As an experienced RN, do you like/dislike having a student nurse assigned to you? - page 4

I'm in my 2nd semester of nursing school and have med/surg and OB clinicals this semester. I have to say I'm a bit bummed out (as are my classmates) by our clinical experience so far. In our OB... Read More

  1. by   mmc51264
    I just noticed that LOL. I guess it is still relevant. I have my first student right now and it is great. She is going to be a great nurse. I like teaching and she is eager and takes initiative to learn. I'd take another in a heartbeat.
  2. by   Maevish
    I love having any student unless they're a know-it-all. That I can NOT stand because they're a pain to work with and they're scary as hell on the unit.

    Otherwise, I really do love having them because it gives me a nice refresher having to explain "simple" things and sometimes I learn something too! Usually they don't have an attitude (I've only personally had a couple like that in my 9 years) and it's a good time!
  3. by   Scrubs_n_sirens
    I adore students. I've had some iffy preceptors and nurse-assignments as a student and it really ruined my personal learning experiences. To me it's a great refresher on explaining WHY I do things. And the added benefit of having a second set of hands hehe.

    I'm still relatively new but I can teach confidently and when I don't know the answer I'll point students in the right direction. Additionally I enjoy looking for cook experiences for my students.

    I spent about ten minutes explaining how the tele-neurology consultation machines work and how to do an NIH assessment.