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Hi guys I had a situation in class yesterday where i was the victim of bullying by a number of other students. Briefly, they were making fun of my level of class participation. It was not in fun... Read More

  1. by   suziesunshine
    I was bulled as an older student when I went back to school for my MSN and was bullied by a nurse practitioner in a VA clinic. It started when she began rolling her eyes when introducing me to her patients, next she began making rude comments, next she blamed me because somebody was taking their antihypertensive drug 2 tabs at a time instead of one tab b.i.d. I reminded her that this was the first time I met the patient so she should have caught this long ago.

    The last straw was that she began yelling at me. I left clinical, called the school and told them that I was refusing to go back there. I advised them to find me another clinical site or I would bring suit against the school. The next week, another preceptor was found for me who made the rest of my stay a joy at that clinic.

    The bullying nurse dressed as if she was cleaning her house. On one occasion she came to work with paint adhering to her nails because she was "working on her house" over the weekend. The Monday after Halloween, she came in with red hands and said it was from the paint from the Halloween party she attended over the weekend. The lady was 43 at the time and interestingly, painted herself for a Halloween party.

    In conclusion, I would strongly encourage people to stand up for themselves. Please don't tolerate inappropriate behavior for one minute. Talk to the school and the facility and point out inappropriate behavior and advise them that you will not tolerate it.

    We are in the era of evidence based practice which should also translate into zero tolerance for bullying behavior because it was traditional at one time.
  2. by   Eirene
    Oh man, posts like this fire me up.

    In my class we have a clique who I secretly call (in my own head, of course), "the blondes." They are all what people would think of as gorgeous-- tall, never-ending hair, slim, beautiful big eyes.

    They ridicule all different people; call them names in class, make fun of their questions, etc.

    One day I finally told them to stop being such bi*ches. I think they were shocked. They've mellowed out, but not much. I don't know why, but they've never messed with me.

    It's amazing how such pretty people can become ugly just through their personalities.

    I was bullied by a clinical instructor last quarter. It was awful. I felt so helpless. I don't think I've ever been so miserable in my life.

    It amazes me how I've grown as a person. 15 or so years ago I would have laid them out without thinking twice about it.

    Hang in there girlie.
  3. by   ProfRN4
    I recently found out that someone in of my classes is being bullied. I was waiting for it to come up in clinical, and it did. No one seems to know who the victim is, and no one seems to see it happening in class. One of the professors brought it up to the group and made a general statement about it. I am not lecturing this group this semester, so I have not witnessed it first hand. We have a lot of young and silly students in that class. And I say that not to insult them in any way, they'd be great to hang out with, they are fun kids. But they need to learn to contain it in the classroom, and need to know when a joke turns into something hurtful.

    As a student, admittedly, my friends and I had certain people we secretly made fun of. But the key was 'secretly'. I was a kid in nursing school (went straight out of HS), but my frineds were not. Who did we make fun of? The know it alls. And the ones who ask a lot of questions. I see it while i'm up there lecturing, the eye rolling and the whispering when certain people speak....ones who seem to dominate the class.

    In our society, is seems to be a part of what we do. We love to point out the shortcomings of others. It makes us feel better about ouselves. I'm not saying it's right, but it is what it is.
  4. by   Ruffles 1
    All of you are correct in the way bullies act, but remember they have low self esteem. It really does not help the nursing profession when people act that way.
  5. by   Chixie
    I was bullied by my original group so badly that i asked to be put back to the next group-Ive had to wait for 3 months and then repeat 8 weeks of class- The people in my first group were a lot older than me 35+ yet they were acting like small children. It saddens me that people bully others, nursing staff need to support each other.
  6. by   Jules A
    I haven't read all the posts but wanted to add that unless it is an instructor doing the bullying, in which case my heart goes out to you, at our mature ages I would hope that we are independent and self-assured enough to ignore them and focus on our school work.

    I've been in two nursing programs now with a over 200 students of all ages/backgrounds and while there were plenty of negative people who liked to make snarky comments I can't say any of us were actually bullied in the sense I think of like a school child who is terrified to go to school because of mean classmates. I'm a grown woman and if someone tried making me feel bad about myself I'd have to tell them to **** off. Maybe I'm missing something.

