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  1. Hello all---

    Just curious......

    Do y'all have to write your papers in APA format?

    We do. I have never used this particular format for writing papers, and I have to say that I don't like it. Writing the actual paper was the easy part----that only took me about 2 hours. However, I spent the next 1 1/2 hours getting the stupid paper into APA format.

    All of our papers have to be written this way, so I guess I need to get used to it. This is going to be a difficult adjustment.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is having to make this change.

    Have a great day.
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  3. by   Robin61970
    Yes and may I point out in my opinion........IT SUCKS......
  4. by   kittyw

    Puts your papers into APA format - very easy to use.... worth the $25 it costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   spineCNOR
    Yep! The papers in my RN-Mobility (BSN) program and in my graduate program all have to be APA. Don't get discouraged--it does get easier the more you work with it. Hang in there!
  6. by   Fgr8Out
    I've heard similar criticisms regarding the format required to write papers in Nursing... "I'm not studying to be a writer, I'm studying to be a NURSE!"... and other comments such as this. The way I like to explain it is, if Nursing is to be considered a Profession, then our work needs to be done professionally. APA is the format for our particular Professions writing.

    You'll get the hang of it, I'm certain. Good luck in your studies.

  7. by   Robin61970
    I know it needs to be done a certain way, BUT I don't have to like it.....I just have to do it.......
  8. by   Mkue
    Subec, I've used MLA and APA.. it was hard to adjust to APA after doing so many papers with MLA version. Now it would be hard to go back to the MLA, but I did prefer that version, it made more sense to me.

    Good Luck
  9. by   subec
    Thanks Marie---

    I agree. It's not that I don't want to write papers---I actually enjoy writing, scary I know. I'm just having a hard time adjusting to this new format. The hardest thing for me is the one space after the period, and the reference page---they go against everything I've been taught. Oh well, I'm sure I will get used to this format in due time----goodness knows we have enough papers to do.:chuckle

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.
  10. by   Rena RN 2003
    :chuckle i guess i'm the only person in the world that likes APA format the best. after my first paper, it was a snap to do all my stuff in APA.

    i even catch myself typing my notes in APA now. :chuckle
  11. by   RNConnieF
    Try the perrla.com template, it's great. Really makes the works page easy to do. I think it's well worth the money too.
  12. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by RNConnieF
    Try the perrla.com template, it's great. Really makes the works page easy to do. I think it's well worth the money too.
    Wow, that does look pretty neat, I bookmarked it !
  13. by   adrienurse
    APA formatting is so annoying! I found that my profs were never in agreement with what they wanted you to do, so what one found acceptable, the other would dock marks off for. The biggest problem is that 5 years ago, I had APA 4 memorized and now I have to forget all that and memorize APA 5.
  14. by   epg_pei
    I took it in my G12 English class as well as now in the BN program. It's not bad, but I have the APA 5th ed. manual to guide me. There almost seems to be more emphasis on APA than anything else.