Basic Math Reivew book for Healthcare Professionals

  1. Can anyone recommend a good basic math review for health care professionals? My CC offers a course in this but I don't have the time next semester to take it. I was planning on calling the college book store to see what the class text is but thought I'd ask for recommendations here.

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  3. by   Daisy9739
    I'm in the same boat with the Math issue, I'm going to try to a class in the summer to brush up on my skills. But for now, I've be going online, there are some really good websites that can help, such as: Good luck
  4. by   Maisie
    I was in the same situation last year and purchased a software series on math. It really helped alot. It is called Math Advantage. I also purchased a book called Basic Math and Pre-algebra by Cliff.

    I used both of these for 6 weeks in the summer and found I was actually better in math than I ever had been. I started with the Elementary Algebra class in the Fall and found I knew most of it and received easy A's on most of the test.
  5. by   nursebedlam
  6. by   mitchsmom
    Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy has a big basic math review in the front of it:
  7. by   johnnrachel
    Math for Meds is awesome I used it prior to entering my first semester and I truly have gotten 100% on ALL of my math quizzes and tests. :hatparty: Math for nursing is a different kind of math, now on state boards and most math tests for nursing you can use a calculator. The trick is understanding the conversions and the formulas for setting it all up. Get this book, it is well worth the money. If anyone wants any additional info on this book let me know.
    ps. I was terrible at math but this book has helped so far.
    good Luck