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Hey everyone, I just wanted to get a thread started for all of the BHC/MVC students; please help me get a support system going here. I am starting at BHC in Jan. 07 and would love to make... Read More

  1. by   kalmeira
    Aw, thanks Robin. I always enjoy your comments in class, you always bring out a good point.
    How about that test 4 huh? On to test 5 and the final!
  2. by   joshuaha
    Congrats everyone on almost being done with Foundations! Keep up you momentum and you will do great. I am so excited for you guys to get to go to clinical. It is soooooo much fun. Of course, there is the matter of those all consuming care plans.... I don't mean to scare you guys but get ready to put some time in on those! Thankfully you only have to do them for about a year and then no mas!

    Josh :spin:
  3. by   Buttercup_fields
    Just wanted to let everyone know that grades are posted for Test 4.
    Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
  4. by   sitesonRN
    well, here we are...comming to the end of the lecture and straight into exciting!!!!

    i am looking forward to it but am very nervous; just think a little over a year from now we will be looking back at this moment and will be laughing.

    good luck on the tests!

  5. by   joshuaha
    You are exactly right Toni! I will never forget how nervous I was giving meds for the first time. Now, it's second nature to me! So when do you guys start clinicals?
  6. by   sitesonRN
    hey josh,

    we have orientation on monday and start clinicals on tuesday. we pick pts on mondays and then be on the floor t-r for the next three weeks.

    here is what is scaring me now! this thursday we will pick a pt to do our major care plan on, which will be due the following thursday; i am totally wigged out. how much direction did you have on it? did you have longer than a week? was it as hard as i think it will be? the thing is, we haven't really been doing care plans yet since we are doing our semester so differently. we have done a few (maybe three) samples but with help; and now our very first week we will be doing this major plan. maybe i am more prepared than i actually recognize at this time and it won't be such a shock to me after all.

    it would sure be nice if i could just relax a little more. i'm not totally frazzled, just a little on edge.

    what are ya'll doing with your semester right now? still stressful?

    p.s. i passed my med recheck!:spin:

    have a great weekend.
  7. by   joshuaha
    Wow! you guys will sure be busy! As far as the major care plan, don't even sweat it. It is about 75 percent health history and assesment data (which takes like 20 minutes). The time consuming part is putting the whole thing together. It probably took be about 48 hours total to put the first one together. All in all it ended up being around 40 pages. I did four care plans and three patho statements. The only difference between them and the ones that I did at the hospital were the references (You have to use APA). I got a 97 on my first one and it was well deserved! Also, Ms Routh is big on presentation. I went to Kinkos and had mine bound in a spiral cover. It ended up looking pretty good! Don't stress over it though, they are not nearly as tough on it as you think they are. Just put some effort into it and don't wait until the last minute! Congrats on your med pass checkoff btw
  8. by   joshuaha
    Oh, to answer your other question. This semester is not to bad. We just have lecture one day a week and I have already finished the bulk of my clinicals. Trust me once you get through the first two semesters, it gets a lot less stressful. Of course.... I haven't taken the boards yet :spin:
  9. by   sitesonRN
    Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

    Good luck to everyone on our 1st day of clinicals, we have made it! Let's put on our "nurses caps" and go get um...I mean...go care for um! ha ha.

    Thanks to Josh, who has been so supportive of our class! I hope that you have someone just as special ahead of you to look to.

    Well my friends...sleep good tonight!

  10. by   liketobeanurse2
    thanks Toni!!

    congratulations to all of us! Today was quite possibly one of the coolest days of my life. I am even more certain after today, that I am in the right place at the right time on my life.
    And yes, Toni, I agree. Huge kuddos to sweet ol' Josh. It's so nice having you in our corner.
  11. by   Buttercup_fields
    Hello everyone. I can not believe our first week is over. I am so tired but have loved every second of my time at the hospital. The patient that I took care of today has a DNR I hope that he is still there when we go back next Tuesday. I feel like in the past three days that I have learned so much, and have seen several really neat things. Hope that everyone had a wonderful week. And we all need to get some rest for next week.
  12. by   joshuaha
    Congrats on finishing your first week of clinicals! I remember when i started how excited I was to actually get in there and practice everything that I had learned. I still remember how shaky my hands were when I opened the med package with Mrs. Routh standing there. She asked me why my hands were shaking and I sheepishley said "Ummm I guess I had to much coffee today". I didn't want to tell her that I was really shaking because she was making me nervous as heck! Trust me guys, once you really start getting up there in the program you will look back and realize how cool your first clinicals are. Now, rest and don't stress about those major care plans!:angryfire

  13. by   sitesonRN
    talk about tired! it was so nice to sleep in today...all of 8:30, but it felt great!

    i am so glad that the first week of clinicals is over. i think that i will have so much more confidence walking back in next week, the nurses will be more familar with us and will probably be more apt to allow us to do things and become more involved in their cases.

    i am off now to dive back into my major care plan. it looms over my head like a big meteorite.

    josh, i know that you said not to sweat it, but my last two "learning" care plan/patho statements this past week were picked over with a fine tooth comb and i was told i need to dig deeper. i'm not complaining about the whole "comb" thing as it will only make me stronger; i just want to do a good job and make ms. routh proud. btw, what are you doing right now? are you in clinicals too or on break?

    have a great weekend my friends.