Bad Preceptor Situation

  1. Hi, I need some advice here. I am doing my preceptorship on the unit I work on so the lady I am precepting with, I already know. Basically, she doesn't want me doing anything on my own. Besides actually giving the meds to the patient, she does everything herself and I just stand there and watch. It is getting worse everyday I am with her. Now, she is even doing the patient assessments. Her logic is that she will need to assess them anyway because I am not an RN. I only have a couple days left with her. I am going to talk to her- again- before the next precepting day.

    My question is... I feel like I am missing out so much and that I am going to be so much farther behind d/t this horrible preceptor. Will I be able to catch up as a graduate nurse? This is just so frustrating
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Honey, I don't know.

  4. by   ukstudent
    Can you ask to do your assessment after she has doe her own. Just because she is doing assessments does not mean you cannot then do one. You probably would have had an easier time with your preceptorship if you had gone to a different unit than one you work one. You are working under her license so she needs to feel secure that you will not damage it. She may also be worried that you could forget under which rules you are working (nurse with a preceptor) or your job (what ever that is). The good news is that with a good orientation when you get a job you should catch up. Are you thinking about a job on the same floor? Would you get the same person for orientation? Things to think about.
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  5. by   locolorenzo22
    We were talking about our capstone in April for 4th semester.....The main request our professor has for us is NOT to do it on the unit we work on...we may be comfortable, but the nurses have a hard time seeing you as a soon to be RN, more like a regular you may get stuck doing regular tech work...also, when you do work, it makes the nurses think you can do much more than allowed...
    Is there anyone you can talk to to change preceptors...this is obviously not a good fit....if they can't trust you to assess, the idea is that you are going to be a nurse anyways, and no patient wants to be assessed twice....
  6. by   WDWpixieRN
    Sounds to me like you just need to get through these last few days, then hope you get a good preceptor/mentor once you are hired to work somewhere else. I'm sure I have read on these boards that there are many graduate nurses who come out of school having done little to no actual skills during clinicals. If that is the case, you will be no further behind these students.

    Best wishes!!