Beginning BSN - Books and Supplies

  1. Holy Moses! I just got the information packet for the BSN program I'm beginning and we are required to have 28 books for the fall semester! I know those will last the rest of the semesters as well, but WOW!

    We also have to order our steth, penlight, etc etc through the school's SNA.

    Oh yeah, did everybody else's class require them to have a nursing dress?

    Edited to add: Eek! I just printed out my syllabus and calendars for summer classes, and I used nearly half a pack of paper! And I'm only taking 6 hours! Looks like I need to buy stock in a paper company :chuckle

    So much to do to gear up for the fall! Anybody else is getting ready to go?
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    Holy cow! They make you get them all at once?
    I guess that will make it cheaper later, plus you'll have all those references if you need them.
    I would like to see you walk out of the bookstore with 28 nursing books!! LOL
    Our school offered the steth, etc. through the SNA but you didn't have to get their packages if you didn't want to.

    I'll be starting my second year in the Fall, but just starting clinicals so I'm excited. I am also taking a class from another school to count as my nursing elective and I'm excited about it too.

    Glad to hear it seems like things are working out for you. Have fun!

    PS- no dresses required but you can get one if you want. We have navy pants and a polo shirt for one outfit and white scrubs for another. They do have to be from ONE specific mail order store (Dove), though. We can also get their v-neck cardigan if we want.
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  4. by   purplemania
    I did not buy books my last year in nursing school. I found out the school required a copy of the textbook in the Library, so I used them free. But we got so many handouts, and I made so many notes, that I felt lucky if I could just learn that boatload of material. Another option might be to form a SMALL study group, and each of you buy different texts but pass them around when the group meets, etc.
  5. by   SuBeat
    I have 8 required texts to buy (including one for a Cultural Issues in Health Care class to satisfy my multicultural studies req.) and 3 recommended. We were told not to buy any type of equipment yet, reps will be bringing several types of stethoscopes for us to try out later so we can see which one fits our needs best.

    At orientation we had the option of ordering uniforms through TNSA, or you could get them on your own elsewhere. No dresses thank goodness! We are required to wear burgandy pants with a white scrub top, and also need a lab coat. We are also allowed to wear a white or navy sweater or scrub jacket.

    I can see the advantage of buying all those books at once...but the expense! Nursing school is definitely a high dollar endeavor. You better bring some able bodied assistants to the bookstore with you!
  6. by   angelac1978
    hey manna, you should see if you can buy your books directly from the publishers. I did this last year w/ my rad tech books and saved almost $200, and that was only for 8 books.

  7. by   Tony35NYC

    In all probability, you're not going to use 28 books in the fall. Some of that is reference, study guides, workbooks, and other fluff that you can probably buy used or get from a library. Before you buy any books, go talk to the instructor and find out which textbook will be used for your lecture course. If I were you, that's the only book I would get for now. I had a book list with 18 books when I first started nursing school. It turns out that that book list included all the books we needed to complete the entire nursing program, and some of them were not needed until much later on.
  8. by   marilynmom
    28 books! WOW! Are you sure you have to buy them all at once?

    And do you mean you seriously have to wear a dress?

    Anyways, good look! You will do great!!!

  9. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from marilynmom
    28 books! WOW! Are you sure you have to buy them all at once?... Marilyn
    Yup, does seem over the top.
  10. by   manna
    Well, 6 of the books are required for the summer term (July). The others are all required for the fall. And apparently they must all be pretty important - on the syllabus for one of my first fall courses, it states that 12 of those books are required for that one class! Wow!

    I'm hoping that with the dress its and either-or thing (dress v. pants). I'll find out later this month. They're having a "welcome tea" in honor of our class on May 21.