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:spin::spin: Just had that exam today my score was 69.4 which equals a 98 per cent chance of passing the nclex if I toke it with no further prep.. The national ... Read More

  1. by   beyondx4
    I went to the admin who deals with ATI in our school to get these numbers. Unfortunately, she has not been able to get an official scoring guide on the newest ATI predictor exam yet; however, just for comparison, a composite score of 71 on the new ATI exam only yields an 89% passing chance on the NCLEX. I hope the person whose school requires 97% to graduate is still using the 3.0 version because attaining such a prediction number will require a VERY high composite score on the new exam (possibly in the 80's).
  2. by   beyondx4
    In addition, I think the main problem with getting very good scores on the ATI predictor is because of its timing, which is right next to the finals along with the hospital preceptorship period before graduation for most schools. Hardly anyone has the time to really prepare for it. The majority of my class were able to attain a 99% NCLEX passing chance with ease (with any composite score above 70) on the ATI 3.0 version; however, when it came to the new ATI exam, hardly anybody were able to get a composite score above 75. I feel this is a bit unfair to the students when schools are using these numbers to up their benchmarks on first time NCLEX passing rates. So for those people who have taken the ATI 3.0 version, consider yourself lucky! The few guinea pigs taking the new version will get hit hard because the benchmarks are much higher, based on the new NCLEX (which I doubt is very accurate anyways).
  3. by   mixyRN
    YIPPEE, I get to look forward to this in December! :grn:
  4. by   rotteluvr31
    I have been taking the ATI PN predictor - I have a year before I need to worry about the RN predictor. Maybe by that time any bugs will be worked out... I do agree that it is very unfair for ATI's to be administered the same time as finals. There are ATI's for Med/Surg, Maternal/Child health and the comprehensive right along with 2 finals and 2 final projects. The timing stinks. But I do not think our school requires a passing ATI grade to graduate, however, we need to take the exams to pass the individual classes.
  5. by   NickiLaughs
    My school requires a 90% to graduate, which they say converts to a 72...which is still not easy to get.

    We take our predictor in a week.
    Makes me angry though, most of the ATI's we took, they didn't convert AT ALL. I got a 79 on the mental health one, and that's the grade they gave me for it, It was 25% of our grade, they said they didn't convert due to us "being provided all the information"
    Yeah right!
  6. by   ngates
    Is the ATI Comprehensive Predictor the same test if you fail it and have to retake it?
  7. by   ngates
    Also does anybody have any questions they have composed together after taking the ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor. I know that fellow students at the school I attend often get together and compile questions after taking the ERI's so that everyone can pass. If any of you have any of these questions you have compiled together after taking the ATI RNComprehensive Predictor I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  8. by   nlion87
    Isn't that cheating?
  9. by   ngates
    Quote from nlion87
    Isn't that cheating?
    Well I don't know I guess it depends on how you look at it. I suppose some may say that. You have to understand that we have been taking ERI's which is now owned by ATI. The ERI"s were just ridicules, no one could pass them, so we did what we had to do to pass them. Students generally would take the test remember questions put together the answers we thought we correct and then go back in and take the ERI's again. This was the only way they could be passed. Now that ATI owns ERI I'm thinking oh lord here we go again another test that no one can pass and we only have 3 tries.
  10. by   missjennmb
    Quote from ngates
    Well I don't know I guess it depends on how you look at it.
    I dont know if it is or isnt (pretty sure it IS cheating) but cheating is a black and white thing. If your SCHOOL is ok with it, thats their perogative, but if not, I would not want to be part of it. Making it by cheating is not making it at all.

    As far as this topic itself, my school does the HESI but it doesnt exactly count. We have to pass it or do some sort of remedial work, but last semester it covered a LOT that we never covered in class, so I was not suprised when most did badly (it covered math when we didnt cover math in depth until this semester).
  11. by   celclt
    AWESOME- know you re so excited!!! I have personally liked ATI so far!
  12. by   KAYBDT6
    We need those who have taken the RN/LPN to give imformation on the test on how to pass at first attempt. Also what review to use exception of ATI BOOK.
  13. by   kgdispo
    I think you all are confusing the percent you have to get, translates in to your estimated chance (in percent form) of passing the boards. For instance my school says you have to get a 70& which converts to a >98% chance of passing! Good luck all. I'm a LPN, finishing up a bridge program! I take the comp predictor in 2 weeks!