Both husband & I are in NS, with 2 little boys at home. Anyone else?

  1. Yes, we are INSANE!

    My name is Cindy (22), I'm married to Jason (35) for over 6.5yrs. We have 2 little ones at home. Erik just turned 5 and Jack is 20m. They are the best! But they sure do make studying hard!

    Both my husband & I are in Nursing school together. We started in August and will be done in May 09'. We get 2m off next summer which I can't wait for!

    I started school when I was 7m PG (Jan 06). (Jason started back up again then also) All I had before hand was a horrible GPA and a GED and I was just hoping for C's. Well Spring of 07' is when I got my 1st B so I've done well. Now that we are in the nursing program, it's harder. I am barely hanging onto my A right now. (94.something and 93.9 is a B)

    My husband has attended school a lot already. He has a bachelors in Psychology and one in Criminal Justice and a certificate in Dental Tech. And let me tell you, none of those pay! They pay cops $10/hr here!

    Anyway, is anyone in the same situation? We are the 1st husband/wife they have had at our school. Anyone else been in this situation?
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  3. by   jla623 Haha. That is really neat though. That sounds like a really great support system.

    My boyfriend (whom I live with) do go to school together, but he isn't a Nursing major.
  4. by   shoegalRN
    In my program, there is an engaged couple with a 2 year old daughter. The school is very aware of this and make arrangements for them to have the same clinicals and such due to daycare and carpooling. They seem to be doing very well, considering he is now the ONLY man in our class now.
  5. by   ange26s
    There is a couple at my school that has kids and are both in the ADN program. He is a 2nd yr. student and she is 1st. yr. I believe she said he also works night shift as a EMT. I just think it is so awesome that they can make it work. Hang in there, it sounds like your doing well!
  6. by   paacollins
    Whew! I was stressed over me in school, dh working 12 hour shifts, and having a 5 year old and a 9 year old. You have my respect for sure.

    DH is going to nursing school after I finish but one of us had to work full-time for the income and benefits. Our nursing program is full-time and with the kids' school schedule, it would be very hard for me to work while in school. For that reason, I opted to go first and he will go a year or so after I graduate. He already has the decent job with benefits but not one with a lot of security. He is in manufacturing and those jobs are going overseas quickly. We hope his job will hold out until we are both finished with school and RNs.
  7. by   lilyteen
    Hi! Although my husband is not in a nursing program, I am in a very similar situation to you so I know what you're going through. I got to college f/t days, my husband works f/t nights and we own a business that we run between the two of us...oh, by the way, we have 7 children in school as well. The oldest is 17 yrs. old and the youngest are a set of 7 yr. old twins.
  8. by   late starter
    Really great, you have a round the clock study buddy, that would be handy. I started the program in august also, and will graduate in may 09.... I have two boys also, 8 and 11, but I'm divorced. I know how hard it is, but remember it will be so worth it.

    Good luck
  9. by   Nurse2Bhomeschoolmom
    You are not insane!!! That is so cool. You guys can study together and have revelations together that makes it that much more special for you both. I ask my husband to quiz me for tests and IF he pronounces the word right he probably would never know if I was answering the question wrong or not. AWESOME!! It will work out, keep your chin up. What a celebration we are all going to have when we can say that we are done with this chapter of our lives, huh.

    Keep the end result in mind and don't let quitting be an option, no matter how hard it gets and you WILL succeed.
  10. by   Am_Byth
    Just bumping this up. We are almost DONE! In May we both graduate. I can't wait!!
  11. by   lainith
    No kids but my boyfriend and I are both in nursing school. He is an LPN and I work outside the medical field. I will be done next August with my RN and he is planning to get his RN and then continue to BSN and hopefully MSN. <3 Glad to see it can be done because we want to get married this summer and have kids soon after I graduate and he will still be in school.
  12. by   Am_Byth
    Hi lainith! So is he going for LPN or is he already an LPN? My DH's plans is RN then anesthesia school.

    One thing our school was NOT nice about is keeping us on the same schedule! There are at least 4 times this semester where he's days and I'm nights or vise versa. And many days when one of us is done at say 11:30am and the other one not till 3:30pm. But it will all be over soooooon.
  13. by   BeckyMomof5
    I will graduate in May with my BSN. I have 5 kids, ages 8, 7, 5, 3, and 2. My husband was in nursing school with me the first semester of our junior year but switched and is now finishing up his BS in Biology/Pre-med. It has been ROUGH and I am so happy I will be finished soon. I have an interview Thursday at the ICU of our local hospital so am hoping that works out because that has always been where I want to work.

    Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who doesn't mind extra kid duty when I'm away at clinicals!
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