  7. by   moncj66
    yes, especially in of my classmates have reported me to the clinical instructor because i supposedly don't interact with patients.and always pointing out things wrong with my care who made you not even communicating with her..she just takes my stuff and starts looking through it. ..i can understand important mistakes like med errors or so, but making up lies b/c u dont like me, is low.....I was told that nurses are catty and jealous alot, but this is ridiculous..we should struggle and fight together...not try to bring ppl down...well, my strength has surely been tested this semester..thats all i can say..
  8. by   moncj66
    nurse educator: pretty sure im one of those too..that every1 always whispering when i talk...its soo sad that we have to put others down to make urself feel good...
  9. by   Godbless08
    I wouldn't say that I have been bullied in nursing school because I never allow things to get that far. I have health problems and have learned over the years that life is too short to be mean so I'm very nice to everyone until they cross me. I'm also very small, smart and not very healthy so that makes me a good target for bullies, but they learn right away that they are messing with the wrong girl. Although I'm not physically strong, my mouth works just fine and I have no problem standing up for myself.

    In my experience, the best way to deal with bullies is to confront them right away when they cross the line and let them know that you will not allow anyone to treat you badly, and if they continue to disrespect you, stay away from them or report them if you have to interact with them. If you demand respect, people will respect you and if you allow people to walk all over you, they will do eactly that.

    I have also learned that it is in your own best interest to be respectful and kind to everyone, especially in nursing school because you never know when you might need your colleague to save your behind. I'm starting my last semester (BSN program) in the fall and most of the bullies in our program have been dropped from the progam or been left behind. It is easier to get through nursing school if you have people you can go to for help, and it is harder to ask for or receive help when you treat people unfairly. Thats my advice to all the bullies.
  10. by   SPNTalley
    yes i have been bullied in class, and who would ever think a future NURSE would be doing it? it makes me sick

    anyway, here is my story: my nursing class was going to do a relay for life for breast cancer (i live in Florida, so it was EXTREMELY hot outside) and i wasn't feeling very good that day. the girl, ill call her Sarah, was self-proclaimed team leader our relay team. i sent her a text saying that i didn't feel very good and that i wouldn't be able to make it. i had to go to the hospital. she replies with "That is so F-ed up, you let the whole team down. you don't do anything to help the class and everyone knows it. i knew you would do this" and its weird she said that, seeing as how i got the national honors award for my grades and she didn't. anyway, it turns out that i am allergic to beef, soy, and cows milk. the ingested toxins though out my life was finally catching up to me. now beef sends me into anaphylaxis. Sarah is a b*tch.
  11. by   MattiesMama
    I was the target of bullying in the beginning of nursing school, to the point where I literally had a nervous breakdown and had to change campuses.

    Actually, to be more accurate, I was initially suspended (with the very real possibility of expulsion hanging over my head) because this particular group of girls finally pushed me to my breaking point, and I fought back-basically by flipping out on them, throwing a couple F-bombs, generally making a fool of myself in the process-and they went to the administration and said that I had threatened them. The truth was eventually found out and they were disciplined (the ring-leader was expelled) and I got re-admitted-but I had to switch to a campus that was over an hour away for my own safety.

    While I was waiting for the new semester to start, I did a lot of research on bullying among adults-it's actually called "mobbing"-so I have a lot of compiled information about this subject. If you want, PM me your email address and I can send it to you. I'm glad you are doing a report about this, it is VERY prevelent and nursing is one of the professions that has the highest incidents of it.
  12. by   MattiesMama
    Quote from Jules A
    I haven't read all the posts but wanted to add that unless it is an instructor doing the bullying, in which case my heart goes out to you, at our mature ages I would hope that we are independent and self-assured enough to ignore them and focus on our school work.

    You know, I was told this so many times by so many people..."just ignore them", "they are just jealous"-and I DID ignore it, for a very long time. I tried to take the high road and not let it get to me, I tried to be the bigger person. Unfortunately, that came back to bite me because it just escalated-they became more and more cruel in an attempt to get a reaction out of me. And when I finally did react, and administration became involved, I had a hard time proving my case because I hadn't reported the behavior to anyone.

    Anyone who is the target of bullying should keep a written record of everything that has happened, and report it. And also keep a record of who you reported the behavior to, along with the dates, what you said, the action that was taken. In a perfect world you wouldn't have to do this as an adult learner in a profession where people are supposed to be compassionate and caring, but that's not the world we live in.
  13. by   dudette10
    Ignoring bullies doesn't work. Putting them in their places with a good helping of "I don't give a ****" attitude does.

    Fake it, if you have to. Just do it.