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Scrubs_n_sirens MSN, RN

Flight Nursing, Emergency, Forensics, SANE, Trauma
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Scrubs_n_sirens has 6 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Flight Nursing, Emergency, Forensics, SANE, Trauma.

Happily married, two time dog mom. Volunteer EMT and firefighter. Flight and ED nurse. 

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  1. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Dedicated Trauma Nurses in the ED

    What are you guys requiring in the way of certifications etc for this position?
  2. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Reason for IV fluids

    Americans in general do not drink enough and have some form of dehydration that may not be clinically present. If the person has a UTI, help hydrate them to flush em out. Other than that, I don't see why we do it so much. It's an over ordered intervention. But, unless they are fluid overloaded, I guess there's no real reason against it besides time to infuse, cost, risk of infection by iv.
  3. Scrubs_n_sirens

    I was a stripper ..

    Nursing isn't about money. Trust me, I don't get paid enough to deal with the abuse I get. I do it because I love it and couldn't imagine not doing it. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend stripping and nursing at the same time. Although it's not necessarily a bad thing to strip, some patients may not feel the same and it may make them uncomfortable if a family member recognizes you or something. It just depends on how much you want to be judged, because like it or not, it'll happen. Not saying it's right, but it will happen. Frankly, if you want to strip, then strip. I don't feel like you have the real and pure motivation to become a nurse. I see consistently that you want money. And people who go into the field for that don't last long.
  4. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    Again: I feel like it needs reiterated, nurses don't purposefully mistreat students. We don't start our day with hurting feelings in mind. And just because some may not want a student nurse, doesn't make them a bad nurse or person, and it certainly doesn't make them mean or unprofessional. Some nurses know how much they can handle and sometimes putting a student on top of a full assignment does add more stress.
  5. Scrubs_n_sirens

    What Nurses really Want to Say When They Chart

    "Patient calling out of room, repeatedly, for nurse. Upon looking in on patient, found patient in no distress, lying quietly in bed. Upon physically walking into room and engaging patient, patient began to writhe in bed, screaming, and demanding 'something better than toradol!'" Patient is a drama llama, also should get 4 cc's of NorSal, fast push or titrated to nurse comfort.
  6. Scrubs_n_sirens

    EMS to Nursing

    Honestly as someone who was an EMT before school, went to paramedic school, and then nursing school: Go straight to nursing school, do not pass go. You can challenge the paramedic exam with a few days of clinical experience with intubation, etc in most states. Pay rate in my area is about 13$ an hour for paramedic and almost 30$ an hour for nursing. Nursing is going to be hard regardless of which level of nursing you go into. So is paramedic school. Healthcare isn't easy and you shouldn't expect it to be because humans are complicated critters. Just advice from someone whose been there.
  7. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Ask for a raise?

    Or your friend said her pay rate was higher than it really is?
  8. Scrubs_n_sirens

    75 Q's Today... Feel Crushed.

    I felt that way too. But part of my concern was that as I got more right, the questions got harder. I wouldn't worry yet
  9. Scrubs_n_sirens

    New and issues with coworkers

    Yep. Happened to me. Was oriented on day shift and day shift only. Was turned loose on nights, and everyone was so gosh darn clicky. Never got asked if I wanted to order out, had people always talking about going out together while I stood there awkwardly, and overall had certain techs who gave no attitude to certain nurses but when I asked for things, jumped down my throat. It got less and less as time went by. Still don't really "hang out" with people outside of work but I also got a little more thick skinned that it doesn't bother me so much.
  10. Scrubs_n_sirens

    A Headache is not an emergency

    I have hemiplegic migraines that present like strokes. It starts as a headache and nothing else and progresses to hemiplegia. I Obviously I'm a different story but people will always go to the ED for nonemergent stuff. No use getting upset about it because until healthcare as a whole changes, it'll stay that way.
  11. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    Don't put words in my mouth. I meant aide level work in that it is work the aides were permitted to do. If you've seen my other posts, you'd know I'm a strong advocate in "aide work" being everyone's work. Don't look for things that aren't there. Without my clinical instructor present I couldn't do "nursing level work" that aides could not do. Get off your high horse a second and chill. By the way... I am an RN who was an aide. I understand my role very well thank you
  12. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Struggling New Grad...

    Yup. The rest of us are idiots. Now where's my things, you know the ones I was entitled to? What's this? A stethoscope? What's that for? Oh and you there, you massively expensive bachelors degree that is going to be expected of me by 2020... I need to use that diploma paper to write notes to myself to not forget to brush my teeth since I'm inept and obviously unprepared. -_-
  13. Scrubs_n_sirens

    I don't have time to pee!

    Peeing is for the weak anyway. Real nurses reabsorb.
  14. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Dating Coworkers

    I work with a bunch of couples. It actually kind of annoying. I mean do what makes you happy but please just don't suck face at the nurses' station.
  15. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Quizzed in Clinical

    You're going to be quizzed on a lot of different things. What is important to remind yourself is not only to be prepared for anything but if you don't know something, admit it. A huge thing I've learned that has impressed my instructors and employers immensely was admitting when I didn't know and stating I would find out though. Nurses who don't admit when they don't know can be dangerous. We can't know everything. Don't be hard on yourself if you get something wrong or don't know. Admit to it, learn from it, and prepare to have it happen again at some point. You're in school to learn and your in clinical to apply what you learn. No instructor should ever make you question your worth if you get a question wrong. They're to help you learn. As long as you try and work hard, no one can fault you for not knowing. Please don't be scared about that. Having a wrong answer doesn't ruin your day. However, if you're completely unprepared, know nothing about your pathology or labs, and are clueless as to what medications the patient is on and why--- you're going to have a bad time.
  16. Scrubs_n_sirens

    Apply for new job after 2 months?

    Just explain to employers pay and present your choice to relocate. That's not a reflection of your work life, that's personal life choices. You always need to put your current job on your resume though. If they run a credit check on you, it'll pop up and you really don't want to explain why you hid the job.

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