in Adult Health II! Something just clicked for her. She graduated in May, took her boards, and passed on the first try.
  2. ejonesstudent

    very discouraged

    You are right by saying that you must change your mindset. I had it in the back of my mind that I couldn't do this, because I wansn't an " A student" and even the "A students" were making C's so if I'm not an "A student" then how could I possibly make it through. So, in my second semester I failed a class. I have now changed my mindset, and I am determined to make it and I will make it. Don't listen to everyone about how hard it is, and think that you can't do it. Listen and think I can conquer (sp?) this!!! I will do it!!!
  3. ejonesstudent

    Can I Get In To Nursing W/3.0?

    I got in with a 3.3 GPA, after the second time applying to a Community College. I had all pre-reqs, and co-reqs done, and got a 112 on the NLN.
  4. ejonesstudent

    Southwest TN CC

    Hi! I am at SWTCC, in their nursing program. I am going into my second semester this fall. If you have any questions feel free to email me at locochik16@yahoo.com
  5. ejonesstudent

    I need advice for all the student mommies

    I am a mom and a student as well, with a 2.5 year old son. I started taking pre-reqs as soon as I got out of h.s. In the middle of them, I got preg. with my son. I still continued pre-reqs until he was born. Then, took a couple of semesters off. I started nursing school when he was around 20 months. At first I felt really guilty because I had to put him in daycare, but I soon learned that he was having alot of fun playing with the other kids, and that I was doing something worthwhile for me and my family. So YES, everyone does feel guilty about it at times, but just keep trudging on and know that you are doing something wonderful, for you and your family, and in the end it will all be worth it!
  6. I am starting my second semester of an RN program in the fall. I had no previous medical experience. Infact, I started pre-requisites right out of high school. My mom is an RN, and I knew that this is what I wanted to do. The reward is great, and the possibilities are endless!
  7. ejonesstudent

    Where is the class of 2007 at?????!!!

    I graduate in December 2007 as well. I can't wait!!!
  8. ejonesstudent

    Anyone ever think they made a mistake?

    I'm sorry I really can't relate to being an LPN, or going to LPN school. But, I am in nursing school at a two year community college for my RN. I have never worked as a CNA, LPN or in the medical field period, and I am only 22 years old. At first, I felt like I should have been a CNA or worked in the med. feild first, but I quickly realized that this will only really help you in the first semester of RN school where you learn all the basics. From then on, everyone is pretty much in the same boat. If I can do it, you can do it. I wouldn't think the LPN to RN program would be much harder then just the plain old RN. And just think, you have your LPN already. Even if you haven't worked yet, you are one step ahead of the folks who are going into an RN program cold. Think of it that way. YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  9. ejonesstudent

    How can I place distance between myself and another student?

    I had a similar situation with another student in my nursing program. I knew the girl in high school, and she lived down the street from where I grew up. I will call her Beck. She was in one of my pre-reqs, along with her friend Gen. When we were in Micro she kind of snubbed me, and really didn't want to have much to do with me. They were both in my class in n.s. and the beggining was the same way. Beck asked if I wanted to carpool with her and Gen, and I accepted b/c money was running low, and gas was high. After a few weeks, we all started to become friends. One morning before clinicals, Beck didn't show up at the meeting spot or even call to tell us she was running late, not showing up, to go on w/o her, ect. (we met at a nearby gas station) Only, this wasn't the first time it happened. I cannot even remember a time she called us. We would call her, she would answer about the third call and sound asleep, and tell us she was sick. The final straw came, when she missed clinical a second time and she made up this elaborate story about being in a reck and dislocating her hip b/c a drunk driver hit her. Gen's husband is a police man and he looked up the incident, and found nothing. The next day of class, she came to school with crutches, the following day, with nothing, and the clinical with crutches. We KNEW she was a liar. Gen went to the clinical instructor and told her what all we've been dealing with. I stayed back. I didn't know whether to talk to the instructor or not, because I kept thinking maybe there was a small chance she wasn't lying. After this, Gen didn't ride with her anymore, but stupid me felt sorry for her. Everyone was staying away from her, including her best buddy Gen. So who do you think she became "obsessed" with? Yep, Me. She was so pushy, and I didn't ignore her, or be assertive like I should have been at first. I finally told her why Gen had been the way she was and confronted her about what we thought were lies, and about why she had missed so many days of school. She started crying and told me part of it was a lie, but not all. Her and Gen finally talked on the phone and she let it all out to Gen that it was a lie. Her and Gen never regained friendship. She just couldn't trust her. I felt like I was stuck in the middle. This all happened first semester. But, as a surprise to me and everyone else, Beck passed class and clinical. Second semester there were two classes again, and Gen along with everyone else I had been friends with was in the other class except for, you guessed it, Beck. I was stuck with her once again. Anyways...to make a long story short she pulled the same crap again in this class, but these teachers didn't put up with it. She failed class and clinical. I'm sorry this was so long but,when I read your story, I thought about what i've been though over the past year. You need to squash it now, b/c I missed out on some great friendships and people and no one wanted to be around me b/c of all the drama she caused. I know n.s. isn't all about friends, but I enjoy the friends that I have made. It was told to me several times by other students that the teachers don't like her, and she has a bad rep, and you need to get away from her, b/c they will associate you with her, and make it hard on you. Do whatever you can to get away from her. Have a talk with her, and tell her how you feel, or try the assertive thing as other posters have suggested. N.S. is hard enought w/o all the drama. What do you have to loose? Trust me, no one else wants to be around her either, and she will realize that for her to have friends she must be a good friend and not take advantage of everyone. Hope this helps
  10. ejonesstudent

    Summer Daze

    I have been enjoying a much needed break from school, but at the same time it feels weird. I have been cleaning, spending time with my son and husband, swimming, and sleeping in really late.
  11. ejonesstudent

    St Francis Memphis - Nurse tech?

    Thank You all for this information. I am not a nurse tech yet, but hopefully will be one soon. I am hoping to work at St. Francis. I don't know if this was already mentioned, but Methodist starts their new grad. RN's at 19 something an hour. One of my friends graduated from U of M in December, and started at Methodist Germantown.
  12. ejonesstudent

    Age conflicts with classmates

    I wouldn't really blame it on the 18 year old's age for her acting that way. It does seem immature, and I would not carpool with her, because it will probably only cause more problems. It sounds like you were only asking her a question, and she completly took it the wrong way. I would rather not save on the gas, then deal with someone like that. Be civil, but do not depend on those types of people.
  13. ejonesstudent

    Southern Nurses Please Help Me Out!

    I live in Memphis, TN. One of my friends recently graduated with her BSN, and her starting pay is $20.00/hr. plus shift dif.
  14. ejonesstudent

    I Hate My Program/instructors!

    Don't worry. You aren't the only one discouraged. I am thinking about transferring to another nursing school, but it seems to me that they are all the same. I wonder if there are any that are decent. I guess I will just have to grin and bear it.
  15. ejonesstudent

    LPN jobs around Memphis?

    I know that they do use LPN's at many of the hospitals here in memphis, however it seems to look like R.N.'s are needed much more in the hospital setting. I would try a nursing home or assisted living facility. These places hire lots of L.P.N.'s, and it would not be hard to get a job working any shift you want.
  16. ejonesstudent

    Anyone here going to ASU MH or W Mphs?

    I am thinking about transfering to ASU, west memphis campus. I would really like to know about the school. I need to know things like: how many hours a week are classes and clinicals, how many days a week, and at what times. I also would like to know what the grading scale is like, and how many nursing classes you take at a time. If anyone could give me some insight on this school it would be greatly appreciated.