BSN student with an attitude

  1. A girl I know casually is going for her BSN and she said something that just really irritated me. I am going for my ADN. She has flunked out of one her prereq classes already and is about to flunk out of another one. She made a comment to me that she should have just gone for her ADN because she wouldn't have to take A&P as a prereq and could just jump right in to nursing classes. I do believe the community college near her doesn't require A&P as a prereq, but lets you take it during the nursing program. Anyhow the whole thing just irritated me. I don't believe most BSN students have that attitude. I hope not anyway. I don't know what planet she is on if she thinks it is going to be any easier taking nursing classes without A&P first. It just really bothered me this "ADN programs are easier than BSN programs" attitude. Yes, in a sense they are easier because you only have to go for 2 years. Sorry, just venting, but I haven't even commented to her about this yet and not sure if I even should bother.

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  3. by   farmmom
    It would irratate me to .However why fuel her fire just ignore it.
  4. by   nursing 101
    I'm a BSN student and I don't think that the curriculum is any different from an ADN program. You just have more pre-req's and Liberal Arts classes to take. The clinicals might be a little bit more. I'm not too sure since I haven't started yet. But to my knowledge it's not that much of a big difference. The years are more mostly because of all the Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology classes you have to take to satisfy the requirements. (Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong)
    A&P has nothing to do with. Whether you are a BSN or ADN you have to take 2 classes of A&P. I just did them and they were hell but I managed an A and B in both classes.
  5. by   colleen10
    Hi Teresa,

    I can see why that would irritate you, but it's not even worth your time or energy to get upset about it.

    Obviously she will see the error of her statement if she does go into an ADN program! She may just be mis informed and may have not really thought through how tough an ADN program can be.

    At the beginning of this past semester my lab partner for micro and I were discussing what nursing schools we were looking at and when we were hoping to start clinicals. She told me that she was going to a very expensive private school for a BSN because the advisor told her that by the time she graduates there will be too many nurses and employers will only, naturally, want to take those nurses with higher degrees. I kept my mouth shut about it even though it kind of scared me because for a while I thought I would never find a job after completing the ADN program I am hoping to get into.

    Well, it turns out that the more time she spent looking at other nursing programs the more she realized what the advisor at the private school told her was a bunch of BS and she even apologized to me later on in the semester.
  6. by   rachdd
    AH!! It is not worth your time. The only difference between our ADN and BSN programs is all the electives a BSN is required to take!

    Hang in there. She will see the error of her ways!
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i think this would be an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and not a heated discussion about what program is better or worse.

    some, whether they are enlighten or lacking knowledge will defend the route they have chosen to travel and some will be eager to acquire the differences in both avenues.

    a phamplet of your class requirements and a phamplet from hers would be great resources and can be shared among others she knows as well.

    i do believe that similar up roar happens within some bsn programs and within some adn programs about who gets better prepared.

    maybe it is all dependent upon the individual school's program reqirements and state's requirements.
  8. by   2banurse
    I guess it all depends on the ADN program, but I believe that many programs will take a student who has completed the prereqs over students that don't. For the ADN in my program, you have to have completed A&P 1 before being allowed in the program. I think that your classmate is going to find herself floundering in the ADN if she carries that wrong impression of ADN schools versus BSN schools.
  9. by   AmiK25
    It's kinda funny that the BSN said that to you, because I am a BSN student and at our last president's council (a meeting with all class officers), one ASN student was going on and on about how much harder the ASN program is and how easy we have it in the BSN because it is "slower!" I somehow managed to not open my big mouth and say anything!! I think the whole competition thing is ridiculous!!
    Originally posted by colleen10
    I can see why that would irritate you, but it's not even worth your time or energy to get upset about it.

    Same old sh*t, different thread.

  11. by   colleen10
    I think this would be an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and not a heated discussion about what program is better or worse.
    Maybe it is all dependent upon the individual school's program reqirements and state's requirements.
    I just wanted to say in response to Steph's post that even in my CC, which is pretty large and has 4 different main campuses through out the county, that you have to directly apply to which ever campus you want to attend for nursing school. You can't just apply to the nursing program and figure out later which campus you will attend as each campus has their own nursing department, faculty, and deans.

    Even though, no matter which campus you attend, you have to meet the same class and credit requirements, each campus has it's own little quirks. For example, there is one campus that is more lenient in accepting students that have not me all of the pre-req's. and those transferring credits from other schools. Then there is another where they will not even give you an application until you have passed every single pre-req.

    And then, it seems that the rules and "quirks" change each year depending on the # of students applying, the # of teachers available, etc. The one campus that has historically been lenient with students that haven't completed all of the pre-req's. this year will only accept those students who are the closest to completing the pre and co-req's. as they do not have many teachers for next school year.

    Also wanted to say that the school doth not the nurse make. There is a very expensive and prestigious private university here that you would think has an awesome nursing program. Until you look a little further and see that they have lost accredidation in the past and have a very poor pass rate for the NCLEX.
  12. by   PennyLane
    Let's just all agree that nursing school is hard! I personally made the choice to go for my BSN b/c I already have a bachelor's degree and I may want to go for a master's sometime in the future. The program is only 13 or 16 months, depending on where I go. It's not my intention to have a 'leg up' on other nurses or to prove myself to anyone. According to what I've heard, you make the same $$ out of school regardless of what degree you have. But for me, I just didn't want to back-track since I already have completed all of the liberal arts pre-reqs.
  13. by   BMS4
    This is a bit OT, but I don't know why they call them 2-yr programs when you have about a year of prereqs to get out of the way before you start the 24 months of nursing classes.

    I had to move before I started the nursing classes in my first program and by the time I started my ADN nursing classes I had over 90 college credits. I'm hoping to start a BSN program within the next few months. Wonder what I'm gonna have to do this time.
  14. by   meownsmile
    i dont think id worry much about her,, like you said, she already flunked out of one pre-req, and is working on flunking her second. She probly wouldnt make it through the ADN program either. She is soon to be history in nursing before she even gets started. And most likely for the best.