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  1. by   maire
    Not quite in Philly but about 30 miles away. Close enough to smell it.
  2. by   kcsunshyn8
    I'm at Widener University (yes i know not the greatest area to be in but its a wonderful school and great nursing program). Oh and Im going for my BSN. Where is everyone doing their clinicals? I know this is the first year that I may be doing clinicals at Lankenau and definitely CHOP. I can't wait!
  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    So far, I've had clinicals at: Lankenau, Holy Redeemer, Hahnemann, Pennsylvania Hospital, and Temple Children's.
  4. by   katgurl77
    Hi all!
    I am currently at CCP and am transferring to Roxborough in August.
    I believe that thats not just a rumor about Abington. They turned away hundreds of applicants. I don't really understand the undying lure of Abington, its a great program, but its not the end of the world. I know more than a few people who will ONLY go there. They are willing to wait another year instead of going somewhere else. THey were one of 4 places I applied, and the only one to turn me down. I have a current 4.0, but when I went to college right after high school,( a few years ago) I dropped out. Now, all my pre-reqs are A's, ALL of them, and they turned me down. THe other schools I interviewed at considered me a 4.0 student, but Abington considered me a 2.8.
    (Sorry, thats just a little rant. )

    See you all around town!
  5. by   Born2BAnurse
    you know you are not the only one that has something to say about Abington... They are not all that... Right now Im willing to go where I can get in... Right now Im at 1199c LPN program... ITs ok but I think I would have liked Presby better...Oh well I hope to go into a LPN to RN program after I finish this... See YALL
  6. by   rn2be2006
    I would apply somewhere else if I knew they had a part time evening/weekend program. The only one I know of is Abington - which stinks because you are right katgurl...its a tough school to get into...they are very picky. They say it doesn't matter what you did 15 years ago...but they still take it into account. I may not even get in there because 15 years ago...I was "academically dismissed" my first time out at college (had a 1.5 gpa). Now, I have been back at 2 different colleges and have a 4.0 gpa - will it make a difference at Abington? Probably not...

    Unfortunately, I HAVE to work full time. I am a single parent of a 2 year old. I also make too much money (not really) so state grants aren't an option. Are there any other diploma or ADN programs that offer part time evening/weekends? I know Holy Family has weekend clinicals for part time students but it's just too expensive. I know I may get more in financial aid because I am going to more expensive school...but it still would be too much. I really want to do an adn or diploma program so I can get working and have some help paying for school while I go get my bsn and then graduate school.

    Any suggestions anybody???
  7. by   katgurl77
    Episicopal hopsital ( i spelled that wrong) has a part-time program.
    Methodist does as well. I don't know where abouts you live, but I am positive that those two have part-time
    Methodist is a bit easier to get into I think, but notoriously hard once you're in.
    is your program paid for by the union? I was considering that one too if I couldn't do the RN school this year.
  8. by   ava'smomRN
    i hate to bust the academic chat, but i need help? are any of yall CNA's or anything close, i am in desperate need of a job. i think the only way you get hired around here is if you know someone on the inside. anyway it really sucks to be me right now
  9. by   crp2000
    hello everyone!
    sorry i've just discovered this thread!
    i live in South Jersey...a mere 10-miles outside of Philly. i will be wrapping up my LAST pre-req in July (Micro Lab) and have been accepted into LaSalle University's part-time BSN program. Fairly expensive school...especially for someone who qualifies for nothing but UNSUBSIDIZED STAFFORD LOANS...but i think it'll be worth it.

    classes are held Tuesday and Thursday nights and clinicals are held every-other weekend (Sat & Sun ~7am-3pm). pretty new program...first class started in Spring of 2002. it's designed for career changers who already hold a BA in another field. going part-time, i'll have my BSN by fall of 2005. not too bad, huh?

    i'll be working full-time during the day...maybe even a part-time job during some of my nights. PRAY FOR ME....i think i'll need it.
    Best of Luck to everyone and it's truly my pleasure to meet you all!

    P.S. Not that this should matter, but i'm also a guy.
  10. by   rebel_red

    I seriously considered Drexel's program as I already have a BSW....but call me a chicken didn't know if 11 months would be enough for me to jump into an RN. So I am taking a local LPN program. (Really South Jersey down in Cape May County)

    How do you feel about the program? I realize its an individualized thing and we only get out what we put in...and most employers offer extensive orientations...But do you feel in 11 months you will be fully prepared to assume the scope of practice of an RN?

    Very much looking forward to hearing your impressions of Drexel's program....

    And for those of you sweltering in Philly come on down to the Jersey Shore and we'll take you to the beach! It's humid here but lovely at the water's front.

  11. by   KristinWW
    Rebel, which program in Cape May? I'll be in North Wildwood in August - kids can play to their hearts' content!

    Also, I'm curious about your switch from SW to nursing? I'm a Psych runaway - I understand this but not BSW where you can get LICENSED
  12. by   RNConnieF
    I would love to hear about the Drexel program too, My daughter has changed her mind about med school and wants to go to nursing school and will do one of the bridge programs- we are researching them now. She'll have her BS from Penn State in Biology with a Math minor. As for a part time RN program- I heard through the grape vine that Montgomery County Community College is going to open one. I'm sure if they do it will have a long waiting list- the full time program has a 2 year wait right now. I did a part time LPN program with 2 nights a week 6-10 and clinicals 7-3 every other weekend, it was rough but it was the only way I could go to nursing school. Five years out of LPN I started the RN program at MCCC- finished last year, now I'm in the ACCEL BSN at Immaculata. I would really recommend doing all your pre and co requs first then the nursing content. With all my pre and co requs done I STILL was in school Mon 8-12, Friday 8-4 and had clinicals Wed & Thurs 7-3, and this doesn't include the 30 hours a week of home work. If you are wait listed do your co requs, it will free up some time when you start the nursing content. Good luck to all of you! Hurry! We need more nurses.
  13. by   EmeraldNYL
    Rebel and Connie,

    The Drexel program is really hard. I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you have to work or have other committments like kids, etc... There are a few people in my program with kids but I don't see how they do it! Also, you better have a really understanding significant other! I think I will be prepared, because everyone says you learn most of what you need to know when you graduate anyway. Last year they had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX but the attrition rate is also really high, I think because lots of people didn't know what they were getting into. Be prepared to basically have no life for one year-- the profs are upfront about this and this is what they will tell you on orientation day! If anyone wants more specific info., PM me and I would be happy to answer your questions.