BLS/ CPR cert - page 2

Hey! :) I am taking my BLS class to get my card, and they have us read this rather large text and then attend a day of classes for certification. Anyone else doing this prior to getting into... Read More

  1. by   alwaysthere
    mine was a blast, they gave it for free at my job, Just read the book and come ready to learn..its all common sense basic stuff and the AED is easy as pie. Yall will be just fine.
  2. by   starr234
    I was offered the class at work. It was 3hrs long and we practiced different CPR techniques and hemliech maneuver for adults, children and infants. The test was 25 multiple choice questions. It wasn't difficult at all. Just pay attention to the presentation and I think you will be fine.
  3. by   Mkue
    I called around and found the course for 20.00, taking it in Aug.

    Also got the book ahead of time to look through it before the class.